Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Week 91 - April 30, 2018

Hiya, fam!  This week was great! 

We saw a lot of miracles and found a lot of success going out in the sun and talking to people. 

Monday:  We actually were able to have three lessons, one with a new guy named George who is kind of trippy.  He was talking about all of his experiences on different drugs.. But we saw Mitchell again.  He is well, reading the Book of Mormon slowly, but so busy.  He is out of town for another two weeks. We taught Lynn in the evening more about the Restoration! 

Tuesday:  We had District Meetings in the morning.  They went well.  Really, just helping our missionaries bring investigators to church is our biggest struggle in the Zone right now.  So lots of role plays on that!  After DM, we headed out and taught Shona.  She still just refuses to accept anything we teach and denies the truth.  It's pretty sad.  I don't think her intent is really there.  She just enjoys the company.  After Shona, we GQ'd the rest of the day and in the evening we had a on the spot with this guy named Matthew.  He knew a lot of anti, but we just powered through it and invited him to take a Book of Mormon and read it.  He accepted and took our phone numbers.

Wednesday:  We GQ'd around Glasgow and had lunch with Rachel.  She's a legend.  Later on, we had a lesson with a new friend named Emmanuel, crazy miracles!  Emmanuel is from Nigeria, had been living in London being taught by the missionaries there, had his own baptismal calendar, and literally has learned every single lesson.  He moved back up to Glasgow for Uni and he sits down and says, "I want to be baptized.  WHAT!  He has a date for the 10th, just so he can meet some more members and make the ward more comfortable with his baptism, but what a blessing!  After Emmanuel, we GQ'd some more and taught Lynna again in the evening.  She isn't progressing as quickly as we hoped, simply because she has her exams this week, but we are getting there!

Thursday:  We were able to see Rafael, Daniel, and Lynn and have three great lessons!  The rest of the day was GQ'ing and some service for a less active in the afternoon--cleaning dust out of a flat, dodgy haha.  We drove to Edinburgh in the evening. 

Friday:  We were on 2-day exchanges with the Assistants.  I was with Elder Wright.  We GQ'd in the morning and at lunch we met up with Peter and his friend. SO COOL!  It was great to actually get to know him and hear about his conversion story since I had first stopped him, and since he had learned from the Elders.  He is a chill guy and loves Star Wars, too, so we talked a wee bit about that haha.  After lunch, we GQ'd more and taught Yvonne.  SHE IS AMAZING!  She taught us the entire Plan of Salvation in complete detail and is preparing to go to the temple again in a few weeks.  I'm so proud of her.  

In the evening, we had dinner at this Indian guy named Punnite's and had a really deep conversation about prayer..  Kind of beyond my level.  He is a spiritualist guy. 

Saturday:  We spent some time with President and Sister Donaldson in the morning, ahah I LOVE THEM.  They have such good banter as well, so we joked on for a while.  After that, we got out and GQ'd and then taught Imane, who I taught on my last exchange.  She is pro-Communist and was telling us about how well it would work.. Rip..  In the evening, we met up with some RC's in Edinburgh for hotpot.  I saw WEI, she is doing really well, too, going to church and learning from the Elders.  Also, Yvonne again, and Sister Osmond and Irving were together for the day, so it was a big reunion and loads of fun.  

I had a really great time with Elder Wright.  Elder Bain and I drove back to Glasgow at night. 

Sunday:   We were able to have a new friend named Maira at church with us, a lot of other friends cancelled last minute on us though.. but it was alright.  The Stake President here is an interesting guy.   Anyways, after church we GQ'd and taught Solomon in the evening.  Solomon is being pretty frustrating.. He is afraid to be baptized and won't give us a straightforward answer.  We straight up told him we love him but he needs to humble himself and act upon the Spirit he has felt.  We will see what happens.  I am afraid if he keeps rejecting the invitation, he will fall away more and more. 

That was the week, it was so quick, and they seem to be getting quicker each week I have left.  I love being a missionary, I love serving my Heavenly Father, and I love all of you!  Have a great week 🍀

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