Write to Elder Copeland

 Every missionary loves to get letters.  Feel free to write anytime you can to encourage him in his missionary work, plus he will enjoy hearing how you are doing. 
 1.  You may use the e-mail below, but understand that he will only be able to read these once a week on his Preparation Day.  (Presently, P-Day is Monday.)


2.  The Mission Home Address is listed below:

Scotland/Ireland Mission
51 Spylaw Road,
Scotland, EH10 5BP
Phone Number: 44-131-337-1283
Mission President: President Donaldson

3.  Now that Elder Copeland is in Glasgow City, you may use the following address to send letters directly to him (send packages to the Mission Home Address above):

2 Tamshill Street, Flat 0/1  
Glasgow G20 9QT

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