Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 63 - October 16, 2017

Hey fam, busy as always here in Edinburgh.

We were struggling to find some new solid people because of mid term exams for the students, but this week ahead should be great! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting, went well, then went out and GQ'd the entire day!  In the evening, we had dinner with Sherry, Zoe, and Debbie.  We made sure everything was good for Debbie's baptism! 

Wednesday:  All day GQ'ing and preparing for Debbie's baptism.  It went so well!  She loved it, and she told us afterwards that she has never felt that much peace at once in her life, and that it was the best decision she has ever made.  LEGEND!  

I am thankful for the blessings Heavenly Father is giving us from all of our hard work.

Thursday:  I had my UK Driving test in the morning.  My instructor was a legend!  He goes to Florida every year and loves golf, so we just ended up driving and talking all about it haha and... I PASSED!  I have my UK license now.  Let's goo!  We went over to Brother Thompson's for lunch and did some yard work for him as well.  I love that man!  Rest of the day GQ'ing.

Friday:  We GQ'd and taught a new girl named Ivy.  Her bf is a Mormon.  He got baptized last year but is back in China now.  She could be really solid!  She was busy with exams, so she couldn't come to church, but we will see her again this week!  We also taught Seven again.  She is doing well, but exams.. so no church this week.  So sad!

Saturday:  We had an entire day of GQ'ing.  Sherry bought us some cool hats from Urban Outfitters as well, that was nice of her :)  

This atheist guy got into a huge debate with me at the Uni, and I concluded with him that he has a faith that we come from monkeys (because they do not have 100% evidence) and I have a faith we come from a loving God. He still couldn't accept it.  I was kind of annoyed, but ultimately I just felt bad for the guy.  All good though!

Sunday:  Debbie received the Holy Ghost, and we had loads of students at church.  It was great!  It was Zoe's birthday in the evening, and we got to go over for dinner with them.

Not too much this week, just a lot of finding.  I hope that we can teach some more this week--all of the friends we have met! 

Have fun on the cruise, fam.  I think you guys have gone on more holidays since I left than my entire life hahahah.  Enjoy ittt ;) I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything you do for me!  Love, Elder Copeland

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Special E-Mail Received by Elder Copeland - October 10, 2017

Elder Copeland stated:  "I Received this email and it touched me, what an amazing Gospel!" 
Hello, Elder Copeland,

How are you? 

I'm Brother QIfeng Wang from Shanghai Branch. I just found your blog by chance and noticed that you are serving in Edinburgh. That's wonderful! 

May I share my experience with you. I met missionaries on Princes Str. in 2008 and joined the Church 7 years ago in Edinburgh Ward. I know my wife in Shanghai branch and we got temple marriage in Hong Kong China Temple. Now we have one cute girl. I'm now got the callings as Asia Area Assistant Auditor and Executive Secretary of Shanghai District. The calling of Asia Area Assistant Auditor require me travel a lot to do training for all 9 districts through out China. But I'm so enjoy serving for the church.

Just let you know I'm so blessed because of the Gospel missionaries share with me. I testify the church is true, we could be blessed when follow the Lord. I'm so grateful to have missionaries like you Elder Copeland, preaching gospel to Chinese speaking people around the world. I'll pray for you that you may guide more who were lost their way back to the church.

BTW, could you please say hi to Brother Beveridge(senior one) from me please? He was my family teaching companion. I would like to express my appreciation to him for his helping when I was a new member. Thank you!

All the best,
Brother Wang

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 62 - October 9, 2017

This week was a pretty normal one, but it was good.  Elder Huang and I are excited for this new transfer together!  I have no time at all, so it's going to be a real quick one.  Sorry about that.

Tuesday:  Moves week is crazy in Edinburgh.  We helped moved missionaries all over the place and took care of some for the day.  It was good.  I saw some elders I hadn't seen for awhile!

Wednesday:  We had some finding and then met up with Debbie.  She told us that she would be baptized on Saturday, but that she had a big exam due that day, so it would be stressful.  We told her that it would be okay to just push the baptism until next week where she will have no stress and can enjoy the experience :)  She had her baptismal interview though and passed!  We also taught a new guy from Thailand named Bom.  We will see what happens. 

Thursday:  We had a full day of Gq'ing and went over to Brother Thompson's for service and lunch.  I also got to interview one of the other missionaries' friend named Nikki for her baptism on Saturday.  It went well! 

Friday:  We had a full day of finding, just re-building the pool.  We taught Seven in the evening though.  She liked the lesson and said she would come to church.

Saturday:  All day finding!!  We taught Viola again because she wanted to meet.  We also helped the Elders in Belfast with a Skype lesson, which was cool.  I haven't done that before. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Seven and Debbie at church.  It was great and I loved the testimonies given!  We did some planning and had dinner with a young couple in the evening over here for an exchange program. 
That was really simplified but really just a lot of finding this week.  Today we went to a famous Kilt shop and..... I ORDERED A KILT.  I DID IT.  I SAID I WOULDN'T, BUT I GAVE IN. 

They found a connection to the Copeland last name and a tartan and it's sweet so yea... should be here in December.  I'm pumped, you all are gonna love me walking around in that when I get home haha!  I am excited for Debbie's baptism this week.  It should be great!  I love you all.  Be safe! πŸ€  Love, Elder Copeland

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 61 - October 2, 2017

This week was great! 

We saw some miracles, and also.. Conference!!  Always a great time for us. 

Tuesday:  We had our last District Meeting for the Transfer, and afterwards went out and GQ'd.  We taught Debbie about Conference and told her whatever questions she may have will be answered, and I got to interview Imogen in the evening for her baptism.  We went to dinner with RC's and it was class!

Wednesday:  We taught a new Chinese girl named Vivian and another named Shirley.  They both are pretty solid.  We will see how they progress.  Loads of GQ'ing, and in the evening we had Sherry's Baptism.  It was great!  

Elder Carter and Elder Grant had two baptisms as well, Bowen and Imogen.  It was a great spiritual experience for all of us.  They received the Gift of the Holy Ghost immediately afterwards, as well.  I am thankful for how much God is blessing us right now.

Thursday:  We got our flu jabs in the morning, Wooo, then went over to Brother Thompson's for some house service and lunch.  We GQ'd and later on I headed over to the Chiropractor.  I haven't really talked about it, but my back has been hurting pretty badly again, same as it has hurt in the past.  When I got hit in that car accident, it actually damaged my back a wee bit, and I have Facet Joint Syndrome, which is okay.  I just need to stretch a lot and do some exercises.  He told me I should be working out at a gym as well... RIP Mission life haha.  I wish I could!  But the Donaldsons called to see how it went and they actually invited us over for dinner! We got to have dinner with them and Sister Donaldson's parents.  It was amazing.  I  haven't had a meal that good in a long time.  I love them so much. 

Friday:  We had a great lesson with Debbie again in the morning, taught her about the commandments, and she loves them!  We also taught Ray and Andy and a new girl named Bethan from Wales. She studies Divinity, you know what that means aha.  I actually stumped her so bad though.  She threw out all your typical Anti-questions, which were answered with ease.. and finally she asked, "How can you believe that Jesus Christ visited the Americas?  There just isn't enough archaeological proof!"  I then asked her, "Why do you have a belief in God, Bethan?"  She was silent for a few minutes then said, "Good Point."  She said thanks for the time and got up and left, NO JOKE!  How are people so easily blinded by the ways of the world and always believe they have to see something to believe it?!  Church is true, fam.

Saturday:  We headed over to the church in the morning and cleaned it and then received our Moves Call. The entire Edinburgh District will be staying the same, except for Elder James, who will be heading to Glasgow.  I am pumped to be here with Elder Huang again! That is exactly what I wanted, woo!!  We had Elder James say goodbye to everyone and taught a new girl from Taiwan named Tin An.  We will see how she progresses.  We watched General Conference Saturday Morning Session in the evening and had dinner with the YSA of the ward.

Sunday:  All day Conference!  I loved it!  Some of my favorite sermons given were from Elder Oaks, Elder Ballard, and  Nelson.  I was sad to not see the Prophet there, but I could feel the Spirit and know of the truth of this Gospel.  We watched Priesthood, Saturday evening, and Sunday Morning session, and Elder James packed in the evening.  

(Click on the link above to listen to all talks given during General Conference.)

Something amazing was that Debbie came up to me after a session and said that all of her questions about the Church and Jesus Christ had been answered like I promised her, and they she will prepare for her baptism. :)

Overall a great week, like I said before I am excited to stay here with Elder Huang for another transfer.  I pray that we may continue to see the Lord's hand in our work and the miracles will continue to come forth.  I hope you all received answers to your questions and felt the Spirit as well.  Stay safe and know how much I love and miss every one of you!

Elder Copeland 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Week 60 - September 25, 2017

This week was great! 

Not a load of time though we want to go bowling haha, so I'll go through the week quickly!

Tuesday:  Had a great District Meeting, focused on our goal for the mission this year, and afterwards we were on exchanges with the Livingston Elders!  I took Elder James and another young missionary, Elder Orchard.  We had lots of GQ'ing, and in the evening met up with Yi Ming, and sadly had to stop teaching her.  She feels the Spirit, but is just not ready to be baptized. 

Wednesday:  We had some finding in the morning.  I interviewed Carol for her baptism, and then we found some new people and taught them!  In the evening, we had Susie's Baptism and it was amazing! :)  

She really enjoyed the experience and it all went smoothly.  I am thankful for the blessings we are receiving for our hard work right now! 

Thursday:  We were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders!  We had lessons all day, it was great!

Friday:  Loads more lessons with new students.  All day every day is teaching at this point because of Uni starting up.  It's the best time of the year as a missionary!  I started getting pretty sick, somethings going around right now. 

Saturday:  I was pretty dead haha, woke up with a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, just all your typical cold stuff.  But we got out and taught lessons!  I arranged to get a flu jab this week as well now.

Sunday: We were able to have Susie's confirmation and had four of our friends at church!  Sherry passed her baptismal interview and is good to go for this Wednesday!  LIFE IS GOOD!  Busy as can be!  We planned our week later in the evening and had dinner at a RC's.

That's the week really quickly summed up, sorry about it.  This week I hit 14 months as well, flip.  Too fast each month!  I am thankful for all your continued love and support.  This week is moves call, I would say I expect to stay.. but expect the unexpected haha.  I love you all and will talk to you soon!   Love, Elder Copeland

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week 59 - September 18, 2017

Hiya fam, busy week as always here.  

Uni is officially going and it's buck wild.  LOADS of new students we have been meeting up with and teaching.  The work is going well!  Freshers are crazy.  They need to lay off the alcohol, but other than that, it pumps me up for uni. back home.

Tuesday:  Had our District Meeting.  Sister Donaldson hooked us up with some sweets afterwards, Cheers!!  We then went on exchanges to help the ZL's out.  Elder Grant and I wrecked this Basher from none other than... Northern Ireland haha.  We also taught some more of their friends who are doing well.  In the evening, we taught Yvonne and met up with a new girl named Sherry I found and got some hot pot with her.  She is pretty solid!! 

Wednesday:  We met with Susi who is doing really well!  Then this guy named Normon, and then RC Andy.  Did some GQ'ing, and in the evening went over to the Uni. Kitchens to help Yvonne and her friends make scones for an assignment.  We got some solid referrals from it! 

Thursday:  Lessons all day!!  Sherry, Viola, Yvonne, Sobia, and Susi!  Wee bit of GQ'ing as well.  In the evening, I got a phone call from Elder Grant saying that he had run into Sister Hughes....ELDER HUGHES, MY BOY'S MUM!  I ran all the way over to them on the royal mile and gave her the biggest hug ever and took some pictures.  It was amazing to see a familiar face, and the memories came flooding in from home, miss it.

Friday:  We had some more GQ'ing, taught a new guy named Song Wei.  Then Sherry, Susi, and RC Ray.  We went and had dinner with some of our friends as well and set up for the baptism tomorrow.

Saturday:  We had some lessons, but then had Yvonne's baptism!  It was well good!  She said as she went under the water, she felt all fuzzy inside and knew it was the right thing to do.  I am grateful for her example to us and for her baptism.  We had Papa Johns to celebrate.

Sunday:  We had seven of our friends attend church with us.  FLIP.  I have never had that many on my entire mission, it was stressful!  The confirmation for Yvonne went well.  She was beaming, and we had some planning and a hot pot in the evening.

Overall amazing week!  This Wednesday, we have planned for the baptism of Susi and it looks like all is well and that it will go through!  Please pray for her!  I am thankful to be a missionary, and for this time I have here in Edinburgh. Talk to you soon! πŸ˜‡  Elder Copeland

(P-Day Hike)

 (Elder Copeland said, "We played some footy, as well.  I'm actually getting pretty good at it.")

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 58 - September 11, 2017

Eye Single To The Glory Of God

Hiya, fam!  First off, THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts.  I love each and every one of you so much.



This week was buck wild, and I don't have a lot of time because Elder Carter and I are going to go fishing, but I will run through the week with you. 

Monday:  We went bowling again, and I was on fire πŸ”₯for not playing pretty much a year!  I hit a 185 after a game, and I wish we would of had time to play more.  

But we also received a call.  A new Chinese speaking Elder was coming in from the Provo MTC, and President wants Elder Huang and I to train him.. SECOND SON!  That was a bit shocking. 

Tuesday:   We had our District Meeting, and afterwards our new son, Elder James, arrived, Green as can be!  He is actually from Provo Utah, born and bred.  He is a really intelligent kid, plays in the band, likes classical music, and is really really American still aha.  A bit different then Elder Huang and I.. but that's okay.  God calls us as we are, and we are all unique!  We had our first trio lesson with a Chinese girl named Susie, and FLIP!  Elder James is one lucky Elder.  She is one of the most Golden Girls I have ever taught.  She wanted to be baptized this Saturday already!  We explained that she needs to come to church at least twice before she can be baptized.  We also had a DA with RC's, Maggie and Linda.  We had home made dumplings, £££

Wednesday:  I turned 20!  I am ancient!  We had Ward Coordination in the Morning, then went over to Brother Myles for a wee bit.  He gave me 30 SMOOTHIES, cakes, and a load of sweets, what a legend. 

We also taught Yvonne again.  She bought me this really, really posh Doc Martin Wallet. 

 Ah, that was really kind of her.  And we GQ'd and had dinner with all the missionaries in the evening.  I got all of your presents.  Thank you so much!  Not anything else special that day, but that's okay.  Next year, back home we can celebrate ;) 

Thursday:  We went over to Brother Thompson's in the morning, did some service, and had lunch.  We then taught Yvonne again.  She is doing so well, accepting everything, excited to be baptized.  We also taught Viola again.  In the evening, we taught a guy named Gabriel, old Scottish man who thinks he is a Catholic Cardinal.  Had a very interesting conversation.

Friday:  A lot of GQ'ing, and we taught Yvonne again, and our RC Ray.  Just finding new students is going well!

Saturday:  We helped set up the church for Stake Conference on Sunday and had another lesson with Yvonne.  We GQ'd the afternoon and in the evening we were invited for another dinner with the Chinese RC's.  They took us to this old Golf Pub for dinner, well good! 

(Elder Copeland and Elder Huang with their ginger beer--non-alcoholic, of course!)

In the evening, we met up with Yi Ming.  She knows the gospel is true!  We will keep working with her.

Sunday:  We were able to have Yvonne, Susi, and Yi Ming attend Stake Conference with us, it was brilliant!  We heard from the Stake leaders, President Donaldson, and a new area Seventy named Elder Herland from Norway.  Really powerful men up there.  The Spirit was strong.  Elder Herland challenged all to read Preach My Gospel, CH6, Christlike Attributes, and apply them into our lives to become more like the Savior.  The Donaldsons invited all the missionaries over for lunch afterwards for my birthday, that was amazing,  I love them. We GQ'd and planned in the evening. 

So that was the week!  Elder Huang and I are really working hard on loving our trainee and helping him learn the ropes, just takes a lot of patience and time, and Edinburgh is always Busy and Fast, soo yea. 

Yvonne's baptism is planned for Saturday, if all goes well.  Pray for her!  I hope you have a great week and be safe. 

Love, Elder Copeland πŸ€