Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 84 - March 12, 2018

Top Notch Week!

Another week in Glasgow for Elder Pelham and me!  We were able to get some work done and no snow stopped us! 

Tuesday:  We had our Zone's District Meetings.  I went into Elder Swenson's.  We talked about the Holy Ghost, its key converting power, as well as always having a happy expectation as we arise to work.  After Dm's, we dropped Elders off at bus stations and headed over for a lesson with a new Chinese guy named Frank.  He is okay.  He actually only really talked to us on the street and we never sat down with him, but we invited him to sit down with us this week and have a better lesson, and he agreed to that.  Afterwards, we GQ'd and taught Shona in the evening.  She just has all these interesting questions, that are good, but won't benefit in helping her know whether or not the church is true.  We re focused her on receiving an answer from the Holy Ghost before learning all of these doctrinal concerns.  We drove over to Rafael's and he had his baptismal interview and passed!  On the way back, we drove by Cimmie's and she got me an Imagine Dragons sweatshirt from their concert she went to.  Ahh, she is a legend!! 

Wednesday:  Today we were on exchanges.  I was with Elder Elton who is a Chinese speaker in my group.  We were able to GQ quite a bit, teach Cimmie, as well as teach Mark.  We set him with a baptismal date for the end of the month! The only problem is he works on Sundays, but he said he is quitting his job soon, so that will help!  In the evening, I was able to interview Rex, and we took our car in and got it all fixed up!

Thursday:  Today was a load of GQing, and we set up for the baptism.  In the evening, we were able to have our friends Sophia and Rafael's baptism and the sisters had their friend Clinton as well! :)  It was a really spiritual service, and I continually thank Heavenly Father for producing these miracles.

Friday:  Today we were on exchanges.  I was with Elder Gunderson.  We GQ'd the entire day except for lunch.  It was Elder Huang's birthday and they told us to show up at this Chinese place, and Yvonne, Zoe, and Sherry were there from Edinburgh!  It was great to see them!  I got to teach Yvonne afterwards, as well.  She is doing well.  She is preparing to get her Patriarchal Blessing and continue going to the temple.  I, also, did two baptismal interviews for the Chinese sisters.  It was a good day!

Saturday:  It was another day full of finding, but in the evening we headed over to Soloman's to teach him.  Ah man, the guy is an absolute legend.  He knows the church is true. He just needs to push the fear of leaving his Catholic traditions away and he will be dunked.  We had a spiritual powerhouse lesson and testified of the temple and the blessings the Lord has in store for him!

Sunday:  We were able to have our Chinese friends Jacko, and Daniel with us, and Soloman, also, came.  Sophia and Rafael were able to be confirmed, woo!  Church was good. Afterwards, I had another baptismal interview with a girl named Amanda, and then the Assistants brought over the Zone's mail.  After that, we GQ'd for the day. 

This week is moves call.  Crazy to think I only have three left.  I have no idea if I will stay or go, but Glasgow Zone is doing well and I hope to keep that momentum going forward into the next transfer.  I love you guys and am thankful for all you do.  Have a great week! 😇  Elder Copeland

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 83 - March 5, 2018

Beast from the East!

This week was cold!  A huge storm hit the U.K. and really slowed the work down for us, but we still saw some miracles!

Tuesday:  Today was Scotland South, Elder Pelham and I gave 2 instructions on utilizing the Book of Mormon in our finding, as well as giving Jesus Christ's voice in our teachings!  That took of a majority of the day.  

On our way home, it was getting pretty snowy outside, and we let Elder Swenson drive.  He slipped, and our car is a bit unaligned.. aha . Whoops. should be getting it fixed tonight! 

Wednesday:  We drove over to the church in the morning and had our interviews with President.  It was well.  I love him so much.  We talked about my focuses for these last few months of my mission and what he needs me to do! Afterwards, we planned on helping getting missionaries back and forth from the church, but the blizzard started picking up and he said to cancel it and make sure missionaries don't get stuck out there!  We drove back to our flat and the storm hit pretty bad.  We were stuck in the flat the entire rest of the day.. I have never seen a storm that bad! 

Thursday:  Today was just as bad with the weather, but we tried to get out!  All the mission cars were grounded, but we walked over and got a subway to the west side of the city and towards the church.  By this point, the storm was getting well bad, so we went into the church and worked on a new plan President has for Sundays.  Elder Swenson and Huang came over and we all just chilled in the church waiting for the storm to pass.  There was a One-Pound pizza left in the fridge and so we decided to throw it in the oven.  We forgot about it, and an hour later we go running into the kitchen, smoke is everywhere and well, we trashed that pizza haha.  

We realized that the subway was shut down because of how bad the weather was, so we went with Elder Swenson and Huang to sleep over.  On our way back, these people from across the street started to have a snowball fight with us.  It was fun, and then these uni kids in their room a few stories up opened the window and started throwing snowballs, too!  We threw some up into their flat and hit the people across the street haha.

Friday:  The weather was pretty rubbish still, but we got up and over to the subway and trekked back to our flat.  We got showered and headed back over into the west end to see Sophia.  We had lunch and then talked to her more about baptism, and I asked her, "What is holding you back from being baptized?" and she said, "Nothing!" :O  So Elder Pelham and I did the movie reaction where we just both look at each-other and smile hahhah.  She will be getting baptized this Thursday!  We walked over to the church with her and she had her interview and passed. Afterwards, the snow began to pick up again so we went and had dinner with the STL's, GQ'd, and headed home.

Saturday:  Finally, the weather was clearing up a bit so we could drive around.  We ended up GQ'ing most of the day, and in the evening we met with RC Joe who had just been to the temple.  He is a legend.  He reminds me a lot of Elder Wang, which makes me miss him!

Sunday:  Well, this was a first, our church service was cancelled due to the Weather?!  Yikes!  None of our friends could come to church.  We decided to dedicate some time to finding a family.  President's new theme is that on Sundays all missionaries will go out to smaller towns in their areas and work with part members, less actives, and hopefully find some new families to share the gospel with!  We found out where a really cool French family is, so we will hopefully meet them this week.  In the evening, we had another cool experience.  We were able to get in contact with Rafael who disappeared and wasn't answering his calls.  His grandmother had passed away on Monday, and he really just shut down.  We had a powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and about baptism.  He committed to being baptized this Saturday and be that example for his family, as well as help them do their own temple work one day. Miracles!! 

So the week was a bit slower, but we still had a lot of success and miracles.  This week, we should be on a few exchanges and we are hoping to find more friends to teach leading into the transfer ahead.  Please pray for Rafael and Sophia at this time as they progress towards Heavenly Father through the covenant of baptism!  I love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Copeland 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week 82 - February 26, 2018

Thankful to be a Missionary!  19 Months!

Hiya, Fam, it was a busy week, but a good one.  I thought I would just express how grateful I am to be a missionary right now.  I hit 19 months this week, and it really is beginning to hit me how soon my mission will be over.  I am grateful for all that I have learned, am learning, and will continue to learn while I am here.  Heavenly Father has blessed me with this opportunity, and I strive to make the most out of it before it's finished! 

Tuesday:  We attended some District Meetings, and did some role plays on JSH.  After Dm's, we helped drop off Elders at bus stations and rushed over to Edinburgh!  We were able to discuss more with President Donaldson, as well as the Glasgow Bishop, about the plans for the missionaries here.  I love watching President work.  He is powerful in his teaching and leading.  He made some E moves to the Glasgow Zone to fit the new needs of the boundaries.  We had to rush back to Glasgow and take some Elders moving to the stations!  After all that, we were able to teach a new guy named Ahmaed, and we should be seeing him again this week. 

Wednesday: We GQ'd and taught Sofia, Mark, and Herman, some new friends! Also had a meeting with the Bishop in the evening to go over more of the vision for the new Glasgow ward and where the missionaries can fit into it all! It's a transition for the ward as well as the missionaries and everyone wants it to be smooth!

Thursday:  We GQ'd, then taught Talal, Peter, Rafael, and Shona!  I went to Peter and his family with Elder Huang.  He is doing amazing.  His goal is to go to the temple again with his family and be sealed this year.  When he said that, I had tears in my eyes.  What an amazing convert to the gospel.  I am excited to see his family continually progress!  We drove to Edinburgh again in the evening.

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the AP's for two days.  I was with Elder Wright.  We taught some of his friends, and also had a really cool on the spot with a girl I found!  In the evening, we went over and had a Hot Pot with some of my RC's.  AHH, I miss them!  It was great to be with them and catch up for a wee bit. 

Saturday:  Loads of finding as well as some lessons!  Cool story.  Last transfer, I was with Elder Gibb on exchanges in Edinburgh.  The very last guy I talked to was a man named Peter.  I didn't think much of it, but I got his number and set up a time for Elder Gibb and Wright to see him the next week.  Long story short, he met that next week, and has continued to meet, reading the entire Book of Mormon, and will be being baptized this week!  WOOO!  That was amazing when I heard all of that.  Sadly, I didn't get to see him, but I hope to next time.  You never know how big or small your efforts may be, who they will affect! 

Sunday:  We had four of our friends at church!  It's a proper big ward now, which is exciting.  After church, we went over to Grands, and did some GQ'ing!

We were asked to give a 2-hour instruction tomorrow at Scotland-South Conference, so we gotta plan that.  I am excited!  This week, we will be able to work more in our area as well, so we should see some results!  Thankful to each of you for all your love and support.  Have a great week! 💚
Elder Copeland

Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 81 - February 19, 2018


Hiya, Fam!  Not a lot of time today, so I will go through the week now.

Tuesday:  All of the Sisters in the SIM went to Edinburgh for a Sisters' Conference where they played games and did yoga haha, so all the Elders in our Zone had a big District Meeting. We talked more about the power of the Book of Mormon in our finding and teaching and did some role-plays.  Afterwards, Elder Pelham and I GQ'd for the day, and we went and visited Grand!

Wednesday:  We had some lessons planned that fell through, but we were able to see Peong.  He was doing good.  He had read the Book Of Mormon, but then he said he doesn't care to know if it's true and he is fine being wrong if he dies..... Well... we were walking out of his home and he had some shoes holding the door open.  I asked them what they were.  He said he had no idea.  His flatmate left them with him when he went home to Thailand and he had only worn them twice.  I asked him I could try them on and told him I think they are the new Yeezy 350s.  He said go ahead.  I put them on and they fit perfectly.  He said to keep them... WHAT!!!  I was flipping out.  These are $800 shoes and they are pretty much brand new.  I told him there is no way.  They are worth so much, and he said, "No, I don't care, I wouldn't have known their value anyways, and I don't wear them." AHHH!!  So we sadly had one investigator dropped, but happily one pair of Yeezys gained today haha! 😁

Thursday:  Today we were on exchanges with Elder Swenson and Elder Huang.  I was with Huang, and it was Chinese New Years!!  We were able to GQ quite a lot, and met up with all the Chinese RC's for lunch and a Hot Pot in the evening.  It was a good day.  I love Huang and miss him!

Friday:  We GQ'd most of the day and had two new investigator lessons.  We met up with most of the Elders in the city and had a nice dinner as well, and some of the Elders decided to box, which was buck wild!  I was laughing my head off during it haha.

Saturday:  We had loads of lessons set up, and most flaked.. Frustrating!  In a big city, you can set up so many qualified appointments, but then people don't show!  We were able to teach a guy named Solomon from Nigeria who is pretty solid though!  I snapped a pic of Celtic Stadium on the drive back.
Sunday:  We had three of our friends at church today, Fernando, Rex, and Eric!  I was asked to give a talk for Sunday, so I had prepared all of my notes and scriptures and we show up to church and all the Stake Presidency is there, and they say I will not be giving my talk because there is a special announcement.  I was chillin' with that!  The big announcement is that the Springboig and Glasgow Ward will now be combined as one, which means we now have 16 missionaries in our ward.  That is the biggest on the mission! We got a call from President who asked us if we can go into his office today and discuss the changes for the missionaries and the Zone, so we are heading to Edinburgh soon!  We will see what happens.  That was pretty wild.  After church, we taught Fernando more, and GQ'd!

This week should be really busy.  We will have quite a few exchanges, but I am excited!  We just need to find some new solid people for March to be baptized and progress the ones we already have!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Elder Copeland

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 80 - February 12, 2018

Good to be back in Glasgow!

Hiya, fam, it's been a busy week!  I am pretty chuffed to be back in Glasgow and for the Zone we have.  We have some high expectations for our area and for our missionaries!  We are going to celebrate Chinese New Year today with our friends, so it should be well good.

Tuesday:  We helped move missionaries around.  Glasgow is kind of the central point for all missionaries in Scotland moving, as well as missionaries coming from the ferry in Ireland, so we have to move a lot of people!  In the evening, we planned for our Zone what we want to achieve in this transfer with the STL's, and the new one is Sister Irving here! So we are back in the same area, which is fun haha.  She is a legend and we have a good time!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd a bit back at the uni!  Then we taught some of the friends Elder Pelham has been working with.  We taught Sofia, Shona, Neil, Rafael, and Joe.  Yep, back to teaching and being a lot busier!  It's actually cold in Glasgow right now though, and it snowed a few days this week!

Thursday:  Today we traveled to Edinburgh for MLC.  It was amazing.  President emphasized about giving Joseph voice in our Restoration lesson, and showed us a new way to teach it that brings the Spirit in powerfully.  We tried to use it more in our lessons this week and it worked well.  That took up the majority of the day.  On the drive home, we stopped at Anne's and had dinner though.  She is the best :) 

Friday:  We had our Zone Leadership Conference in the morning and presented our plans to the District leaders.  It went really well.  There are some really experienced missionaries here who have the potential to lead this mission with their examples.  It's fun seeing a lot of my comps every day as well and some missionaries I get along with.  So pumped for this transfer!  After ZLC, we taught Mandy, and then traveled to Dumbarton to do an interview. 

Saturday:  We had to help E-move some missionaries, and then we GQ'd.  Later on, we taught a new guy named Daniel. Some crazy Italian girl started yelling at us in Italenglish.  That was interesting.  In the evening, we took our friend Rafael to Stake Conference and he loved it!  We hope to be able to progress him more this week.

Sunday:  Today was Stake Conference, and we were able to have our friend Shona come with us!  It was great seeing all of my old friends, and Peter and his family were there.  Ahh, I gave him the biggest hug!  He is a legend!  He gave a talk last Stake Conference in Chinese and a missionary translated it.  

 Stake Conference in Glasgow

After Stake conference, we GQ'd and we met up with Peong, who I taught before!!  He forgot most of what he learned, and I am not sure what happened after I left, but we are going to re-teach him.  I also called Bir.  I will hopefully see him next week.  He is in Edinburgh right now for some research!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.  We are going to focus on progressing our friends and allowing the Spirit to direct their decisions, so please pray for them to be open and intent on receiving the truth 🍀  Elder Copeland

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Week 79 - February 5, 2018

Back to Glasgow!

Hiya, fam.  I have been up since 4 am and we still have to move a load of people around, so this week's gonna be a short email.  But I have been moved!  I am back in Glasgow as a Zone Leader serving with Elder Pelham from Brighton. Elder Swenson is now going to be a District Leader in Glasgow as well, and he will be with Elder Huang!!  This Zone is flippen stacked.  I am so excited!  I will go through the week shortly though, and I forgot my camera.  We were throwing the suitcases all over and left it with them, so loads of pics next week!

Tuesday:  We had a busy day.  We were able to teach Mannie, Jess, a new girl from France named Rebecka, and had dinner at the Waby's!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd quite a lot, had lunch with a member, taught Scott, GQ'd more, and had dinner with the Merrils! 

Thursday:  We taught Alice, GQ'd all day, then taught Scott again in the evening.

Friday:  GQ'd, taught Jess and prepared her for her baptism, had dinner at Sis. Milnes, taught Scott again, and then went over to Matt's church and hung out with some uni students!

Saturday:  We were able to have Jessica's baptism, the sisters had a baptism as well..  YES!!!  Ahh, so much relief.  We were stressing hard haha.  It was amazing.  Jess did so well, and she was really feeling the spirit.  Mannie gave a great talk at the baptism, as well.  

Afterwards, we GQ'd, got our moves call, and attended another baptism the BOD sisters had. 

Sunday:  Had Jessica's confirmation, and a good Fast and Testimony Meeting.  Afterwards, we got to go over to the Dressels and I saw NANA.  AHH, I MISSED HER! 

It was good to see them all.  We moves planned most of the day and went over to the Zimmerman's in the evening for dinner, then started packing.

So that was the week real brief.  This transfer ahead is going to be exciting.  Thank you for all the prayers and support for our friends.  My foot is doing alright, but it hurts pretty bad at the end of each day.  I need to be more careful.  I love you guys though, and I will talk more to you soon!  Elder Copeland 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 78 - January 29, 2018


Hiya, fam!  Another great week in Aberdeen!  I'll go through it, but I don't have a load of time!  

Monday evening all the Dundee city Elders and the Assistants came up and slept at our flat for Tuesday.  We woke up at 5:30 the next day and balled hard!

Tuesday:  We had our Scotland North Conference!  It was great.  We were counseled by President and the Assistants, and President even played our 'Hastening the Work' video in his instruction.  It was hilarious haha!  At lunch, we had a special Burns 'Supper' lunch?  And I was asked to Carry the Haggis out and present it!  After Conference, we had our interviews with President.  He always gives me great counsel, and he helped me to understand my role in returning to Aberdeen for this time, as well, which I appreciated.  Afterwards, we helped moved missionaries all over the place to get them back to their areas.

Wednesday:  In the morning, President and Sister Donaldson invited us over to the Marriott Hotel to have breakfast with them, unreal!  They are couple goals for me and my future wife in every way.  I love them so much! Afterwards, we went out and GQ'd and taught our friend Scott again.  We talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and invited him to pray more about it.  In the afternoon, we GQ'd and went over to the hospital so I could get an X-ray on my foot... yea.. haven't been trying to worry you about it, but remember on Skype when I said I hurt it in footy?  Still hurting.  We got it checked out.  In the evening, we had dinner with the Philips.  Brother Philips is a PHD student in Geology and flip... he is so smart.  Elder Swenson and he had a discussion about evolution and I learned a lot.. This earth is so much more complex then we can imagine, and it's beautiful because God has arranged it perfectly! 

Thursday:  Loads of GQ'ing today!  We taught Jess again, as well.  She has been struggling to keep commitments, but we brought the Sisters along and had a POWER HOUSE lesson.  She was feeling the Spirit!  In the evening, we had some weekly planning and more GQ'ing.

Friday:  We GQ'd in the morning, then went over and taught Jess.  Just had another crazy powerful lesson.  She committed to being baptized this Saturday, and made a promise with us and God that she would give up coffee.  She has such a strong desire to come closer to God.  PLEASE pray for her this week!  After, we GQ'd more, then had dinner at the Zimmerman's, legends!  Our last hour of the night was meeting up with Scott and wow... I have never met a man more prepared than him, and so spiritually receptive.  Scott wanted to know if God really was there for him, and I was so filled with the Spirit that I promised him he would know God was there and loved him if he got down on his knees that night and prayed!  Power House!

Saturday:  We got a text from Scott saying that he had experienced a love from God he had never felt before and KNEW that Jesus Christ really was his Savior.  What a blessing.  We taught Alice again in the morning.  We had a pretty philosophical discussion, which just bugged me, but she said she would reach out to find God again and learn again.  Progress!  We GQ'd and then taught Tabitha in the afternoon.  She is good, but learning slowly.  She wants to really know if this is true, so we just keep sharing little by little and helping her understand the Book Of Mormon.  In the evening, we had dinner with Sister Milne.  I love her!

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess, Scott, and Tabitha at church with us!  They loved it, except the Sacrament talks were a wee bit weirdd aha, the classes were great.  Elder Swenson and I taught 3rd hour about Jesus Christ Observing the Sabbath and how we can follow his example!  After church, we talked to Scott.  He was actually crying during the Sacrament feeling the Spirit.  He said he wants to be baptized, but struggles with alcohol.  We are going to start working with him on that.  We GQ'd the rest of the day and had dinner with a couple from Norway, which was nice.

Great week!  I got a call from the hospital today.. soo.. I fractured my foot about a month and a half ago, and since I have been walking through it, it hasn't healed very well... They want me to rest a bit more, but it's kind of hard when you are a missionary and all you do is walk.  I'll try to rest it when I can though.  I hope that it can heal on its own.  I've been walking through the pain, anyways, it's not horrible! Moves call is this Saturday as well.  I have no idea what will happen.  I could either stay or go.  We will see.  I'll let you all know!  I love you.  Have a great week!  Elder Copeland

(Elder Copeland commented:  "This looked like the Jedi temple from Episode 7 where Luke is hanging out haha.")