Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 76 - January 15, 2018

Matchmaker Copeland!

Hiya, fam!  No time to email today, we are trying to go over to these Americans in the ward and use their big indoor gym haha.  This week was busy and had some disappointments, but also some cool experiences!  I'll go through it all with you.

Tuesday:  We went to the Seaton District's meeting.  It was good!  Different not having to plan District Meetings anymore and just listening and learning on the other end!  Afterwards, we GQ'd for the day!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd in the morning and had lunch at an older member's home who is unreal at the Guitar!  Later on, we GQ'd and in the evening.  We helped bishop do some home teaching to older members.

Thursday:  In the morning, we went over to the Hallman's and helped take apart and move some shelves.  Then we had lunch and met up with this Indian guy named Abinan.  He is Muslim.  Interesting talk.. after him we went over to the church with Mannie and taught Jess!  She said she was ready for baptism.  She was able to call President Thompson and have her baptismal interview.  She passed and was all excited.  We planned for her baptism to be on Saturday, so we called all the members and set it all up.  In the evening, we GQ'd. 

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Seaton Elders!  I was with Elder Garrick.  We GQ'd the entire day and it was fun.  We stayed mostly on the University of Aberdeen campus, so that brought back memories.  We had a pretty funny discussion with a Baptist basher.  He had no idea what he was talking about.  In the evening, we all went over to Sister Milne's for dinner!  After dinner, Elder Swenson was suppose to see Jess to finalize all of the baptism, but she wasn't responding.. we were stressing hard.  We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us know what was going on and to help us get in contact with her.  Then we went out GQ'ing.  Twenty minutes after going out, I kid you not... we run into Jess!  She had just finished work and had to go home, but was acting really weird.  She told us that she had been really stressing out and anxiety and just couldn't do her baptism this week, but was embarrassed to tell us.  We helped her know it was okay and that we can take more time and help her be more comfortable with it.  It was really disappointing that she wouldn't be getting baptized this week, but such a miracle from God that we found her before all showing up at the baptism, and having no one to be baptized.  Tender Mercy!  We will work with her more.
All who seek eternal life must follow the example of the Savior by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Saturday:  We were able to GQ and teach Abinan again.  He agreed to read the Book Of Mormon and come to church!  We also taught Tabitha again who we found the first week here.  She had just returned from Germany and agreed to come to church with us as well, which was class!  Later in the evening, we went over to an old friend named Matt!!  I don't know if you guys remember Matt but he is a legend and we were pretty good pals.  Crazy enough, though, when we show up to Matt's house for dinner, Summer, another former friend from here, answers the door!  WHAT. LONG STORY SHORT,  when Elder Elsmore and I were teaching Summer one time, Matt ran into us at the uni library and we introduced them.  The next week they ran into each other again.. and the rest is history.. they have been dating for 10 months and are planning on getting married next year.  I AM A MATCHMAKER!  WHAT THE FLIPPPPP!  It was a crazy surprise haha and I am happy to see them again.  We will meet up with them more.

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess, Tabitha, and Abinan at church with us.  It was great!  Afterwards, we GQ'd and in the evening went over to dinner at the Hallman's!

Pretty solid week, just back to the basics, trying to build up our teaching pool.  This week we are going down to Edinburgh for exchanges, which is exciting.  Hopefully I see some familiar faces!  I love you guys have a great week!
Elder Copeland

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 75 - January 8, 2018

On the Lord's Errand - Tom Monson

Hiya!  Hope you all had a good week :)  We were really busy this week, and it was great!

Wednesday:  In the morning, we went and took the Orkney missionaries' car in to get repaired, then we went to my chiropractor, got hair cuts, washed the car, and GQ'd!  In the evening, we drove down to Dundee and slept over with the ZL's there! 

Thursday:  We drove from Dundee over to Edinburgh and had Mission Leadership Council most of the day.  It was amazing!!  We learned so much from President Donaldson.  I know how truly inspired he is and how inspired the goals are that he sets for this mission.  We discussed the new goals for 2018 as a mission and how we can help our Zones achieve this.  

Elder Swenson and I gave a 50 minute presentation on Hastening the Work as well as presented a funny video we made.  It was good to see a load of friends I haven't seen for a while from all over the mission.  We drove home in the evening.

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Inverness Elders!  I went with Elder Thompson.  We had an on-the-spot lesson with a guy named Nicholas, and it was really cool.  He talked about how God has influenced his life so much and he just needs to come closer to him.  He is very timid but really receptive to the Spirit!  We also had lunch with Rachel from Glasgow who is up here visiting her family.  

It was good to hear about everything down there!  Then we went out and GQ'd and taught Mannie.  He is progressing more and more for his endowments this year, and really, we just have to keep him on the straight and narrow and he is set!  In the evening, we had dinner at Sister Milne's, then GQ'd.  It was a great exchange! 

Saturday:  We taught Nicholas again in the morning.  He said he wants to come to church but is scared to make a commitment to a community because he has had some rough experiences where people betrayed him.  We will have to work with him and help him build some trust.  We went over to our Ward Mission Leader's for lunch.  Wow, their place is posh!  They have a huge manor in the middle of a forest with a bunch of toys, and they are American, so they fed us bomb tacos.  We GQ'd most of the day, but we were told to go over to the Theatre and visit Jimmy Osmond who is performing a pantomime!  It was amazing!  We went into his room and just talked to him.  He shared some really spiritual stories in his life and with his family, and how his mother even gave the Queen a Book Of Mormon.  THE QUEEN HAS A BOOK OF MORMON!!!  That was cool to hear.  He is a really nice guy, and afterwards he bought us dinner! 

In the evening we taught a Recent Convert named Tom. 

Sunday:  Fast Sunday!  We had Jess at church.  She just needs to give up coffee and she can be baptized.  We gave her a blessing and hopefully this is the week!  I was able to get up and bear my testimony of missionary work and how it has changed my life and made me into someone I never imagined I could be.  I used the story of the Sons of Mosiah and their amazing conversion to the gospel.  After Church, we GQ'd and taught ZSOLT!  I missed him so much.  He is doing great!  He wants to get endowed this year as well and maybe even married!  We went over to the Hallmen's for dinner.  It was a good day.

I am thankful for the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and for his example of service.  I loved his quote on how the Lord could count on him always.  I hope in my own life I can use that motto to motivate me to become better each and every day, and be worthy and able to help the Lord in this great service :) I hope you all have a great week and stay warm.  It's freezing up here!   Love, Elder Copeland

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 74 - January 2, 2018

Happy New Years!

Hey, I am so sorry I am horrible at emailing haha.  2017 was the busiest year of my life, but I am so thankful for what I have learned and who I have become through the Savior.  I am excited for these last six months of my mission in Scotland/Ireland to serve others and spread the love of God. I hope to hear from you soon, and I will try to be better at emailing!

It was great to talk to you on Christmas! 

Tuesday:  Today was boxing day! 
 We had the entire day off.  We were able to do some service in the morning and help with a charity fundraiser where people jumped into the North Sea for 60 seconds haha, and then we watched movies and played games with the other Aberdeen missionaries!

Wednesday:  We set up some moves and meeting calendars in the morning, then we had to go and get our car fixed from the flat tire.  Then we went out and GQ'd for the day!

Thursday:  We went over to the chiropractor for me in the morning.  The new guy I have didn't help me very much aha, I think he made my back hurt more by the end of it.  We taught Jess again who is doing okay.  She is addicted to coffee and is really struggling to give it up.  Every time I teach someone about the Word of Wisdom and they don't think coffee is addicting, it makes me laugh.  People have such a hard time giving it up!  We, also, were able to teach two Chinese guys named Bob and Wo that I found.  Bob could have been really solid, but his friend was saying that religion is useless in Chinese and kind or ruined the lesson.  Flip!  We GQ'd more, had dinner, and taught Mannie in the evening.  He set a goal to be able to go through the temple for his endowment in 2018, so we are going to do everything we can to keep him on the straight and narrow and prepared!

Friday:  We GQ'd and then taught a new girl named Hannah. She is a recovering drug addict and said she has been looking for God in her life and just wants to be clean from all her guilt.  We invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and prepare to be baptized in January.  Hopefully, we can see her again this week.  It was a really cool lesson!  We GQ'd the rest of the day and in the evening went over for Sister Milne's for dinner.  She still is taking care of all the missionaries, she is the best!  We drove up afterwards to Thurso to deliver some supplies to the missionaries there! We drove by Trump's Golf Course, so I had to get a picture.

Saturday:  We GQ'd the entire day, just starting over again really trying to rebuild our area for January.  In the evening, the Bridge of Don Elders had Valarie's baptism, and we got to go help with the service.  It was amazing!  The Spirit was strong and made me thankful to be a missionary here again.

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess come to church again, and we got to introduce ourselves to a lot more members. Aberdeen is a pretty big ward and has a lot of families, so it's funny.  There are kids running around and screaming all over!  Later on, we GQ'd, and then went over to the Hallmans for dinner.
Monday:  We had the entire day off!  We went out to Dunnottar Castle again, got some food, played some games, and watched movies.  It was nice to get to know the missionaries here better!

Today, we had a bit of time off as well to get our regular P-day things done.  I am excited for this week.  We need to find some prepared people.  I love you all.  Have a great week and be safe!  Happy New Years! 🍀 

Cameron, (this is Elder Copeland's cousin), thank you for deciding to serve the Lord.  I promise you it will be the most rewarding time of your life and will carry you forever through your experiences and friendships you create.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISS YOU, but will see you soon <3   Elder Copeland

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week 73 - December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Elder Copeland was able to talk to his family on Christmas Day and was even able to connect in to speak to his grandparents who are, also, serving as volunteers in the Europe East Area in Moscow, Russia, for the church.  It was a great day and the best gift ever!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 72 - December 18, 2017

I love(d) the Burgh!

Well, fam it's been a busy week and I will be heading off soon, so it's gonna have to be a short email!  What a week though, woww!

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting and discussed about the four baptisms we had planned as a district this week.  There have been so many miracles for all the missionaries every single day here!  We went and taught Gus afterwards who is doing well.  Gq'd some more and then saw Ray and Meng Yu in the evening. 

Wednesday:  We Gq'd most of the day.  We got to drive out to Livingston to interview an old Scottish man named John.  It was hilarious!  His interview went well, and he was baptized on Sunday!  We went back and Gq'd some more. 

Thursday:  We GQ'd in the morning and met a new girl named Yuki.  In the evening, we met up with Wei and Joe and walked to the church.  We had their baptisms as well as the Edinburgh sisters had their friend Tundi!  I was able to baptize all three of them and I couldn't help but cry.  I was filled with so much gratitude for all of them.


It was an amazing experience, and we were able to have President and Sister Donaldson attend as well.  Afterwards, we had Ward Coordination 

Friday:  Cimmie came down and spent some time with us. It was good to see her!  We, also, took Mai to the train station and said goodbye.  She is heading home to Japan.  In the evening, we Gq'd and had dinner with Rhiannon from Glasgow as well, who came down.

Saturday:  We Gq'd and then Moves call!  I have been called to serve as a Zone Leader back in ABERDEEN with Elder Swenson.  I am pumped!  I am sad to be leaving Edinburgh, but I am excited for this opportunity. 

Sunday:  We were able to have the confirmations of Wei and Joe, as well as Gus coming to church.  Afterwards, we went around and said goodbye to everyone.  I'll miss all of the friends I have made here.   They helped me progress on my mission far beyond what I imagined. 

Well, I am excited to talk to you all next week.  I forget it's Christmas since we have been so busy.  I love you all and appreciate you and hope you stay warm and safe!

Love, Elder Copeland 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 71 - December 11, 2017


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO BRIG AND SAM, I love you brothers.  Can't wait to hit BF2 with you hahah. 

We have had a week of miracles here in Edinburgh!  I am excited to go through it all with you!  I don't have a load of time today, though, because we are going to pick up my Kilt, let's goo! 

Monday:  We were able to celebrate Elder Wang and Sherry's birthday by climbing Calton Hill and getting dinner! Cimmie from Glasgow came down and visited as well.  I took some pictures.  We helped set up for All Scotland in the evening.

Tuesday:  All Scotland Christmas was amazing!!  We watched Moana, did some Book of Mormon skits, and played Minute to Win it games!  It was great seeing all of my friends and companions.  Grateful to be a missionary at this time of the year.
Wednesday:  We got lunch with Debbie and taught her.  She is going on holiday then back to China in January, so this might have been the last time I see her.  We GQ'd then taught Meng Yu as well.  She is okay, just so busy with exams!  In the evening, we got dinner with Elder Wang.

Thursday:  We went over and did some service for Brother Thompson and had lunch with him.  Then we taught Joe, and it was amazing.  He opened up to us about how he had begun to doubt if there was a God when he moved here, but then he met me at the uni and knew it was a sign from God.  He said that he has been praying and had quit smoking since he met us because he felt like
 it was the right thing to do.  He said that he wanted to be baptized and come closer to God! WOW!  We taught Andy, as well, who is busy with studies, and then in the evening had dinner with Wei and taught her. She also said that she had never known if there was a God until she met us and felt the light of Christ from our message and also wants to be baptized.  Truly a time of miracles in my life.

Friday:  We were able to GQ most of the day and met with a new girl named Hathaway, who could be really solid once her exams are through in the coming weeks!  I found 20£ on the ground while we were GQ'ing as well, FLIP!! 

Saturday:  We cleaned the chapel in the morning, and then went and had Joe's baptismal interview, all went well. Then we taught Gus, Sherry, Shirley, and a new guy named Charlton.  In the evening, we had Wei's baptismal interview and she passed as well.  They are both excited for this week! We had dinner with Meggie from China to finish up the busy day.

Sunday:  We were able to have Gus, Joe, and Wei come to church with us, and afterwards we GQ'd and did some planning for this week ahead.  It's getting really cold over here, frost is all over the ground for most of the day.  It might snow this week ahead, too! 

It has been miracle after miracle here in Edinburgh, this week I pray everything will go well.  This Saturday is also moves call and there is a good chance at least one of us could move.  I love Edinburgh, but I am always excited for new opportunities to go where the Lord wants me.  I love you all and I love this gospel.  Have a great week!  Go see Star Wars for me and send me the tickets and pictures and I will cry haha.  Love, Elder Copeland

Monday, December 4, 2017

Week 70 - December 4, 2017


Hiya, I am so sorry I will have to keep it short this week.  We have a busy P-day!

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting which went well.  We focused on how we will achieve our goal as a district for the final month of the year, and how we can Light the World through service!  We GQ'd and taught a new friend named Gus, as well.

(Click on the link above to see how you, too, can help celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by serving others this Christmas season.  As we follow His example, we can help #Light the World.) 

Wednesday:  In the morning, my worst nightmare happened, our flat began to leak again..  We called the plummer right away and he fixed it up, but flip, it never ends with leaky flats here haha!  We GQ'd the rest of the day! 

Thursday:  We taught Wei again who is doing well!  Then went over to Brother Thompson's for some lunch and service!  We GQ'd the rest of the day and in the evening the Office missionaries, Sister Hill and Gifford, took us to a posh Italian place for dinner! 

Friday:  We taught Joe, Gus, Slyph, and Mai today so pretty busy!  GQ'd as well! 

Saturday:  We taught Seven, Imogen, Lauren, and Wei!  In the evening, we had dinner with Yun Tao and Debbie!

Sunday:  We were able to have Wei come to church with us and had a power house lesson with her afterwards on baptism!  We, also, went to a care home for some special need people and did some caroling!  Then GQ'd and taught Book of Mormon in the evening.

Things are slowing down a bit because of the season and all of the Uni students have their exams.  We are going to try and find some new people this week, and we will also have All-Scotland which should be fun!  I love you all and miss you, and will talk to you soon.  Have a great week! 🍀  Elder Copeland
Pics of the Christmas Market in Edinburgh.