Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 26 - November 20, 2017


I hope you all eat loads of food and spend some good time together!  This week was pretty busy.  We have some new missionaries here in Edinburgh, and it's good to see the greenie fire! 

Tuesday:  We helped with some of the new missionaries getting them around, and then GQ'd.  In the evening, we taught Mai!!  She is doing so well and accepted to be baptized!  We went over the baptismal interview questions with her and finished sharing tithing.  We taught Andy more about priesthood and a new girl named Lucy in the evening.

Wednesday:  We taught Vivian who is doing well, but is still not keeping her commitment of church.  We taught Debbie and Ray next, then Chenwei.  He is doing well.  We are hoping that he can be baptized by the end of the year.  He has some really good questions about God and suffering that we are trying to help him overcome!

Thursday:  We GQ'd most of the day and then taught Sherry in the evening! 

Friday:  We taught Meng Yu and Chenwei again and GQ'd some more.  Really just trying to build up our pool for the month ahead. 

Saturday:  We taught Ivy in the morning, GQ'd, then taught Krystal.  In the evening, we got to go to the church and watched, "Our Story Goes On," the performance run by the church.  It was class!  We had 10 of our friends there!

Sunday:  New missionaries in the ward and lots of RC's at church!  Afterwards, we taught a new girl named Alice and had dinner with the Nielsens. 

Really nothing big this week.  Once again, just trying to build up our pool.  I am excited for Mai's baptism and the week ahead.  Please pray for her! 

I love you all and am thankful for your love and support in my life.  I am thankful for my Savior and his infinite atonement he has made for me so that I may overcome my weaknesses and return to him again one day.  Love, Elder Copeland

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week 67 - November 13, 2017


So we got our moves call, and Elder Huang and I will be staying in Edinburgh together!  WOO!  I am excited for the transfer ahead.  It's only a 5 weeker, which means if one of us moves, it will be the week before Christmas which bites. But we had a fantastic week! 

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting with testimonies from those missionaries leaving us, and I expressed my gratitude and love for each of them.  We have had an amazing transfer as a district, the best in the mission! Afterwards, we GQ'd and taught Mai in the evening.  She is doing well!  It's just a slow process because of the language barrier, but we are getting there!  Debbie took all of us out for dinner as well, which was kind of her.

Wednesday:  The entire morning, we moved our flats!  Our new one is amazing!!!  I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will this week.  It is great!  I am pumped that we finally have figured that all out, it was a mess haha.  I did some baptismal interviews for the missionaries around here, GQ'd, and then we taught Debbie and ChenWei, both doing well!  In the evening, there were some baptisms for the other missionaries we went to.

Thursday:  We had lunch with Ivy and made sure that she was good for her baptism.  She is the best!  She brought her friend Chen along as well.  Hopefully we can starting teaching her some more, as well.  We GQ'd the rest of the day, just re-building our teaching pool back up for the end of the year.

Friday:  We GQ'd the entire day!  In the evening, the Edinburgh Church had its 50th anniversary of being built.  All of the missionaries in the ward got up and sang some songs, it was pretty cool.  I love hearing the early saints in the UK's conversion stories and the legacy they have left here!

Saturday:  We cleaned the chapel in the morning and received our moves calls!  Elder Carter and Grant will be leaving us, but Elder Wang is coming, which is cool!  Huang, Wang, and I have all served with each-other--the Chinese trio haha!!  We had Ivy's baptism in the evening, and it went so smoothly!  There were actually 5 people being baptized that night from 4 different teams in the city.  It was a powerful experience for all of us.  We are thankful for the continued miracles God is helping us achieve.  We confirmed them all right afterwards, as well.

Sunday:  We had Mai come to church with us.  We were suppose to have a few others, but everyone had "emergencies" come up right before church.. It's pretty frustrating seeing how people can be sometimes.  But all is well.  We will continue to find those that are prepared in the weeks ahead!

I am thankful for the opportunity to stay here another transfer and continue to try and be the best servant of the Lord I can. I love you all and hope you have a great week ahead.  Stay warm and continue to come closer to our Heavenly Father! 🍀  Elder Copeland

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 66 - November 6, 2017

Dear Family,

I am so sorry I ran out of time today.  We have been really busy.  This week was busy as ever.  

Last Monday, we went to a beach, and played Frisbee and got cool pics on the coast. 

Tuesday:  We woke up, and our water was leaking in the flat beneath again... We tried calling the landlord, the plummer, and even an emergency number.. Nothing.  The people that lived all below us were raging again at us even though there was nothing we could do.  One guy even called me useless as I explained I can't do any more.  I told him to learn some respect, I wasn't in the best mood aha.  But we did have a great District Meeting.  President Donaldson came along and gave some great counsel to all of us.  We GQ'd for the day, and in the evening we got to go over to the other missionaries and spend our Halloween eating pizza and playing cards! 

Wednesday:  We were called by the mission home that we were moving out of the flat, and temporarily, until we get a new flat, staying at the mission home, in the bunker (big room of bunk beds) haha.  

We taught loads of lessons. Vivian, a new guy named Chen Wei, Yvonne, Debbie, and Sherry.  In the evening, we had ward coordination! 

Thursday:  GQ'd most of the day.  In the evening, I got to teach a new guy named Ahmed with Elder Carter and he is way solid.  He is only 17 and from Egypt, but he loved hearing about the Godhead and how he can connect more with God.

Friday:  We went to Brother Thompson's and did some gardening service.  I climbed a big ladder and cut down some branches, and we had lunch with him.  We also taught Mai again who is doing well.  We hope she can be baptized soon. It's just a slow learning process with the language barrier, google translate comes in clutch though.  We also met Ivy in the evening.  She is doing pretty well, and finally taught Viola.  We have invested so much time into teaching her, and now I hope she can make the decision to be baptized.

Saturday:  We had lunch with Yvonne's friend, Jia Yin, who could be really solid!  We are going to see her again this week.  We also taught a new guy named Connor, pretty good, and in the evening we taught Vivian again.  Had dinner with the other missionaries and went back to the mission home. 

Sunday:  We had planned on four of our friends being there but only two made it, Mai and Chen Wei.  Both of them loved it!  We planned and packed a bit more later on and in the evening it was bonfire night, so we were in the flat again with the missionaries and had food and chilled. 

Today, we went to a big Reservoir with all the missionaries and Elder Carter and I took our 10 Pound Poles.  On my second cast out, I caught an 18-inch Rainbow Trout, LES GOO.  We cleaned it up and are gonna eat it later on.  

Lots of other fun stuff, but I really don't have any time.  I'm sorry.  I am glad you are all well though and hope you have a great week ahead.  I love you!  Elder Copeland 

OH!  This week is moves call as well, no clue what will happen, but we will see! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

E-Mail sent to Elder Copeland and Elder Nelson from Mannie - October 30, 2017

Hello, to my favorite missionaries!

I made the temple!!  Wow, what an amazing experience.  I cannot believe that 7 months after my baptism, I made it to the temple to carry out baptisms for the first time, and what an incredible experience it has been!  It was such a blessing to have been worthy of being able to enter the House of our Savior and to carry out a service for those who have gone before us in this life, and to give them the opportunity to experience the love our Savior has for each and every one of us and those who have passed on and allowing them the opportunity to experience the joy of the gospel and help them to enter into the Celestial kingdom to be with our loving Heavenly Father.  It made me realize how fortunate we are on this earth to have such a special calling in this life to have the position of serving others, and helping them achieve the goal of having eternal life with all our loved ones, and being reunited with our family and friends.  I carried out 34 baptisms. 

I can say that I have been so blessed since joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for having you guys in my life.  I am thankful for having had the opportunity to be taught the missionary lessons leading to my baptism and confirmation, and I can say that my life has changed dramatically for the better ever since.  I actually got emotional and wished that you guys were there with me, as it brought me back to the day of my baptism.  I wanted to make you guys proud and ensure that I can follow your example. I cannot express the feelings of peace and joy that this has  brought to my life, and I certainly look forward to progressing further to carrying out more temple ordinances in the future such as endowment, and of course reaching the higher priesthood!  This has led to me wanting to be a stronger person in our faith, and to truly following our Savior's example of sharing this joy with others, learning more about the teachings of the church, and helping those to reach eternal life. 

I can proudly say that I know the blessings of the temple are unique in that you leave with a sense of peace in your heart, a sense of belonging and a place where you can retreat and reflect on your own personal spiritual journey.  I am forever thankful for you guys and for being with me on this amazing journey.  This church is true, and Christ is our Savior. 

Love you guys lots. Here are some photos. :-)  Mannie

Week 65 - October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween, fam! 

This week was truly inspiring.  We received some great guidance and counsel from Elder Renlund of the Twelve, and I loved it!  I'll go through the week.

Tuesday:  No District Meeting because of All Scotland.  We got to meet up with Susie, she is doing well.  She is so busy with work and school, so it's tough for her to find any time for us right now, which bites.  We, also, taught Viola, then Mai in the evening.  She is doing pretty well.  There is a language barrier which makes it difficult to explain the gospel clearly, but we will keep working with her!

Wednesday:  We were on exchanges with the ZL's today. I was with Elder Carter.  We had some GQ'ing and taught a few of his friends.  We also taught Debbie about the temple, she is doing amazing!  In the evening, we headed over to the church for the baptism of Kearen, which was class!

Thursday:  We had a few lessons planned, but they all cancelled on us last minute back to back... dang!  We GQ'd a lot.  I helped Elder Carter pick up some luggage for missionaries.  In Edinburgh, it's kind of fun because we help move missionaries around and all their stuff a lot.  Keeps us busy!

Friday:  We woke up at 5 am and got ready to head for Dundee.  It was our All Scotland Conference for the transfer, and it was amazing.  

Elder Renlund is truly an Apostle of God.  He touched me with everything he said, and my favorite was how as an Apostle of the Lord, he wanted us to know how much God loves us individually, and how inspired the Scotland/Ireland Mission is.  I took loads of notes from everything he said, as well as Sister Renlund who was amazing!  I got to say "hi" to lots of friends, and on the drive home, we got to take a quick pic of ST. ANDREWS!  AHHH!  I NEED TO GO BACK!  Overall one of the most amazing days of my mission!

 (Pics taken on the drive back from Dundee.) 

Saturday:  We had one of the busiest days of the year! We taught 7 lessons:  May, Seven, Vivian, Bom, Ivy, Alex, and Viola.  I would go through each of them, but I want to see what happens this coming week and I will talk about them then!  There is nothing better then teaching all of God's children the restored Gospel!  I received an email from Mannie, as well, who was able to go to the temple.  Wow!  I was crying with what he said.  So many miracles this past year!  I am so grateful. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Ivy and May come to church.  They loved it!  Afterwards, we had some GQ'ing, planning, and Hot Pot with the Chinese RC's :)  We have some friends lined up for baptism the next week, so I hope we can progress them this week.  Pray for them all! 

Honestly, such a great week.  I love being able to serve with Elder Huang here in Edinburgh and for all of our inspired leaders. The miracles never cease, and I expect more to come this week as we work hard.  I hope you all have a great week and stay safe.  I love you!  Elder Copeland 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 64 - October 23, 2017

15 Months!

Months are going by too quickly Ahh!  We had a great week full of miracles and some crazy stuff, but it was good.  Also, this week we are having our All Scotland Conference, and.. Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve will be coming to speak to us, WOO!  I am pretty excited.  This will be the first Apostle I have met close up.  Hopefully, he gives us some great advice and counsel for the months ahead of our missions.

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting all focused on Hastening the Work of Salvation.  Afterwards, we were on exchanges with the Livingston Elders.  I had to go give an interview for one of the other Elder's guys here in the city, and in the evening I had to drive to Stirling to help with another interview.  We saw the Kelpies and Stirling Castle on the way there.  I didn't have a chance to get photos, but they were amazing!  I felt bad that Elder Crowley and my exchange wasn't what we had planned because of all the interviews, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do as a missionary.

Wednesday:  We had some lessons planned, but they cancelled last minute.  Instead, we had an on the spot lesson with a Chinese girl.  It was crazy.  She said she felt a peace from us and said that this is probably true what we are teaching her, but then goes, "It's alright though.  I just want to focus on studies.  What?!  That's pretty frustrating as a missionary.  We GQ'd the rest of the evening. 

Thursday:  We had a lesson with Elva in the morning.  She is doing well, just so busy with her mid term exams and studying.  We GQ'd for the rest of the day and found some really solid people including this Japanese Girl name Mai. She doesn't  have a UK number yet, but I gave her my number and could only hope she would email, and she DID! She said she would be interested in coming to our church on Sunday. :)

Friday:  We had lots of lessons planned for the day.. but plans changed a wee bit.  In the morning, we were getting ready and someone knocks on our door.  It was the students living in the flat underneath us.  They told us there was a leak coming from our flat, and we immediately turned off all the water and called our landlord who told us he would send in a plummer quickly.  We went out for the day and about 12 we get a call from some lady who is the landlord of the flat underneath just screaming at us that our flat was leaking loads of water below everywhere and that she had called the fire brigade.  We ran back to our flat, and the fire brigade was there.  They had broken into our flat to try and stop some sort of leak from our boiler.  They had pulled all the pipes out and turned everything off and left, but ah man.... all of the flat residents underneath us were raging and going crazy!  We live on the top floor (4th), and somehow the water had leaked down, completely destroying the flat underneath us, and causing damage to every other flat beneath us all the way to the bottom.  People were going nuts and starting to get mad at us calling us the Mormon guys, and I was trying to keep cool and Elder Huang had no idea what to do!  

I explained to all of them that we had done everything we could, and we had called as soon as we heard there was a problem and that our landlord had told us he would have a plummer come, but the plummer still hadn't shown up. These people were like, 'Well, why didn't you do something about it?"  I explained how we did EVERYTHING we could and that we had left the flat for the day. The worst was the Landlord for the flat beneath us was raging, and I literally was showing her what we had done and that it wasn't our fault. In reality, it was just a freak accident, but the landlord should have had the plummer come sooner. 

Finally, the plumber got there, and since every pipe had been pulled out, he had no idea where the problem could have came from.  So he fixed all our stuff, told us we were good, and told all the people how dumb they were acting because it wasn't our fault haha.  Anyways, we spent the rest of the day serving all these angry people, helping them clean up water, and our flat was good!  It's crazy how insensitive people are when something bad happens to them, but how they could care less about when something happens to others!  We will probably get another flat.  The mission home helped us out a lot and took all these calls from these people.  I am definitely learning long suffering here! 

Saturday:  Busy day!  We had six lessons with new people and had a lot of success!  We set some people with baptismal dates as well.  It's good to start having a teaching pool again so that we can baptize in the months ahead. Yvonne was able to go on the ward temple trip and do baptisms, amazing! :)  She loved it and said it was so peaceful there. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Mai, the Japanese girl, and Viola that we met a while ago, come to church with us!!  All the other students are stressing on their mid terms this week, but it was okay!  Mai is solid!  She still has no number, but we planned a day to see her again, and Yvonne was  a great member match for her.  We GQ'd and planned for the week ahead.

Overall a great week!  I am excited for the week ahead as well to help our friends progress and see these mid-term exams over so students have more time!  I challenge you all to read Luke 10 and study the parable of the Good Samaritan, and think of yourself as the man who is robbed, and Jesus Christ as your Good Samaritan.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Love, Elder Copeland 
(Elder Copeland said, "​Oh I forgot to mention how spooky the Sun was looking the other day, it was a good Halloween feel!") 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 63 - October 16, 2017

Hey fam, busy as always here in Edinburgh.

We were struggling to find some new solid people because of mid term exams for the students, but this week ahead should be great! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting, went well, then went out and GQ'd the entire day!  In the evening, we had dinner with Sherry, Zoe, and Debbie.  We made sure everything was good for Debbie's baptism! 

Wednesday:  All day GQ'ing and preparing for Debbie's baptism.  It went so well!  She loved it, and she told us afterwards that she has never felt that much peace at once in her life, and that it was the best decision she has ever made.  LEGEND!  

I am thankful for the blessings Heavenly Father is giving us from all of our hard work.

Thursday:  I had my UK Driving test in the morning.  My instructor was a legend!  He goes to Florida every year and loves golf, so we just ended up driving and talking all about it haha and... I PASSED!  I have my UK license now.  Let's goo!  We went over to Brother Thompson's for lunch and did some yard work for him as well.  I love that man!  Rest of the day GQ'ing.

Friday:  We GQ'd and taught a new girl named Ivy.  Her bf is a Mormon.  He got baptized last year but is back in China now.  She could be really solid!  She was busy with exams, so she couldn't come to church, but we will see her again this week!  We also taught Seven again.  She is doing well, but exams.. so no church this week.  So sad!

Saturday:  We had an entire day of GQ'ing.  Sherry bought us some cool hats from Urban Outfitters as well, that was nice of her :)  

This atheist guy got into a huge debate with me at the Uni, and I concluded with him that he has a faith that we come from monkeys (because they do not have 100% evidence) and I have a faith we come from a loving God. He still couldn't accept it.  I was kind of annoyed, but ultimately I just felt bad for the guy.  All good though!

Sunday:  Debbie received the Holy Ghost, and we had loads of students at church.  It was great!  It was Zoe's birthday in the evening, and we got to go over for dinner with them.

Not too much this week, just a lot of finding.  I hope that we can teach some more this week--all of the friends we have met! 

Have fun on the cruise, fam.  I think you guys have gone on more holidays since I left than my entire life hahahah.  Enjoy ittt ;) I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything you do for me!  Love, Elder Copeland

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Special E-Mail Received by Elder Copeland - October 10, 2017

Elder Copeland stated:  "I Received this email and it touched me, what an amazing Gospel!" 
Hello, Elder Copeland,

How are you? 

I'm Brother QIfeng Wang from Shanghai Branch. I just found your blog by chance and noticed that you are serving in Edinburgh. That's wonderful! 

May I share my experience with you. I met missionaries on Princes Str. in 2008 and joined the Church 7 years ago in Edinburgh Ward. I know my wife in Shanghai branch and we got temple marriage in Hong Kong China Temple. Now we have one cute girl. I'm now got the callings as Asia Area Assistant Auditor and Executive Secretary of Shanghai District. The calling of Asia Area Assistant Auditor require me travel a lot to do training for all 9 districts through out China. But I'm so enjoy serving for the church.

Just let you know I'm so blessed because of the Gospel missionaries share with me. I testify the church is true, we could be blessed when follow the Lord. I'm so grateful to have missionaries like you Elder Copeland, preaching gospel to Chinese speaking people around the world. I'll pray for you that you may guide more who were lost their way back to the church.

BTW, could you please say hi to Brother Beveridge(senior one) from me please? He was my family teaching companion. I would like to express my appreciation to him for his helping when I was a new member. Thank you!

All the best,
Brother Wang

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 62 - October 9, 2017

This week was a pretty normal one, but it was good.  Elder Huang and I are excited for this new transfer together!  I have no time at all, so it's going to be a real quick one.  Sorry about that.

Tuesday:  Moves week is crazy in Edinburgh.  We helped moved missionaries all over the place and took care of some for the day.  It was good.  I saw some elders I hadn't seen for awhile!

Wednesday:  We had some finding and then met up with Debbie.  She told us that she would be baptized on Saturday, but that she had a big exam due that day, so it would be stressful.  We told her that it would be okay to just push the baptism until next week where she will have no stress and can enjoy the experience :)  She had her baptismal interview though and passed!  We also taught a new guy from Thailand named Bom.  We will see what happens. 

Thursday:  We had a full day of Gq'ing and went over to Brother Thompson's for service and lunch.  I also got to interview one of the other missionaries' friend named Nikki for her baptism on Saturday.  It went well! 

Friday:  We had a full day of finding, just re-building the pool.  We taught Seven in the evening though.  She liked the lesson and said she would come to church.

Saturday:  All day finding!!  We taught Viola again because she wanted to meet.  We also helped the Elders in Belfast with a Skype lesson, which was cool.  I haven't done that before. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Seven and Debbie at church.  It was great and I loved the testimonies given!  We did some planning and had dinner with a young couple in the evening over here for an exchange program. 
That was really simplified but really just a lot of finding this week.  Today we went to a famous Kilt shop and..... I ORDERED A KILT.  I DID IT.  I SAID I WOULDN'T, BUT I GAVE IN. 

They found a connection to the Copeland last name and a tartan and it's sweet so yea... should be here in December.  I'm pumped, you all are gonna love me walking around in that when I get home haha!  I am excited for Debbie's baptism this week.  It should be great!  I love you all.  Be safe! 🍀  Love, Elder Copeland