Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 17 - November 28, 2016

FLIP!  I am already 4 months into my mission? 

1/6 done?  What the heck!!  I can't believe how fast time is flying by!  This week was pretty good!  It's getting colder and colder here in the Deen, but no snow, just a ton of ice!  Things have been going pretty well.  I am a bit homesick because the whole city is all Christmas decorated now and lit up, just makes me miss the fam, but that's okay!  I get to talk to you guys in four weeks on Skype!!  

After I got off last Monday, we went mini-golfing with all the other Elders.  It was a lot of fun! I didn't win, but I did get a hole in one on the 19th hole which gives me another free game, so that was cool!  Hopefully later today we all go bowling, we will see, but anyways onto my week!

Tuesday:  A pretty busy day.  We went in with the Zone Leaders for a Skype district meeting, it was good.  After that, we just ran all over the city for lessons.  A bunch of people cancelled last minute, so that was frustrating, but that's the life of a missionary anyways! We had a nice supper over at the Williamsons, then had Ward Coordination at the Church.  That is about it for the day!

Wednesday:  Another day of last-minute cancelled appointments with people.  These Uni students have their finals coming up this week and next week so it's quite stressful for them, but at least just tell us in advance that you have to cancel before we walk over somewhere to meet!  Elder Carlisle has had an ingrown toenail for a while, so we went over to this doctors today.  I decided that I wanted to go in and see what they do to him, and that was a HUGE MISTAKE!  They flippen jabbed him with needles, and cut his whole toe and ah man it was horrible, blood gushing all over and infection and aghh.  I didn't feel too hot afterwards haha.  Elder C couldn't really walk after, considering they sliced his toe all over, so we went back to the flat.  He got this 3D Globe puzzle from his fam for Christmas, so we opened it early and built it.  Not much else happened today, just a few lessons in the evening.

(Before Elder Carlisle went in to get his toe all cut up, and after, I didn't feel too good after watching that, SO we built his world puzzle globe thing his mom sent him for Christmas, since he couldn't walk at all haha.) 

Thursday:  We had a lot of investigator lessons!.. Fall through... So we Gq'd a lot, rested for Elder C's foot, and had a few RC/LA lessons.  Today was Thanksgiving.  I just wanted to tell you guys how thankful I am for your continued support and love you show me.  It really helps me get through the weeks!  No one invited us over for dinner sadly, but no worries, we just had some Mince and Potatoes, classic.  

Friday:  Ahhh once again lots of lessons planned, lots fall through, so we Gq'd a lot. Another long day, not much more to it.

Saturday:  Today was pretty good!  All of our lessons went through!  We were able to teach a lot of great people and help them come closer unto Christ.  AND, we got invited by the Aberdeen Ward to go over to their building for a THANKSGIVING DINNER!!  It was so good! It was pretty much all the Americans and Canadians in Aberdeen who threw it together, but it was great to get some turkey and pie!  All the Elders from the area were there, too, so it was lots of fun, so I still had a Thanksgiving Dinner!  Just a little late, but nevertheless, it was incredible :)

Sunday:  We had Ward Council in the morning, just lots of plans for a Santa Float the ward does and the Christmas party!  We also had two of our investigators at Church, Ke and Evian!!  I don't remember if I have mentioned them, but they are both from China, sort of speak English.  They have become good friends because of church and us introducing them to each other, and have been learning from us for a while!  They both are planning on getting baptized on the 16th of December though!!  Hopefully I don't get moved on the 12th, because I have been working with them forever and really want to see them make their goals!  Pray for them! 

("We set up the tree Gma Laura sent us, thank you!  Elder Carlisle put some of his Ohio State decorations on it.  All we have right now is our area books for presents.  I got a pine tree scented air freshener, so we put it up next to it, makes it even more authentic haha!" 

All in all, a pretty good week.  We had like 12 lessons fall through, but we're still able to see miracles and help a few people!  I miss you all a lot, Christmas time is my favorite, and I can't believe how much I took family for granted back home.  When I get back, it will be well good!  This week should be another good one, hopefully students will be able to meet us, and we can find more prepared people.  All we gotta do is work hard and the Lord will Provide.  I am thankful for all of your support and love you all!  I will talk to you all soon! 

Elder Copeland

("The uni had everyone make a little version of their favorite book, so that they can hang them up on their tree!") 
("The University big tree they have outside!") 
("I found the alley where they make Patagonia jackets haha!')

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 16 - November 21, 2016

Hiya, guys! How are you all doing?

This week was brutally cold!  Flip, I can't believe how cold this country is.  I swear, these people think that smoking will warm up their insides, because there is so much smoke in the air, by the time my mission is over I probably will have second hand smoking, but, it's worth it hah!  This week was alright.  It was a tough one to be honest, but I am glad that I got through it and am looking forward to this next week!  I'll go through my week now.

Tuesday: Today was pretty good, we had a few lessons all over the city.  Just helping out less actives, being a friend to them, helping them with their needs and concerns, and trying to get them back to church!  Also some more lessons with investigators, same thing as usual.  We had Ward Coordination, too.  We are trying to get more motivation in the ward to help us out!

Wednesday: Today we hopped on the train and went over to Inverurie!
It's a nice town with a pretty big city center that is in our area; actually, our area is massive!

We just don't ever leave the Uni because it is so good for GQ'ing.  But we got to go do some service for a member.  We dug out trenches and put in wood stakes and a big fence for chickens.  It was good to get out of the city and do some service for someone who needed it!  After that, we just stayed in Inverurie trying to track down Less actives and GQ a little bit! About six other Elders came and crashed our flat for the night, for tomorrow.  It was fun to hear how they all are doing.

Thursday: Today was Z.I.T!!!  It was so good!  The A.P's work flippen hard, but hadn't assigned the devotional talks yet.  They assigned Elder C and I to give the Devotional in the morning off a really great talk!  We literally had no time to even look over it, but we hurried and made something work and got up there in front of the whole Zone and talked for about 20 minutes, surprisingly it went well!  As a missionary, you get pretty good at just going by the Spirit and that is exactly what we did.  But it was great to see some friends, learn a lot of new things we are going to do for the holiday season, and get to talk to President.  I say it every time, but that man is one of the most incredible guys I have ever met in my life.  I wouldn't be surprised if he became an Apostle one day, so powerful.  It was a really great time, and afterwards we were able to have a few more lessons and call it a night.  The Invergordan Elders stayed over at our place for another night.

Friday:  Today was Z.L.C!  All of the District Leaders in the Aberdeen Zone headed over to the church for more instructions!  And of course, being a DL's comp, I went to it.  I've been to a few already. There was a lot of good instructions for the DL's and I learned how to lead a lot better, if one day I do become a DL!  Other than that, just more lessons!

Saturday:  Just a bunch of lessons with Rc's, La's, and investigators!  I got the Thanksgiving package that you made for me, Mom and Jenna.  Thank you so much!!!  It was good to get some Gatorade, I flippen missed it!  Not much more happened today that I can remember!  Time blurs together week after week.

  Today was a tough one.  We were suppose to have five investigators at church, and, zero showed up.  Man, it is frustrating.. Everything is good, just gotta work even harder this week and make sure we get our people with dates in December at church!  Not much more I can remember.  Just a tough day, but that's alright, we all get them once in a while!

So that was my week the best I can remember! The Church has set up this Christmas Initiate for the missionaries to spread around.  We got new little Christmas pass along cards too they are sweet, here is the website from the church too:

I encourage you all to try and send this website to friends and family who are not part of the church!  Aberdeen has been really good, people seem to be happy, there hasn't been too much rain, and everyone is use to the cold so its alright, well except me, I cant feel my face or hands.  I hope you all have a great week and happy early Thanksgiving!  They don't celebrate it here, hopefully we get fed on that night, but if we don't no worries.  I'll get to have one in two years no biggie :)  I love you guys.  Thank you so much for your continued support and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Elder Cope

(Elder Carlisle and I found an AMERICAN MUSTANG, ahh its well good!  I have so much pride in America here hahaha, it's so much better.)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15 - November 14, 2016

Wow! I can't believe my 2nd transfer is already over! 

Only 15 more to go haha!  A transfer is normally 6 weeks, but this next one is only going to be 5!  Hopefully I don't get moved, because it would be the week before Christmas!  This week was really good, It was pretty busy as well.  The weather is getting really cold.  I thought I knew cold before my mission, but I didn't know Scotland cold.  Going out in the morning is the worst because by the time we get somewhere, I can't feel my face or hands haha!  

Elder Carlisle is a really cool guy.  He is from Ohio and played basketball and track back home.  He has been out for almost a year and is the new District Leader here.  We are getting along great!  I already love him :) I 'll go through my week now.  I forgot my planner, so this is all off the top of my head and I don't remember everything, so I apologize!  

Tuesday:  Today was hectic!  I said goodbye to Elder Elsmore.  He is a great guy and I love him, I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to have him as my trainer.  He is gonna kill it in Glasgow, and I will see him again!  I was with the Shetland Elders for the rest of the day, just running around the city, showing them where to buy things since they have no stores haha.  Elder Carlisle got in later in the day, and we picked him up and went back to our flat so he could unpack.  We then had Ward Coordination and dinner

Wednesday:  We had the Shetland Elders stay over again.  They didn't leave until late in the night.  But we just ran around the city getting Elder Carlisle all the things he needs for this area, and we had no food so we went grocery shopping.  A few lessons with some Rc's and La's, nothing big.

Thursday:  Elder Carlisle and I had a few lessons, got him more familiar with the area and with our investigators!  He is a really great teacher.  He is way more organized than me.  I had already given out two Book of Mormons and he just kept pulling more out for me to give.  It was pretty funny haha.  Just another busy, cold day!

Friday:  Just a lot of lessons and freezing cold weather!  I can't remember much more than that.  Sorry, I have never forgotten my planner before!

Saturday:  Lots more lessons, same old same old.  Hard work, long days. 

Sunday:  We were able to have three investigators at church with us!  They are all Chinese and we have a Chinese speaker in the ward, so it was well good!  One of them named Ke, I don't know if I have talked about her before, should be getting baptized in two weeks as long as everything goes to plan, so I am pumped!  We have been working with her forever!  I wish I could just speak to them in their language.  They understand English, but not very well.  Aberdeen is a melting pot because of the University here! 

Monday:  We made plans with Zsolt on Sunday.  He picked us up in the morning and we headed out of the city to the countryside!  We stopped a few times to take pictures with cows and the view, and then we walked a wee bit to Craigievar Castle!  You guys can look up the history to it.  It was pretty awesome haha, a pink flippen castle!  I took a ton of pictures, I'll send them all! 

A really good week!  Elder Carlisle and I are getting along well!  I am excited for the progress for our investigators.  Everyone and there cow (Or coo as they call them here) was talking to us about Trump.  We actually got a message from the Ap's to not talk to anyone about politics because apparently there is a lot of anti-Trump stuff going on here.  He built a golf course instead of wind turbines out in the middle of no where, and they hate that.  Oh well.  We either get yelled at for being Mormons or Americans, life goes on!  Things are great, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so hopefully someone will have us over for dinner that day.  I hope you all had an incredible week!  I will keep working hard, and be obedient.  I can't believe how fast time is flying by.  Talk to you all soon. :)

-Elder Copeland 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 14 - November 7, 2016

Hiya, everyone!

It was good to hear from you all.  I hope you guys had a great week!  Hopefully, it isn't too cold there yet because it is absolutely freezing here, and I will say without a doubt in my mind, that I have never been more cold in my life than here haha.  This week was a blessing.  We were blessed to teach 25 lessons this week!  That is an all time high for Elder Elsmore and for this area on the mission!  SO many miracles!  Wow, I really did feel the Lord's hand in our work this week and know that he will continue to bless me as I stay obedient and work as hard as I can! 

We, also, were blessed to be able to have Pearl Forbes Baptism!  My first baptism!  AHH, it was well good, eh! 

I will go through this week the best I can, but just know it was pretty crazy and hectic too! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting today.  The APs came down to teach our district, and it was really good!  AP Crowe told me I was a beast of a missionary and that he expects great things from me in the future.  That was pretty exciting to hear it from him, he is a stud. After District Meeting, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  I got to go with Elder Peterson and we went into his area.  We were able to teach some of his investigators.  We taught a guy from Nigeria named Gift, another girl from Nigeria named Patience, and her son Sam, and then we taught two recent converts in his ward named Mary and then Joanna.  Lots of good lessons with his people.  We had a really good time.  Elder Peterson is a good guy from Idaho, I love him a lot, he is a great missionary.  Other than that, just some more GQ'ing, not much more to it, the work goes on!

Wednesday:  I was back with Elder Elsmore.  We had a pretty packed day.  We taught five lessons, four to investigators, and one to Robert, who we are helping to quit smoking and come back to church.  It is so bad how many people smoke here in Scotland.  My theory is that God makes this place rain so much to keep clearing the air out.  By the end of my mission, I will probably have secondhand smoking, man it is so bad!   A really good day, though!  Just busy!

Thursday:  Again, another packed day of lessons haha!  We taught six lessons, five with new investigators, and one with recent convert, David!  We had some really solid lessons. Elder Elsmore and I have perfected teaching with each other and through the Spirit.  It is great!  I love drawing little pictures throughout the lessons of The Restoration, or The Plan Of Salvation!  Good Crack, eh?!

Friday:  Today didn't feel as busy as the others, but it still was.  We had five lessons, three with investigators, and two others.  We taught John Howard, a good time as always haha, and then we taught Vicky as well.  She is doing really well.  We just read and explain to her the Isaiah Chapters of 2 Nephi, good stuff.  I love getting deep into the scriptures and picking them apart and really learning a lot about them!  I just love learning more and more knowledge about the BOM and the church, only testifies to me more of its truth! 

Saturday:  More lessons!  We were able to teach some of our friends (Investigators.  They like us to call them our friends instead) and also went over to Pearl's home.  We had her baptismal interview to make sure she was ready for Sunday!  She passed her interview and told us how excited she was!!  Such good stuff!  Another busy day!  Elder Elsmore and I got our moves call at night, too!  Elder Elsmore will be going down to Glasgow to serve with my MTC companion, Elder Kroes, as the District Leader there!  I will be staying here in The Deen, and will be receiving a new companion named Elder Carlile from Ohio as the District Leader here!  The ZL's told me I will probably be here for two more transfers, and they want me to learn as much as I can from Elder C so that after the Deen, I can get into leadership, that's pretty good!  I am excited to meet him, and learn, and work hard!

Sunday:  Today was the day!!  The Shetland Elders came down because Elder Rich is going to Ireland, and we all went to church.  We had a great Fast Sunday.  I got up and bore my testimony again, something you would have never seen from me before back home haha.  Don't worry.  I will probably get up every time after my mission and say something! We had a few of our friends at church with us, and after church, it was time for Pearl's baptism!!  Everything went so well.  Elder Elsmore and I were able to give talks, and ah man the Spirit was so strong.  I don't have anymore time, but it was such a great day and experience!  I am so proud of Pearl and her choice she has made, and am so blessed to have been able to get her to that point!  I will continue to teach her, as she has so much more to learn, but it was well good!  After church, a few more lessons, and packing began for Elder E.
I only have eight more minutes, so no time at all, but this week was incredible!  I am staying here in Aberdeen, so if you would like please send me letters to the same flat address! ALSO, A sister in the Aberdeen ward wants you guys to send your packages to her flat so I can get them straight away instead of waiting for weeks at the mission home.  SO please, send them to her.  I would really really appreciate them!  Her address is:

72 Castleton Court
AB16  5DN

Okay, I literally have no time at all and need to email President!  I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Have such a great week!  God is good, I love him so much.  He has changed me into the person I always wanted to become, and keeps changing me every day. I cant wait for my new comp. I am excited for these next 6 weeks, BYE! :)

Elder Copeland