Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 14 - November 7, 2016

Hiya, everyone!

It was good to hear from you all.  I hope you guys had a great week!  Hopefully, it isn't too cold there yet because it is absolutely freezing here, and I will say without a doubt in my mind, that I have never been more cold in my life than here haha.  This week was a blessing.  We were blessed to teach 25 lessons this week!  That is an all time high for Elder Elsmore and for this area on the mission!  SO many miracles!  Wow, I really did feel the Lord's hand in our work this week and know that he will continue to bless me as I stay obedient and work as hard as I can! 

We, also, were blessed to be able to have Pearl Forbes Baptism!  My first baptism!  AHH, it was well good, eh! 

I will go through this week the best I can, but just know it was pretty crazy and hectic too! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting today.  The APs came down to teach our district, and it was really good!  AP Crowe told me I was a beast of a missionary and that he expects great things from me in the future.  That was pretty exciting to hear it from him, he is a stud. After District Meeting, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  I got to go with Elder Peterson and we went into his area.  We were able to teach some of his investigators.  We taught a guy from Nigeria named Gift, another girl from Nigeria named Patience, and her son Sam, and then we taught two recent converts in his ward named Mary and then Joanna.  Lots of good lessons with his people.  We had a really good time.  Elder Peterson is a good guy from Idaho, I love him a lot, he is a great missionary.  Other than that, just some more GQ'ing, not much more to it, the work goes on!

Wednesday:  I was back with Elder Elsmore.  We had a pretty packed day.  We taught five lessons, four to investigators, and one to Robert, who we are helping to quit smoking and come back to church.  It is so bad how many people smoke here in Scotland.  My theory is that God makes this place rain so much to keep clearing the air out.  By the end of my mission, I will probably have secondhand smoking, man it is so bad!   A really good day, though!  Just busy!

Thursday:  Again, another packed day of lessons haha!  We taught six lessons, five with new investigators, and one with recent convert, David!  We had some really solid lessons. Elder Elsmore and I have perfected teaching with each other and through the Spirit.  It is great!  I love drawing little pictures throughout the lessons of The Restoration, or The Plan Of Salvation!  Good Crack, eh?!

Friday:  Today didn't feel as busy as the others, but it still was.  We had five lessons, three with investigators, and two others.  We taught John Howard, a good time as always haha, and then we taught Vicky as well.  She is doing really well.  We just read and explain to her the Isaiah Chapters of 2 Nephi, good stuff.  I love getting deep into the scriptures and picking them apart and really learning a lot about them!  I just love learning more and more knowledge about the BOM and the church, only testifies to me more of its truth! 

Saturday:  More lessons!  We were able to teach some of our friends (Investigators.  They like us to call them our friends instead) and also went over to Pearl's home.  We had her baptismal interview to make sure she was ready for Sunday!  She passed her interview and told us how excited she was!!  Such good stuff!  Another busy day!  Elder Elsmore and I got our moves call at night, too!  Elder Elsmore will be going down to Glasgow to serve with my MTC companion, Elder Kroes, as the District Leader there!  I will be staying here in The Deen, and will be receiving a new companion named Elder Carlile from Ohio as the District Leader here!  The ZL's told me I will probably be here for two more transfers, and they want me to learn as much as I can from Elder C so that after the Deen, I can get into leadership, that's pretty good!  I am excited to meet him, and learn, and work hard!

Sunday:  Today was the day!!  The Shetland Elders came down because Elder Rich is going to Ireland, and we all went to church.  We had a great Fast Sunday.  I got up and bore my testimony again, something you would have never seen from me before back home haha.  Don't worry.  I will probably get up every time after my mission and say something! We had a few of our friends at church with us, and after church, it was time for Pearl's baptism!!  Everything went so well.  Elder Elsmore and I were able to give talks, and ah man the Spirit was so strong.  I don't have anymore time, but it was such a great day and experience!  I am so proud of Pearl and her choice she has made, and am so blessed to have been able to get her to that point!  I will continue to teach her, as she has so much more to learn, but it was well good!  After church, a few more lessons, and packing began for Elder E.
I only have eight more minutes, so no time at all, but this week was incredible!  I am staying here in Aberdeen, so if you would like please send me letters to the same flat address! ALSO, A sister in the Aberdeen ward wants you guys to send your packages to her flat so I can get them straight away instead of waiting for weeks at the mission home.  SO please, send them to her.  I would really really appreciate them!  Her address is:

72 Castleton Court
AB16  5DN

Okay, I literally have no time at all and need to email President!  I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Have such a great week!  God is good, I love him so much.  He has changed me into the person I always wanted to become, and keeps changing me every day. I cant wait for my new comp. I am excited for these next 6 weeks, BYE! :)

Elder Copeland

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