Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15 - November 14, 2016

Wow! I can't believe my 2nd transfer is already over! 

Only 15 more to go haha!  A transfer is normally 6 weeks, but this next one is only going to be 5!  Hopefully I don't get moved, because it would be the week before Christmas!  This week was really good, It was pretty busy as well.  The weather is getting really cold.  I thought I knew cold before my mission, but I didn't know Scotland cold.  Going out in the morning is the worst because by the time we get somewhere, I can't feel my face or hands haha!  

Elder Carlisle is a really cool guy.  He is from Ohio and played basketball and track back home.  He has been out for almost a year and is the new District Leader here.  We are getting along great!  I already love him :) I 'll go through my week now.  I forgot my planner, so this is all off the top of my head and I don't remember everything, so I apologize!  

Tuesday:  Today was hectic!  I said goodbye to Elder Elsmore.  He is a great guy and I love him, I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to have him as my trainer.  He is gonna kill it in Glasgow, and I will see him again!  I was with the Shetland Elders for the rest of the day, just running around the city, showing them where to buy things since they have no stores haha.  Elder Carlisle got in later in the day, and we picked him up and went back to our flat so he could unpack.  We then had Ward Coordination and dinner

Wednesday:  We had the Shetland Elders stay over again.  They didn't leave until late in the night.  But we just ran around the city getting Elder Carlisle all the things he needs for this area, and we had no food so we went grocery shopping.  A few lessons with some Rc's and La's, nothing big.

Thursday:  Elder Carlisle and I had a few lessons, got him more familiar with the area and with our investigators!  He is a really great teacher.  He is way more organized than me.  I had already given out two Book of Mormons and he just kept pulling more out for me to give.  It was pretty funny haha.  Just another busy, cold day!

Friday:  Just a lot of lessons and freezing cold weather!  I can't remember much more than that.  Sorry, I have never forgotten my planner before!

Saturday:  Lots more lessons, same old same old.  Hard work, long days. 

Sunday:  We were able to have three investigators at church with us!  They are all Chinese and we have a Chinese speaker in the ward, so it was well good!  One of them named Ke, I don't know if I have talked about her before, should be getting baptized in two weeks as long as everything goes to plan, so I am pumped!  We have been working with her forever!  I wish I could just speak to them in their language.  They understand English, but not very well.  Aberdeen is a melting pot because of the University here! 

Monday:  We made plans with Zsolt on Sunday.  He picked us up in the morning and we headed out of the city to the countryside!  We stopped a few times to take pictures with cows and the view, and then we walked a wee bit to Craigievar Castle!  You guys can look up the history to it.  It was pretty awesome haha, a pink flippen castle!  I took a ton of pictures, I'll send them all! 

A really good week!  Elder Carlisle and I are getting along well!  I am excited for the progress for our investigators.  Everyone and there cow (Or coo as they call them here) was talking to us about Trump.  We actually got a message from the Ap's to not talk to anyone about politics because apparently there is a lot of anti-Trump stuff going on here.  He built a golf course instead of wind turbines out in the middle of no where, and they hate that.  Oh well.  We either get yelled at for being Mormons or Americans, life goes on!  Things are great, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so hopefully someone will have us over for dinner that day.  I hope you all had an incredible week!  I will keep working hard, and be obedient.  I can't believe how fast time is flying by.  Talk to you all soon. :)

-Elder Copeland 

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