Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 16 - November 21, 2016

Hiya, guys! How are you all doing?

This week was brutally cold!  Flip, I can't believe how cold this country is.  I swear, these people think that smoking will warm up their insides, because there is so much smoke in the air, by the time my mission is over I probably will have second hand smoking, but, it's worth it hah!  This week was alright.  It was a tough one to be honest, but I am glad that I got through it and am looking forward to this next week!  I'll go through my week now.

Tuesday: Today was pretty good, we had a few lessons all over the city.  Just helping out less actives, being a friend to them, helping them with their needs and concerns, and trying to get them back to church!  Also some more lessons with investigators, same thing as usual.  We had Ward Coordination, too.  We are trying to get more motivation in the ward to help us out!

Wednesday: Today we hopped on the train and went over to Inverurie!
It's a nice town with a pretty big city center that is in our area; actually, our area is massive!

We just don't ever leave the Uni because it is so good for GQ'ing.  But we got to go do some service for a member.  We dug out trenches and put in wood stakes and a big fence for chickens.  It was good to get out of the city and do some service for someone who needed it!  After that, we just stayed in Inverurie trying to track down Less actives and GQ a little bit! About six other Elders came and crashed our flat for the night, for tomorrow.  It was fun to hear how they all are doing.

Thursday: Today was Z.I.T!!!  It was so good!  The A.P's work flippen hard, but hadn't assigned the devotional talks yet.  They assigned Elder C and I to give the Devotional in the morning off a really great talk!  We literally had no time to even look over it, but we hurried and made something work and got up there in front of the whole Zone and talked for about 20 minutes, surprisingly it went well!  As a missionary, you get pretty good at just going by the Spirit and that is exactly what we did.  But it was great to see some friends, learn a lot of new things we are going to do for the holiday season, and get to talk to President.  I say it every time, but that man is one of the most incredible guys I have ever met in my life.  I wouldn't be surprised if he became an Apostle one day, so powerful.  It was a really great time, and afterwards we were able to have a few more lessons and call it a night.  The Invergordan Elders stayed over at our place for another night.

Friday:  Today was Z.L.C!  All of the District Leaders in the Aberdeen Zone headed over to the church for more instructions!  And of course, being a DL's comp, I went to it.  I've been to a few already. There was a lot of good instructions for the DL's and I learned how to lead a lot better, if one day I do become a DL!  Other than that, just more lessons!

Saturday:  Just a bunch of lessons with Rc's, La's, and investigators!  I got the Thanksgiving package that you made for me, Mom and Jenna.  Thank you so much!!!  It was good to get some Gatorade, I flippen missed it!  Not much more happened today that I can remember!  Time blurs together week after week.

  Today was a tough one.  We were suppose to have five investigators at church, and, zero showed up.  Man, it is frustrating.. Everything is good, just gotta work even harder this week and make sure we get our people with dates in December at church!  Not much more I can remember.  Just a tough day, but that's alright, we all get them once in a while!

So that was my week the best I can remember! The Church has set up this Christmas Initiate for the missionaries to spread around.  We got new little Christmas pass along cards too they are sweet, here is the website from the church too:

I encourage you all to try and send this website to friends and family who are not part of the church!  Aberdeen has been really good, people seem to be happy, there hasn't been too much rain, and everyone is use to the cold so its alright, well except me, I cant feel my face or hands.  I hope you all have a great week and happy early Thanksgiving!  They don't celebrate it here, hopefully we get fed on that night, but if we don't no worries.  I'll get to have one in two years no biggie :)  I love you guys.  Thank you so much for your continued support and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Elder Cope

(Elder Carlisle and I found an AMERICAN MUSTANG, ahh its well good!  I have so much pride in America here hahaha, it's so much better.)

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