Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 69 - November 27, 2917

Sixteen Months!

Time continues to pick up faster and faster.  This week was well good!  We saw a lot of miracles that will really help us progress our friends towards baptism in December.

Tuesday:  We had a District Cluster where our Zone gathered to talk about what we can do for December to see miracles.  President and Sister Donaldson led the meeting, and it was great.  They talked a lot about how far this mission has progressed since they first got here, and really how many miracles we have seen.  I love them so much.  After the meeting, we met with a member to discuss the needs of our Chinese RC's and how we may continue to help them  progress in the gospel while they are here.  Later on, we GQ'd and prepared Mai's baptism!  It was amazing!  What a blessing it has been to find and teach her.  She was so prepared.  She loved her baptism, and Yvonne gave a great talk about her own baptism and how much she has learned as well.  Thankful for them!  In the evening, we had ward coordination. 

Wednesday:  We were on exchanges today, I was with Elder Worley.  He is a professional piano player, which is pretty cool!  We had a lot of new lessons today.  We taught Karen from Mexico, who was a pretty hard core Catholic, lesson was alright, but she wasn't willing to try and read the Book Of Mormon.  Then we taught James, who I had taught a while ago with Elder Carter, but he brought his friend from Hong Kong, who was a basher... Ended that quickly.  Then we taught a guy named Nanak who is Muslim, who was willing to read the Book Of Mormon, but doesn't want to convert to Christianity at all.  In the evening, we had to go up to Sterling and grab the Elders.  They had some weird stuff going on up there.. haha. 

Thursday:  Thanksgiving!  We GQ'd the entire day, but in the evening all the missionaries went over to the mission home and had a thanksgiving dinner with President and Sister Donaldson and the mission staff.  Ahh, it was amazing! I'm thankful for their love and support to all of us missionaries, and it's great being in Edinburgh for the holidays!  I missed you all!

Friday:  We had ZLC in the morning, discussed the needs for our teams and investigators, and then were out.  We taught a new guy named Joe from China.  He is a Christian already but had lots of questions about the Bible and baptism.  We helped him learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he accepted to being baptized in December!  We, also, taught Krystal again.  She is doing alright, slowly progressing, but we are working with her.  In the evening, we were all invited over to Bishop's to have another Thanksgiving dinner haha!  It was amazing!

Saturday:  We were on exchanges with the Livingston Elders!  I was with a brand new elder named Elder Rothelsburger from Arizona.  We GQ'd most of the day but also taught RC Imogen and then Mai in the evening and got some dinner with her.  It was fun to show him the ropes a wee bit and remember my early exchanges.

Sunday:  We had Mai's confirmation, as well as Joe, Krystal, and a new friend named Wei at church!  It was a good Sunday and afterwards we GQ'd, planned, and taught Wei a bit more! 

All in all a great week.  We are excited to continue to help our friends progress this week ahead.  I am thankful to be here in Edinburgh with Elder Huang.  I love him so much.  We are talking about our Asia tour in 2019 and planning it out haha.  I hope you all have a great week and stay warm!

Elder Copeland 

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