Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 66 - November 6, 2017

Dear Family,

I am so sorry I ran out of time today.  We have been really busy.  This week was busy as ever.  

Last Monday, we went to a beach, and played Frisbee and got cool pics on the coast. 

Tuesday:  We woke up, and our water was leaking in the flat beneath again... We tried calling the landlord, the plummer, and even an emergency number.. Nothing.  The people that lived all below us were raging again at us even though there was nothing we could do.  One guy even called me useless as I explained I can't do any more.  I told him to learn some respect, I wasn't in the best mood aha.  But we did have a great District Meeting.  President Donaldson came along and gave some great counsel to all of us.  We GQ'd for the day, and in the evening we got to go over to the other missionaries and spend our Halloween eating pizza and playing cards! 

Wednesday:  We were called by the mission home that we were moving out of the flat, and temporarily, until we get a new flat, staying at the mission home, in the bunker (big room of bunk beds) haha.  

We taught loads of lessons. Vivian, a new guy named Chen Wei, Yvonne, Debbie, and Sherry.  In the evening, we had ward coordination! 

Thursday:  GQ'd most of the day.  In the evening, I got to teach a new guy named Ahmed with Elder Carter and he is way solid.  He is only 17 and from Egypt, but he loved hearing about the Godhead and how he can connect more with God.

Friday:  We went to Brother Thompson's and did some gardening service.  I climbed a big ladder and cut down some branches, and we had lunch with him.  We also taught Mai again who is doing well.  We hope she can be baptized soon. It's just a slow learning process with the language barrier, google translate comes in clutch though.  We also met Ivy in the evening.  She is doing pretty well, and finally taught Viola.  We have invested so much time into teaching her, and now I hope she can make the decision to be baptized.

Saturday:  We had lunch with Yvonne's friend, Jia Yin, who could be really solid!  We are going to see her again this week.  We also taught a new guy named Connor, pretty good, and in the evening we taught Vivian again.  Had dinner with the other missionaries and went back to the mission home. 

Sunday:  We had planned on four of our friends being there but only two made it, Mai and Chen Wei.  Both of them loved it!  We planned and packed a bit more later on and in the evening it was bonfire night, so we were in the flat again with the missionaries and had food and chilled. 

Today, we went to a big Reservoir with all the missionaries and Elder Carter and I took our 10 Pound Poles.  On my second cast out, I caught an 18-inch Rainbow Trout, LES GOO.  We cleaned it up and are gonna eat it later on.  

Lots of other fun stuff, but I really don't have any time.  I'm sorry.  I am glad you are all well though and hope you have a great week ahead.  I love you!  Elder Copeland 

OH!  This week is moves call as well, no clue what will happen, but we will see! 

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