Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 71 - December 11, 2017


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO BRIG AND SAM, I love you brothers.  Can't wait to hit BF2 with you hahah. 

We have had a week of miracles here in Edinburgh!  I am excited to go through it all with you!  I don't have a load of time today, though, because we are going to pick up my Kilt, let's goo! 

Monday:  We were able to celebrate Elder Wang and Sherry's birthday by climbing Calton Hill and getting dinner! Cimmie from Glasgow came down and visited as well.  I took some pictures.  We helped set up for All Scotland in the evening.

Tuesday:  All Scotland Christmas was amazing!!  We watched Moana, did some Book of Mormon skits, and played Minute to Win it games!  It was great seeing all of my friends and companions.  Grateful to be a missionary at this time of the year.
Wednesday:  We got lunch with Debbie and taught her.  She is going on holiday then back to China in January, so this might have been the last time I see her.  We GQ'd then taught Meng Yu as well.  She is okay, just so busy with exams!  In the evening, we got dinner with Elder Wang.

Thursday:  We went over and did some service for Brother Thompson and had lunch with him.  Then we taught Joe, and it was amazing.  He opened up to us about how he had begun to doubt if there was a God when he moved here, but then he met me at the uni and knew it was a sign from God.  He said that he has been praying and had quit smoking since he met us because he felt like
 it was the right thing to do.  He said that he wanted to be baptized and come closer to God! WOW!  We taught Andy, as well, who is busy with studies, and then in the evening had dinner with Wei and taught her. She also said that she had never known if there was a God until she met us and felt the light of Christ from our message and also wants to be baptized.  Truly a time of miracles in my life.

Friday:  We were able to GQ most of the day and met with a new girl named Hathaway, who could be really solid once her exams are through in the coming weeks!  I found 20£ on the ground while we were GQ'ing as well, FLIP!! 

Saturday:  We cleaned the chapel in the morning, and then went and had Joe's baptismal interview, all went well. Then we taught Gus, Sherry, Shirley, and a new guy named Charlton.  In the evening, we had Wei's baptismal interview and she passed as well.  They are both excited for this week! We had dinner with Meggie from China to finish up the busy day.

Sunday:  We were able to have Gus, Joe, and Wei come to church with us, and afterwards we GQ'd and did some planning for this week ahead.  It's getting really cold over here, frost is all over the ground for most of the day.  It might snow this week ahead, too! 

It has been miracle after miracle here in Edinburgh, this week I pray everything will go well.  This Saturday is also moves call and there is a good chance at least one of us could move.  I love Edinburgh, but I am always excited for new opportunities to go where the Lord wants me.  I love you all and I love this gospel.  Have a great week!  Go see Star Wars for me and send me the tickets and pictures and I will cry haha.  Love, Elder Copeland

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