Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 72 - December 18, 2017

I love(d) the Burgh!

Well, fam it's been a busy week and I will be heading off soon, so it's gonna have to be a short email!  What a week though, woww!

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting and discussed about the four baptisms we had planned as a district this week.  There have been so many miracles for all the missionaries every single day here!  We went and taught Gus afterwards who is doing well.  Gq'd some more and then saw Ray and Meng Yu in the evening. 

Wednesday:  We Gq'd most of the day.  We got to drive out to Livingston to interview an old Scottish man named John.  It was hilarious!  His interview went well, and he was baptized on Sunday!  We went back and Gq'd some more. 

Thursday:  We GQ'd in the morning and met a new girl named Yuki.  In the evening, we met up with Wei and Joe and walked to the church.  We had their baptisms as well as the Edinburgh sisters had their friend Tundi!  I was able to baptize all three of them and I couldn't help but cry.  I was filled with so much gratitude for all of them.


It was an amazing experience, and we were able to have President and Sister Donaldson attend as well.  Afterwards, we had Ward Coordination 

Friday:  Cimmie came down and spent some time with us. It was good to see her!  We, also, took Mai to the train station and said goodbye.  She is heading home to Japan.  In the evening, we Gq'd and had dinner with Rhiannon from Glasgow as well, who came down.

Saturday:  We Gq'd and then Moves call!  I have been called to serve as a Zone Leader back in ABERDEEN with Elder Swenson.  I am pumped!  I am sad to be leaving Edinburgh, but I am excited for this opportunity. 

Sunday:  We were able to have the confirmations of Wei and Joe, as well as Gus coming to church.  Afterwards, we went around and said goodbye to everyone.  I'll miss all of the friends I have made here.   They helped me progress on my mission far beyond what I imagined. 

Well, I am excited to talk to you all next week.  I forget it's Christmas since we have been so busy.  I love you all and appreciate you and hope you stay warm and safe!

Love, Elder Copeland 

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