Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week 92 - May 7, 2018

Hiya, fam! 

Loads of miracles this week, and of course, not a lot of time! ;) 

Tuesday:  District Meetings, I was able to go to Airdrie district and share more about making and following up with commitments with our investigators.  Until someone commits, they will not receive an answer!  After DM, we met up with Emmanuel and talked more about the temples.  He wants to go to the temple as soon as possible and do the work for his grandparents!  After Emmanuel, we taught a new guy named Jeremy, who is an absolute legend.  He is here from China just doing some English classes before September when he starts uni at Glasgow.  Man, he is so golden.. but NOT ENOUGH TIME :/  I'll talk more about him later on.  In the evening, we taught Lynn more.

Wednesday:  We taught Lynn in the morning, and then for lunch met up with Mannie!  He is a legend, doing well as always, preparing for the temple soon.  After Mannie, we taught a new girl named Tochukw, and she is pretty solid! Right now, she has exams though, so she said this coming week she would have more time once she is finished with that.  Later on, we went over to Solomon's and he made us dinner.

Thursday:  Today was a Chinese training day here in Glasgow.  The Assistants and all Chinese missionaries blitzed the city and just tried to GQ and teach as much as they could in Chinese.  We were able to teach Jeremy, Lynn, and Daniel with different Elders to give them a chance to teach!  In the evening, we met with the Stake President and had a discussion about missionary work going forward in the Glasgow Stake for 2018. 

Friday:  MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU.  We took a pic with these people dressed up for Star Wars day.  We were on exchanges with Airdire.

In the morning, we had to go get our car looked at.  It has a dent on the front, don't worry it wasn't from me!  Afterwards, we taught Rafael who came to church! Emmanuel had his baptismal interview, as well, and passed. He is good to go!  In the evening, Elder Huang and I went over to Peter's and he made us dinner.  It was great spending time with his family, I love them so much.  

After Peter, Elder Huang and I taught a new guy named Ray from Macau who could be really solid after his exams. 

Saturday:  We taught Jeremy in the morning.  We literally had taught him everything in a week and he was so prepared, but he left Sunday to go back to China.  He was willing to be baptized, but we knew that we couldn't rush his baptism that quickly, without him even coming to church.  It wouldn't be the best thing to do.  We put our trust in the Lord, and Jeremy promised when he returns in September here he will meet with the missionaries, come to church, and be baptized.  What a cool guy.  The seed has been planted!  We GQ'd a bit and then went and taught Solomon again and had to throw down.  We went through all the interview questions and he had no problems with it this time, except coffee. Come on.. So while I was teaching Solomon, Elder Bain went into his kitchen and stole all of his coffee and tea HAHH!  It was so funny.  We got into the car afterwards, and he opened his bag and we both started laughing hard.  Solomon called later on laughing as well.  He is a champ, just needs to be humble and get baptized!  

In the evening, we met up with Lynn. 

Sunday:  We were able to have three friends at church, Lynn, Emmanuel, and a lady named Norra!  Emmanuel is already so well integrated and the ward is excited for his baptism.  After church, we had some lessons fall through, but we were able to go meet Grandma and Grandpa and have lunch with them!  It was so cool seeing them.  I didn't feel nervous or scared or anything.  It felt natural to be back with family and just talking to them was so normal!  Made me happy to see everyone doing well. :)

Well, that was really quick.  I'm sorry!  I hope you all have a great week, and I will be able to talk to you more next Sunday for Mothers' day on Skype, woo!! I love you all!  Elder Copeland

(All the free Lucozades Elder Copeland and his companion got.)

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