Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 94 - May 21, 2018

Twenty-Two Months!

This week was great and went by too quickly!  They all seem to at this point, as well.  I hit 22 months this week, and I can officially say I am an old missionary haha.  This week was busy though, and we saw some serious miracles. 

Tuesday:  We had Scotland South, it was good.  We talked a lot about helping this mission hit the potential it has, and going forward as President McDonald comes in.  To be honest, I leave with President Donaldson, which made it kind of hard to focus on going forward, as I won't be here!  But I gave my advice for the younger missionaries, and Elder Bain and I were able to instruct more about how to GQ and set up qualified appointments.  After SS, we went over to Anne's for dinner and Elder Bain, Huang, and I wore our kilts and took some pretty class photos! 


Wednesday:  We had our interviews with President and Sister Donaldson in the morning.  I can't say it enough how much I truly appreciate and love those two.  They are everything I strive to become with my wife one day, and they have given me amazing advice throughout my mission. The interview went well, and afterwards we got out in the sun and GQ'd.  In the evening, we went over to Cumbernauld and helped a man with the Cumbernauld Sisters do a service project.  We made a fence in a woman's backyard, and it was a lot of fun.  I wish we had the chance to do more service here. 

Thursday:  In the morning, we went over to the hospital to meet up with Bir.  For his PHD project, he is doing a carb diet test and I volunteered Elder Bain and me, and Elder Berry wanted to help as well.  For helping, we each got 10£.  He took our weights, heights, measurements, talked about what we ate, and he took our blood!  Elder Bain was flippen out getting his blood drawn, so that was fun to watch, but I realized that what I eat is pretty rubbish at this point on my mission as well, so I need to be better! 

After all of that, we taught a new Italian girl who is Catholic, and isn't really too interested in coming closer to God.  She said maybe when she is older she will think about it.  Afterwards, we GQ'd and taught Lynn in the evening more. She is doing really well, feeling the Spirit, and excited for her baptism!

Friday:  In the morning, we went to take our car in because it has some dents on the hood from before Elder Bain and I got it.  We got to the car shop and they said it will be a few days before they can fix it.  They gave us a wee rental car which is hilarious, it's as big as a bicycle, no joke.  We had fun whippen it around, only problem, there is no Sat/Nav... and the road signs in the UK are complete rubbish.... we were lost for a few hours, until we found ourselves back in Glasgow.  Whoops.  After, we figured all of that out though we were able to teach a new Thai girl named Oil.  She could be solid!  Only problem is she is in Edinburgh during the week, and in Glasgow only on the weekends, so we are trying to get her to meet missionaries in Burg as well to progress her more.  After Oil, we taught Ray again, and wow his whole countenance had changed!  After I told him to humble himself and threw down a bit, he came ready to learn and try what we shared.  He actually is a really nice guy, just has a lot of stress from school, but we are going to help him! 

Saturday:  We went out GQ'ing in the morning, and later on we taught a new Chinese girl named Carys, who could be pretty solid!  But she struggles to wake up earlier then 11, sounds like me back home.. so she missed church.  We hopefully see her this week and set some alarms on her phone.  After Carys, we went and had dinner with Lynn, and she had her baptismal interview, and passed!  After Lynn, we went and saw Daniel as well and prepared him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Lynn, Ray, and a new happy clappy girl named Mary come with us to church!  Elder Bain forgot he had a talk, but he used an older talk he wrote on Repentance for the ward which was something I guess we all need. :) After church, we GQ'd the rest of the day. 

This week we are excited for Lynn's baptism.  Please pray that all will go well for her and that she can be comforted by the Holy Ghost in knowing this is the right decision.  We might be going to Edinburgh again this week as well for a missionary special concert?!  I will let you know next week ;)  I love you all and hope you enjoy the sun and good weather back home. 🍀  Elder Copeland
 Elder Copeland stated:  "Yvonne made it to the temple for the 2nd time this week, as well.  So proud of the progress she is making in the Gospel!" ​

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