Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 93 - May 14, 2018

Happy Mothers' Day!

Hiya, fam.  It was great seeing you yesterday.  That is my last Skype call.  The next time I see you is in person :) Everything is ending so quickly!  What a bittersweet feeling.

Tuesday:  Today we went to the city District Meeting and did some role plays on how to GQ someone and ask inspired questions.  After DM, Elder Bain and I got out and GQ'd a load, and had a lesson with a young Brazilian couple, Bianca and Max!  They could be really solid.  We hopefully see them again this week/  They come from a Catholic background, but we were able to give them a Portuguese Book of Mormon, which my grandma brought over, and they loved it!  In the evening, we went to Ward Coordination and planned our baptism.

Wednesday:  We GQ'd in the morning and then had lunch with Bir.  What a good guy.  This week, I am going to get some blood drawn to help with one of his PhD projects.  That'll be interesting.  After lunch, we got out and GQ'd more! There were some E-MOVES happening in some of the Zones, and we had to drive missionaries around quite a lot, but after all of that, we taught Emmanuel in the evening and went through everything for his baptism. 

Thursday:  We set up Emmanuel's baptism in the morning, and then went out and GQ'd.  We Found the entire day, and in the evening, we had the baptismal service!  Bishop Campbell was able to baptize Emmanuel and it was a great experience for him.  He was feeling the Spirit and couldn't stop smiling!  I am grateful for his willingness to follow the Savior and am excited for his future in the gospel!
Friday:  Today was a full day of finding.  The weather was amazing!  We got a load of phone numbers.  We just have to wait until all of the students' exams are over to meet up with them. 

Saturday:  We were on exchanges with the Motherwell Elders.  I was with Elder Muller.  We had a busy day!  We GQ'd in the morning, and then had lunch with an Investigator from Cumbernauld who is pals with Elder Bain.  He is an older guy and a Mason.  Pretty cool stuff!  He hooked us up with five guys!  After lunch, we were able to teach Shona.  Her argument was that you do not base a testimony or answers from God or the Spirit, but on logic.  We read out loud four different stories from the Bible about how the Spirit teaches, and she had nothing.  I invited her to humble herself, and if she wants to know if this is true, to allow the Spirit to touch her heart.  Later on, we GQ'd, saw Daniel, and saw Lynn!  Both are well, just busy with exams until later on in this coming week. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Shona, John, and Maira at church with us!  Emmanuel was able to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost as well, and he and Daniel had their priesthood interviews, and will be receiving the Aaronic priesthood next Sunday!  After church, we taught a new lady named Mary from Nigeria, but she is pretty Born Again, and wouldn't accept a Book of Mormon.   Ah well!  Later on, we GQ'd until we got to Skype!  I love you all!

That was my week--very quickly.  This week is going to be well busy.  We are just trying to stay on top of everyone and make sure that we can help them to be baptized soon.  Have a great week and enjoy the warm weather back home! :D 
Elder Copeland

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