Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 90 - April 23, 2018

Twenty-one Months!

Hiya, fam.  This week was pretty busy and not as much missionary work was done because of moves, but there were some miracles!  I, also, hit 21 months this week, flippen flyin!  

Tuesday:  Today we had some time to just get out and GQ and start re-building our teaching pool!  All the students have their exams this week, so they're pretty focused, but we got some numbers!  In the evening, we had a baptismal interview for the Sisters' friend named Axl, as well as having Ward Coordination. 

Wednesday:  We prepared our MLC presentation and GQ'd! We taught Rafael who is doing well, but well busy with all of his exam prep.  We, also, were able to teach Daniel.  It was amazing!  The Gift of the Holy Ghost was so prominent, he was asking even more inspired questions and had a light in him that I hadn't seen before.  Such a good experience! 

Daniels Baptismal Calendar :)) They work ! 

Thursday:  We drove to Edinburgh in the morning and had our MLC for almost the whole day.  It was amazing!  President Donaldson is truly inspired, I can't say that enough. He is so connected with heaven and can call and direct his messages through the Spirit to each missionary in a unique way.  It was good to see some friends from around the mission as well.  

 Elder Copeland wrote:  "Mission Leadership Conference, All of my mission Posterity from my Son Elder Bradley, and Elder Baake from Germany who knows Scotty!" 

After MLC, we drove back to Glasgow and witnessed Axl's baptism!  

Friday:  In the morning, we drove over to Solomon's home and had a bit of an intense lesson aha.  We have taught him everything to prepare for baptism, and he really just needs to take that step of faith and move from the Catholic Church to the church of Jesus Christ, but he thinks he hasn't received an answer yet from God.  We showed love as well as how we feel and what we want him to do, which are the basics, read the Book of Mormon each day, pray for an answer each night, and attend church with us when he can!  After Solomon, we GQ'd for the rest of the day. 

Saturday:  In the morning, we had our ZLC for Glasgow.  It went really well.  We worked with the District Leaders on what we want to see this transfer and had some instructions and role-plays!  After ZLC, we went over and did some service for a family and helped move them into their new home.  The rest of the day we GQ'd! 

Sunday:  We were able to have a new friend named Lawrence attend church with us.  I don't know how much he took from it, we will see!  Afterwards, we went out and GQ'd, in the evening.  We met with a Chinese girl named Lynn I had found the other day.  She is SOLID.  She was loving the Godhead and Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepted a date to be baptized in a few weeks!  Hopefully we will see her quite a lot and teach her everything, and she will act on the promptings of the Spirit. 

This week ahead we are excited to start the transfer off with a lot of finding and building our teaching pool.  We have some lessons today that we hope will go well.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us, and knows everything we are going through, and is ready to pick us up where we fall short. 😇

Love, Elder Copeland

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