Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 87 - April 2, 2018


Hiya, fam!  I hope you had a Happy Easter and are enjoying Hawaii!  This week was really just your normal missionary routine, but I'll go through the days :)

Tuesday:  We started off with something a little different than District Meetings.  We had a Zone Training Day.  We were able to present our Zone with some training tips and do a lot of role-plays to help our missionaries master the basics of PMG!  

After ZTD, we GQ'd quite a lot, and in the afternoon, Elder Huang and I visited Peter's family.  They doing well as always, I love them so much.  In the evening, we drove down to Edinburgh.

Wednesday:  Today we were on exchanges with the Assistants.  I was with Elder Grant, like old times!  We GQ'd a lot, and I got to see Yvonne and Imogen.  They're both the best :))  We also taught two of Elder Grant's friends--Carrie and Shevon.  It was a good day! 

Thursday:  In the morning, we went over to Soloman's.  We had a pretty deep discussion about authority, and he ordered us some pizza afterwards.  The man is just amazing in every aspect of his life.  He needs to be baptized already!  After Soloman, we GQ'd a lot.  Not many people wanted to talk. Later on, we had a lesson with Shona.  She has no reason not to be baptized, but she just likes her city church, fair enough!  We can only offer the restored gospel, it's up to them to accept it.  In the evening, we taught Daniel who is progressing well.  He is learning from the Jehovah's Witnesses as well, we will have to sort that out haha. 

Friday:  Today we were on exchanges with Motherwell, and I was with Elder Baake from Germany.  We were able to GQ most of the day and meet with Bir!  Ahh!  I missed him.  He is doing well but so busy with his PHD.  Hopefully we see him again this week.  We were going to drop off the Motherwell Elders in the evening, and we drove by a Catholic service going for Good Friday, so we thought we would check it out. and ah, it was terrifying.  Very ritualistic and a lot of repetition of people following the priest.  We only stayed for a minute, but on the way out, I grabbed some stuff from a table that said "free," like programs and a pamphlet, and the priest stops his service, yells, "EXCUSE ME," and walks over to me.  He asks why did we come in.  I say to listen to the service and see the building, and he asks me to give back his flippen materials.  I give him a bit of cheek though ;)  I ask him, "Oh, are they not free?"  But then he replies, "No!" and grabs them out of my hand.  Ahhh wow!  I was boiling, but I walked out laughing, can't even get a picture of the Savior from the Catholics for free.  We taught Daniel afterwards.

Saturday:  We drove over to Soloman's in the morning to start a fast with him to know if he should be baptized in the next week.  Afterwards, our lessons fell through so it was out GQ'ing!  I think I am being tested on my patience because we are posted up on Buchanan Street and... I get into a huge bash with another Catholic, calling me manipulative, cult, of the devil, etc. etc.  I asked him to explain to me some of his church's doctrine and he couldn't.  Classic.  But ah well.  The evening was great.  We headed over to the church and heard from the Prophet for Conference, I needed it :)

Sunday:  Conference all day, and I loved it!  The changes are inspired and I know we are led by the Savior in these decisions.  I am excited to see these changes implemented as well when I come home.  In the evening, Soloman had us over for some African food.  This man is too good! 

He gave a fire sermon to us about Easter and honestly I look up to him.  He didn't answer our question if he received an answer to be baptized or not yet, however.  We will see him loads this week! 

I hope this week that we may find some new people to teach! Please pray for Daniel and Soloman, as they are looking to be baptized next week. I love you all ! 😇  Elder Copeland

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