Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 86 - March 26, 2018

Twenty Months!

Hiya, fam!  We had a really busy week.  I can't believe I hit 20 months.  I am an old missionary now..   and I am just trying to keep up with the emailing today, to be honest haha.  We have some fun P-day plans, so i'll go through my days! 

Tuesday:  We were able to teach Daniel and get some lunch with him, as well as Soloman!  We drove around a bit more as well helping move more missionaries. 

Wednesday:  We taught a girl named Myriam who was pretty Catholic.  I still can never agree with someone who claims that we are born sinners and that without baptism we go to hell.  She legit said that a baby who dies in a minute or two just goes to hell... that was how the conversation in a few words went.  I didn't control myself very well and told her she needed to repent and was wrong and to read scriptures.. aha.  

Later on we GQ'd and had to go and clean out another flat for the mission.  In the evening, we taught Daniel again. 

Thursday:  We woke up early and headed over to Edinburgh for Mission Leadership Council.  It was great.  I loved seeing all of my friends and a lot of Elders from my group are there. We talked mostly about the future of the mission and what President Donaldson would like from us before we head home.  That took up most of the day, and in the evening we came back to Glasgow and Elder Bain was able to baptize a guy named Fred from Hong Kong for the Sisters! 

Friday:  We prepared for our Zone Leadership Council, GQ'd, and taught some lessons.  Shona was able to meet, but really isn't progressing well.  She has random questions from all over the scriptures that really don't make sense.  I just don't think she has the true intent yet, so we will try and help her.  We also taught three new people.  Louise is a lady who just wanted someone to hear her vent, which I guess that's what missionaries are for?  But, also, there were these two Americans walking by me and I heard one of them say, "Mormons just can't be seduced?"  I thought he was taking a shot at us, so I started chasing them down saying, "What was that mate?"  But it turns out he didn't even see us and legit had that question and was talking about it with his friend, and so we had an on the spot with them and explained why we are so true to our standards, and hopefully we'll be seeing them again soon haha.  Their names are Nick and Ben from Baltimore.  Rest of the day we GQ'd

Saturday:  We were able to have Zone Leadership Conference in the morning and the Assistants came.  It was good!  We talked about putting light into this transfer, especially since it's only four weeks.  

We really just want our missionaries to be excited to serve wherever they are and realize the potential our Father in Heaven has for them!  After ZLC,  we taught Hao, Soloman, and GQ'd some more. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Daniel attend church with us.  My favorite part about being back in Glasgow is seeing Peter's family each week and seeing Peter passing the sacrament, ahh it is the best!  They are doing so well.  
After church, we GQ'd and taught a new guy named Jonathan from Hong Kong who was pretty cool.  He really has a desire to find God and we are hopefully seeing him again this week. 

So, that's the week summed up.  A lot of little things just come up during moves week that you have to take care of, so we didn't have a whole lot of solid time to work, but I am excited for the week ahead.  I love you all!  Elder Copeland 

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