Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week 85 - March 20, 2018

Stayin' in Glasgow!

Hiya, fam.  Sorry for the late email this week.  Yesterday was buck wild.  I have some time to email today instead, but I am going to quickly go through my week because I have a lot to do.

Tuesday:  We went to District Meetings, Elder Swenson was late because of their landlord, so I conducted a DM again which was fun.  You learn a lot when you teach others! Afterwards, we were on exchanges with the Cumbernauld Elders!  We were planning on going out and finding, but we got a call saying a missionary flat was being shut down, so we spent the majority of the day having to clean it out and move loads of supplies.  In the evening, we had some GQ'ing though before we sent them off.

Wednesday:  In the morning, we were able to go out and GQ.  We met up with Hao at lunch and went to this pretty good Chinese place.  We taught him more about the church, but he is really busy right now, so it's a slow process. Afterwards, we GQ'd then drove out to Motherwell to give them supplies.  We drove back in and GQ'd in the evening.

Thursday:  We were on exchanges with the Knightswood Elders.  Elder Brockbank and I helped the Sisters with their car getting fixed, and GQ'd a lot.  For lunch, a member named Phutti from Cambodia had all the missionaries meet at this well posh restaurant and hooked us up with a Chinese feast!!  

In the evening we also got to help with Rex's baptism. It was a great service and the guy is a legend.  Elder Swenson was able to baptize him and he was confirmed on Sunday.

Friday:  We GQ'd quite a bit.  At lunch we went out with Sister Sun and Lei, and Elder Huang and Swenson.  Sister Lei is heading home to Brazil and then China.  She was amazing for the mission.  We will miss her.  We were able to teach Daniel, who is progressing well, and Soloman, too. Later, Elder Pelham was able to give a baptismal interview. 

Saturday:  We were on Exchanges with the Airdire DL.  We GQ'd most the day.  We had a lesson with a girl named Louise who showed up and started up the escalator with us to sit down on some benches on the top floor then said she needed coffee and just bolted.  It was wild.  She never showed up?  She texted later on saying she had an anxiety attack and wants to reschedule for this week.  In the evening, we got our moves call.  I will be staying in Glasgow Zone training Elder Bain from Bountiful, which is cool.  He knows the Johnsons!  Elder Pelham got called to Belfast with Elder Nelson.

Sunday:  It snowed again?!  Church was only an hour long. We were able to have Daniel and Shona come with us to church.  Elder Pelham said his goodbyes and we mostly move planned for the day!  We had 10 Elders sleeping over in our wee flat in the evening, which was tight haha. 

Monday:  Elder Pelham left for a ferry early in the morning, so I was left to move 25 missionaries all around Glasgow for the day using different Elders at different times to help me.  It. Was. Intense.  I am still recovering from it hahaha.  

Elder Bain got here in the evening, and we got our haircuts and grabbed groceries. 

This next transfer is only four weeks?!?  So before ya know it, I will be getting another moves call.  I hope to be able to lead the Zone and be an example to the missionaries around me as we work hard and see the miracles!  I love you all, hope you had a good St. Patricks Day.  I heard a guy tell me that St. Pattys is the only day everyone in Scotland talks like they're Irish and goes out partying, which was true haha.  I'll talk to you more next week! 🍀 Elder Copeland

Dumbarton Castle

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