Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 84 - March 12, 2018

Top Notch Week!

Another week in Glasgow for Elder Pelham and me!  We were able to get some work done and no snow stopped us! 

Tuesday:  We had our Zone's District Meetings.  I went into Elder Swenson's.  We talked about the Holy Ghost, its key converting power, as well as always having a happy expectation as we arise to work.  After Dm's, we dropped Elders off at bus stations and headed over for a lesson with a new Chinese guy named Frank.  He is okay.  He actually only really talked to us on the street and we never sat down with him, but we invited him to sit down with us this week and have a better lesson, and he agreed to that.  Afterwards, we GQ'd and taught Shona in the evening.  She just has all these interesting questions, that are good, but won't benefit in helping her know whether or not the church is true.  We re focused her on receiving an answer from the Holy Ghost before learning all of these doctrinal concerns.  We drove over to Rafael's and he had his baptismal interview and passed!  On the way back, we drove by Cimmie's and she got me an Imagine Dragons sweatshirt from their concert she went to.  Ahh, she is a legend!! 

Wednesday:  Today we were on exchanges.  I was with Elder Elton who is a Chinese speaker in my group.  We were able to GQ quite a bit, teach Cimmie, as well as teach Mark.  We set him with a baptismal date for the end of the month! The only problem is he works on Sundays, but he said he is quitting his job soon, so that will help!  In the evening, I was able to interview Rex, and we took our car in and got it all fixed up!

Thursday:  Today was a load of GQing, and we set up for the baptism.  In the evening, we were able to have our friends Sophia and Rafael's baptism and the sisters had their friend Clinton as well! :)  It was a really spiritual service, and I continually thank Heavenly Father for producing these miracles.

Friday:  Today we were on exchanges.  I was with Elder Gunderson.  We GQ'd the entire day except for lunch.  It was Elder Huang's birthday and they told us to show up at this Chinese place, and Yvonne, Zoe, and Sherry were there from Edinburgh!  It was great to see them!  I got to teach Yvonne afterwards, as well.  She is doing well.  She is preparing to get her Patriarchal Blessing and continue going to the temple.  I, also, did two baptismal interviews for the Chinese sisters.  It was a good day!

Saturday:  It was another day full of finding, but in the evening we headed over to Soloman's to teach him.  Ah man, the guy is an absolute legend.  He knows the church is true. He just needs to push the fear of leaving his Catholic traditions away and he will be dunked.  We had a spiritual powerhouse lesson and testified of the temple and the blessings the Lord has in store for him!

Sunday:  We were able to have our Chinese friends Jacko, and Daniel with us, and Soloman, also, came.  Sophia and Rafael were able to be confirmed, woo!  Church was good. Afterwards, I had another baptismal interview with a girl named Amanda, and then the Assistants brought over the Zone's mail.  After that, we GQ'd for the day. 

This week is moves call.  Crazy to think I only have three left.  I have no idea if I will stay or go, but Glasgow Zone is doing well and I hope to keep that momentum going forward into the next transfer.  I love you guys and am thankful for all you do.  Have a great week! 😇  Elder Copeland

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