Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 89 - April 16, 2018

Staying in Glasgow!

Tuesday:  Today we were on exchanges.  I was able to go with Elder Hunter!  We GQ'd the entire day and had an on the spot with a Born-Again named Nick, pretty cool guy, had loads of questions but we answered them and invited him to take a Book of Mormon and read it, but he said he couldn't.. flip, you can't find out if it's true or not if you don't read it!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd most of the morning.  Some of our RC's from Edinburgh were in the city shopping, so they took us out for lunch, which was great to see them all!   Afterwards, we GQ'd some more, and had dinner with Rhiannon. In the evening, we taught Daniel and Solomon. Daniel was ready to be baptized, but Solomon has still not received a testimony on the need for the Restoration and Joseph Smith, so we are going to work with him and give him more time to receive an answer!

Thursday:  We GQ'd the entire day!  We also were able to watch a broadcast from President Nelson to the British Isles.  He talked a lot about receiving personal revelation in our lives, and I think that is so important going forwards in my life :) Josie took us out to a Carvery for dinner, as well, which was class!

Friday:  Elder Huang and I spent most the day together.  We taught little Collin who got baptized on Sunday and then headed over to Peter's.  We talked more about the temple, but we are nervous.  This week, he has to go to court to see if he and his family can stay in the UK.  If the court says no, he will have to move back to China and his family will be punished pretty severely since they have three kids and pretty much escaped last time to be able to have their family. I am really nervous for him.  We will go to see him this week and figure out what will happen.  Pray they can stay here!  In the evening, we went over to Solomon's and taught him again.

Saturday:  Today we received our moves.  I have been asked to stay another transfer here in Glasgow with Elder Bain!  This transfer is a 7-weeker, and after this one, I only have one transfer left.  Wow.. I'm nervous!  In the evening, we had Daniel's interview, and it was great!  All smooth and he was happy.

Sunday:  We had Daniel's confirmation and a great Sunday service.  After church, I drove Elder Swenson to the train station and dropped him off.  It was bittersweet, I am proud of him!  The rest of the day we were moves planning and starting to move some missionaries.

This transfer is going to go by quickly, like they always do! We are going to start building up our teaching pool in the coming weeks so that we can have some baptisms by the end!  I love you all.  Have a great week 🍀

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