Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Week 78 - January 29, 2018


Hiya, fam!  Another great week in Aberdeen!  I'll go through it, but I don't have a load of time!  

Monday evening all the Dundee city Elders and the Assistants came up and slept at our flat for Tuesday.  We woke up at 5:30 the next day and balled hard!

Tuesday:  We had our Scotland North Conference!  It was great.  We were counseled by President and the Assistants, and President even played our 'Hastening the Work' video in his instruction.  It was hilarious haha!  At lunch, we had a special Burns 'Supper' lunch?  And I was asked to Carry the Haggis out and present it!  After Conference, we had our interviews with President.  He always gives me great counsel, and he helped me to understand my role in returning to Aberdeen for this time, as well, which I appreciated.  Afterwards, we helped moved missionaries all over the place to get them back to their areas.

Wednesday:  In the morning, President and Sister Donaldson invited us over to the Marriott Hotel to have breakfast with them, unreal!  They are couple goals for me and my future wife in every way.  I love them so much! Afterwards, we went out and GQ'd and taught our friend Scott again.  We talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and invited him to pray more about it.  In the afternoon, we GQ'd and went over to the hospital so I could get an X-ray on my foot... yea.. haven't been trying to worry you about it, but remember on Skype when I said I hurt it in footy?  Still hurting.  We got it checked out.  In the evening, we had dinner with the Philips.  Brother Philips is a PHD student in Geology and flip... he is so smart.  Elder Swenson and he had a discussion about evolution and I learned a lot.. This earth is so much more complex then we can imagine, and it's beautiful because God has arranged it perfectly! 

Thursday:  Loads of GQ'ing today!  We taught Jess again, as well.  She has been struggling to keep commitments, but we brought the Sisters along and had a POWER HOUSE lesson.  She was feeling the Spirit!  In the evening, we had some weekly planning and more GQ'ing.

Friday:  We GQ'd in the morning, then went over and taught Jess.  Just had another crazy powerful lesson.  She committed to being baptized this Saturday, and made a promise with us and God that she would give up coffee.  She has such a strong desire to come closer to God.  PLEASE pray for her this week!  After, we GQ'd more, then had dinner at the Zimmerman's, legends!  Our last hour of the night was meeting up with Scott and wow... I have never met a man more prepared than him, and so spiritually receptive.  Scott wanted to know if God really was there for him, and I was so filled with the Spirit that I promised him he would know God was there and loved him if he got down on his knees that night and prayed!  Power House!

Saturday:  We got a text from Scott saying that he had experienced a love from God he had never felt before and KNEW that Jesus Christ really was his Savior.  What a blessing.  We taught Alice again in the morning.  We had a pretty philosophical discussion, which just bugged me, but she said she would reach out to find God again and learn again.  Progress!  We GQ'd and then taught Tabitha in the afternoon.  She is good, but learning slowly.  She wants to really know if this is true, so we just keep sharing little by little and helping her understand the Book Of Mormon.  In the evening, we had dinner with Sister Milne.  I love her!

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess, Scott, and Tabitha at church with us!  They loved it, except the Sacrament talks were a wee bit weirdd aha, the classes were great.  Elder Swenson and I taught 3rd hour about Jesus Christ Observing the Sabbath and how we can follow his example!  After church, we talked to Scott.  He was actually crying during the Sacrament feeling the Spirit.  He said he wants to be baptized, but struggles with alcohol.  We are going to start working with him on that.  We GQ'd the rest of the day and had dinner with a couple from Norway, which was nice.

Great week!  I got a call from the hospital today.. soo.. I fractured my foot about a month and a half ago, and since I have been walking through it, it hasn't healed very well... They want me to rest a bit more, but it's kind of hard when you are a missionary and all you do is walk.  I'll try to rest it when I can though.  I hope that it can heal on its own.  I've been walking through the pain, anyways, it's not horrible! Moves call is this Saturday as well.  I have no idea what will happen.  I could either stay or go.  We will see.  I'll let you all know!  I love you.  Have a great week!  Elder Copeland

(Elder Copeland commented:  "This looked like the Jedi temple from Episode 7 where Luke is hanging out haha.")

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