Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Week 77 - January 22, 2018

Eighteen Months!  

Wow!  Time flippen flies!  I have grown up so much these last 18 months.  I am excited to give it my all for the last 6 and strive my best to become more like Christ!  It was a good week.  We don't have a lot of time right now though, so it's a shorter email--sorry!

Tuesday:  We had a load of GQ'ing.  In the evening, we were able to watch the broadcast of the new church presidency!  I know that President Nelson is called by God, and I felt his prophetic spirit as I listened to his words.  The interview afterwards was amazing!  They answered all those silly questions with power and helped everyone realize that God will always love us and is here to help us through our personal struggles!  

Afterwards, we and the other Elders went over to Sister Milne's for dinner! 

Wednesday:  We had to go pick up the other car in the morning, and then taught Mannie!  He is well, just busy with work.  Glad that he is enjoying his job though and seeing success!  Afterwards, we GQ'd and went over to the Goldie's for dinner.  Later in the evening, we met up with Summer and Matt and had some discussions with them.  They are pretty set in there church they go to right now.  I mean fair enough, they show up once a week, get free sweets, and sing cool songs about Jesus.  It's easy aha.  But Salvation was never easy!  (Let me know if you know who gave that sermon!) 

Thursday:  We were on exchanges with the Thurso Elders!  I was with Elder Rodriguez from Colombia.  We GQ'd and had some lunch, and then took them to get their car checked up on.  Later, we were able to teach Jess and set her with a new goal to be baptized on the 30th.  Please pray for her!  She just needs to rely on her faith and push her doubts aside!  We also met up with Tabitha.  She is doing alright.  She needs to read the Book of Mormon and pray more if she wants to receive an answer!  In the evening, we drove down to Edinburgh.

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Assistants.  I was with Elder Gibb.  We taught quite a few lessons and GQ'd. I got to see some of my RC's, as well as Elder Huang, Wang, and Bradley!  I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH!  It made me happy to see them all well though, and I know that I will see them again :) 

We had a great exchange, and in the evening we drove back home.  While we were driving, we got a phone call from the Provo MTC Mission Elders.  They had been Skype teaching a guy named Scott from Aberdeen and told us he wanted to meet, let's go!!! 

Saturday:  We met up with Scott!  He is a legend already!  He wants to know if this is true and has been reading the Book of Mormon.  We got to know him and invited him to church and baptism.  He is hesitant to accept baptism until he knows it is true, but he could be really really solid.  We just have to work with him more.  Afterwards, we GQ'd and met with a guy named Lewis who got baptized a year ago.  He is cool!  In the evening, we went to an older lady's for dinner.   We met Tabitha afterwards.  She won't read.. We will see what happens this week.  I don't understand how people expect to receive an answer from God that he is there if they don't try reading his word and pray and talk to him! 

Sunday:  We were able to have Scott attend church with us. He really enjoyed it.  The discussions were great.  Jess wasn't feeling well and Tabitha had to finish some schoolwork, so that was disappointing.  After church, we GQ'd and met up with Alice.  This is a really frustrating story for me haha I'll keep it short.  Alice claimed before when I saw her in Edinburgh if I ever got moved back to Aberdeen, then it would be  sign to her that God is there and that she needs to be baptized.  Well, I am back, and she seems to have forgotten about that.. God will direct us and give us signs of evidence that he is there, but if we push away promptings and things like this, then we are condemning ourselves.  Then her friend was trying to argue with me about how Disney is bad in Florida because it is all about Capitalism?!  At this point, I wasn't having it so I roasted the guy telling him it's the happiest place on earth and makes some pretty good Star-Wars films, so get over it hahah. These Philosophy students drive me wild! 

All in all, a decent week.  We really need to find some new friends and progress the ones we have who are struggling to keep commitments.  This week will be better!  I love you guys and hope you have a safe and warm week!   Love, Elder Copeland
Elder Copeland stated:  "The Elgin Sisters hooked us up with some fresh muffins."
One of the sisters in the Ward sent this picture to Elder Copeland's parents.

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