Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 75 - January 8, 2018

On the Lord's Errand - Tom Monson

Hiya!  Hope you all had a good week :)  We were really busy this week, and it was great!

Wednesday:  In the morning, we went and took the Orkney missionaries' car in to get repaired, then we went to my chiropractor, got hair cuts, washed the car, and GQ'd!  In the evening, we drove down to Dundee and slept over with the ZL's there! 

Thursday:  We drove from Dundee over to Edinburgh and had Mission Leadership Council most of the day.  It was amazing!!  We learned so much from President Donaldson.  I know how truly inspired he is and how inspired the goals are that he sets for this mission.  We discussed the new goals for 2018 as a mission and how we can help our Zones achieve this.  

Elder Swenson and I gave a 50 minute presentation on Hastening the Work as well as presented a funny video we made.  It was good to see a load of friends I haven't seen for a while from all over the mission.  We drove home in the evening.

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Inverness Elders!  I went with Elder Thompson.  We had an on-the-spot lesson with a guy named Nicholas, and it was really cool.  He talked about how God has influenced his life so much and he just needs to come closer to him.  He is very timid but really receptive to the Spirit!  We also had lunch with Rachel from Glasgow who is up here visiting her family.  

It was good to hear about everything down there!  Then we went out and GQ'd and taught Mannie.  He is progressing more and more for his endowments this year, and really, we just have to keep him on the straight and narrow and he is set!  In the evening, we had dinner at Sister Milne's, then GQ'd.  It was a great exchange! 

Saturday:  We taught Nicholas again in the morning.  He said he wants to come to church but is scared to make a commitment to a community because he has had some rough experiences where people betrayed him.  We will have to work with him and help him build some trust.  We went over to our Ward Mission Leader's for lunch.  Wow, their place is posh!  They have a huge manor in the middle of a forest with a bunch of toys, and they are American, so they fed us bomb tacos.  We GQ'd most of the day, but we were told to go over to the Theatre and visit Jimmy Osmond who is performing a pantomime!  It was amazing!  We went into his room and just talked to him.  He shared some really spiritual stories in his life and with his family, and how his mother even gave the Queen a Book Of Mormon.  THE QUEEN HAS A BOOK OF MORMON!!!  That was cool to hear.  He is a really nice guy, and afterwards he bought us dinner! 

In the evening we taught a Recent Convert named Tom. 

Sunday:  Fast Sunday!  We had Jess at church.  She just needs to give up coffee and she can be baptized.  We gave her a blessing and hopefully this is the week!  I was able to get up and bear my testimony of missionary work and how it has changed my life and made me into someone I never imagined I could be.  I used the story of the Sons of Mosiah and their amazing conversion to the gospel.  After Church, we GQ'd and taught ZSOLT!  I missed him so much.  He is doing great!  He wants to get endowed this year as well and maybe even married!  We went over to the Hallmen's for dinner.  It was a good day.

I am thankful for the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and for his example of service.  I loved his quote on how the Lord could count on him always.  I hope in my own life I can use that motto to motivate me to become better each and every day, and be worthy and able to help the Lord in this great service :) I hope you all have a great week and stay warm.  It's freezing up here!   Love, Elder Copeland

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