Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 76 - January 15, 2018

Matchmaker Copeland!

Hiya, fam!  No time to email today, we are trying to go over to these Americans in the ward and use their big indoor gym haha.  This week was busy and had some disappointments, but also some cool experiences!  I'll go through it all with you.

Tuesday:  We went to the Seaton District's meeting.  It was good!  Different not having to plan District Meetings anymore and just listening and learning on the other end!  Afterwards, we GQ'd for the day!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd in the morning and had lunch at an older member's home who is unreal at the Guitar!  Later on, we GQ'd and in the evening.  We helped bishop do some home teaching to older members.

Thursday:  In the morning, we went over to the Hallman's and helped take apart and move some shelves.  Then we had lunch and met up with this Indian guy named Abinan.  He is Muslim.  Interesting talk.. after him we went over to the church with Mannie and taught Jess!  She said she was ready for baptism.  She was able to call President Thompson and have her baptismal interview.  She passed and was all excited.  We planned for her baptism to be on Saturday, so we called all the members and set it all up.  In the evening, we GQ'd. 

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Seaton Elders!  I was with Elder Garrick.  We GQ'd the entire day and it was fun.  We stayed mostly on the University of Aberdeen campus, so that brought back memories.  We had a pretty funny discussion with a Baptist basher.  He had no idea what he was talking about.  In the evening, we all went over to Sister Milne's for dinner!  After dinner, Elder Swenson was suppose to see Jess to finalize all of the baptism, but she wasn't responding.. we were stressing hard.  We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us know what was going on and to help us get in contact with her.  Then we went out GQ'ing.  Twenty minutes after going out, I kid you not... we run into Jess!  She had just finished work and had to go home, but was acting really weird.  She told us that she had been really stressing out and anxiety and just couldn't do her baptism this week, but was embarrassed to tell us.  We helped her know it was okay and that we can take more time and help her be more comfortable with it.  It was really disappointing that she wouldn't be getting baptized this week, but such a miracle from God that we found her before all showing up at the baptism, and having no one to be baptized.  Tender Mercy!  We will work with her more.
All who seek eternal life must follow the example of the Savior by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Saturday:  We were able to GQ and teach Abinan again.  He agreed to read the Book Of Mormon and come to church!  We also taught Tabitha again who we found the first week here.  She had just returned from Germany and agreed to come to church with us as well, which was class!  Later in the evening, we went over to an old friend named Matt!!  I don't know if you guys remember Matt but he is a legend and we were pretty good pals.  Crazy enough, though, when we show up to Matt's house for dinner, Summer, another former friend from here, answers the door!  WHAT. LONG STORY SHORT,  when Elder Elsmore and I were teaching Summer one time, Matt ran into us at the uni library and we introduced them.  The next week they ran into each other again.. and the rest is history.. they have been dating for 10 months and are planning on getting married next year.  I AM A MATCHMAKER!  WHAT THE FLIPPPPP!  It was a crazy surprise haha and I am happy to see them again.  We will meet up with them more.

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess, Tabitha, and Abinan at church with us.  It was great!  Afterwards, we GQ'd and in the evening went over to dinner at the Hallman's!

Pretty solid week, just back to the basics, trying to build up our teaching pool.  This week we are going down to Edinburgh for exchanges, which is exciting.  Hopefully I see some familiar faces!  I love you guys have a great week!
Elder Copeland

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