Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 74 - January 2, 2018

Happy New Years!

Hey, I am so sorry I am horrible at emailing haha.  2017 was the busiest year of my life, but I am so thankful for what I have learned and who I have become through the Savior.  I am excited for these last six months of my mission in Scotland/Ireland to serve others and spread the love of God. I hope to hear from you soon, and I will try to be better at emailing!

It was great to talk to you on Christmas! 

Tuesday:  Today was boxing day! 
 We had the entire day off.  We were able to do some service in the morning and help with a charity fundraiser where people jumped into the North Sea for 60 seconds haha, and then we watched movies and played games with the other Aberdeen missionaries!

Wednesday:  We set up some moves and meeting calendars in the morning, then we had to go and get our car fixed from the flat tire.  Then we went out and GQ'd for the day!

Thursday:  We went over to the chiropractor for me in the morning.  The new guy I have didn't help me very much aha, I think he made my back hurt more by the end of it.  We taught Jess again who is doing okay.  She is addicted to coffee and is really struggling to give it up.  Every time I teach someone about the Word of Wisdom and they don't think coffee is addicting, it makes me laugh.  People have such a hard time giving it up!  We, also, were able to teach two Chinese guys named Bob and Wo that I found.  Bob could have been really solid, but his friend was saying that religion is useless in Chinese and kind or ruined the lesson.  Flip!  We GQ'd more, had dinner, and taught Mannie in the evening.  He set a goal to be able to go through the temple for his endowment in 2018, so we are going to do everything we can to keep him on the straight and narrow and prepared!

Friday:  We GQ'd and then taught a new girl named Hannah. She is a recovering drug addict and said she has been looking for God in her life and just wants to be clean from all her guilt.  We invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and prepare to be baptized in January.  Hopefully, we can see her again this week.  It was a really cool lesson!  We GQ'd the rest of the day and in the evening went over for Sister Milne's for dinner.  She still is taking care of all the missionaries, she is the best!  We drove up afterwards to Thurso to deliver some supplies to the missionaries there! We drove by Trump's Golf Course, so I had to get a picture.

Saturday:  We GQ'd the entire day, just starting over again really trying to rebuild our area for January.  In the evening, the Bridge of Don Elders had Valarie's baptism, and we got to go help with the service.  It was amazing!  The Spirit was strong and made me thankful to be a missionary here again.

Sunday:  We were able to have Jess come to church again, and we got to introduce ourselves to a lot more members. Aberdeen is a pretty big ward and has a lot of families, so it's funny.  There are kids running around and screaming all over!  Later on, we GQ'd, and then went over to the Hallmans for dinner.
Monday:  We had the entire day off!  We went out to Dunnottar Castle again, got some food, played some games, and watched movies.  It was nice to get to know the missionaries here better!

Today, we had a bit of time off as well to get our regular P-day things done.  I am excited for this week.  We need to find some prepared people.  I love you all.  Have a great week and be safe!  Happy New Years! 🍀 

Cameron, (this is Elder Copeland's cousin), thank you for deciding to serve the Lord.  I promise you it will be the most rewarding time of your life and will carry you forever through your experiences and friendships you create.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISS YOU, but will see you soon <3   Elder Copeland

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