Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 61 - October 2, 2017

This week was great! 

We saw some miracles, and also.. Conference!!  Always a great time for us. 

Tuesday:  We had our last District Meeting for the Transfer, and afterwards went out and GQ'd.  We taught Debbie about Conference and told her whatever questions she may have will be answered, and I got to interview Imogen in the evening for her baptism.  We went to dinner with RC's and it was class!

Wednesday:  We taught a new Chinese girl named Vivian and another named Shirley.  They both are pretty solid.  We will see how they progress.  Loads of GQ'ing, and in the evening we had Sherry's Baptism.  It was great!  

Elder Carter and Elder Grant had two baptisms as well, Bowen and Imogen.  It was a great spiritual experience for all of us.  They received the Gift of the Holy Ghost immediately afterwards, as well.  I am thankful for how much God is blessing us right now.

Thursday:  We got our flu jabs in the morning, Wooo, then went over to Brother Thompson's for some house service and lunch.  We GQ'd and later on I headed over to the Chiropractor.  I haven't really talked about it, but my back has been hurting pretty badly again, same as it has hurt in the past.  When I got hit in that car accident, it actually damaged my back a wee bit, and I have Facet Joint Syndrome, which is okay.  I just need to stretch a lot and do some exercises.  He told me I should be working out at a gym as well... RIP Mission life haha.  I wish I could!  But the Donaldsons called to see how it went and they actually invited us over for dinner! We got to have dinner with them and Sister Donaldson's parents.  It was amazing.  I  haven't had a meal that good in a long time.  I love them so much. 

Friday:  We had a great lesson with Debbie again in the morning, taught her about the commandments, and she loves them!  We also taught Ray and Andy and a new girl named Bethan from Wales. She studies Divinity, you know what that means aha.  I actually stumped her so bad though.  She threw out all your typical Anti-questions, which were answered with ease.. and finally she asked, "How can you believe that Jesus Christ visited the Americas?  There just isn't enough archaeological proof!"  I then asked her, "Why do you have a belief in God, Bethan?"  She was silent for a few minutes then said, "Good Point."  She said thanks for the time and got up and left, NO JOKE!  How are people so easily blinded by the ways of the world and always believe they have to see something to believe it?!  Church is true, fam.

Saturday:  We headed over to the church in the morning and cleaned it and then received our Moves Call. The entire Edinburgh District will be staying the same, except for Elder James, who will be heading to Glasgow.  I am pumped to be here with Elder Huang again! That is exactly what I wanted, woo!!  We had Elder James say goodbye to everyone and taught a new girl from Taiwan named Tin An.  We will see how she progresses.  We watched General Conference Saturday Morning Session in the evening and had dinner with the YSA of the ward.

Sunday:  All day Conference!  I loved it!  Some of my favorite sermons given were from Elder Oaks, Elder Ballard, and  Nelson.  I was sad to not see the Prophet there, but I could feel the Spirit and know of the truth of this Gospel.  We watched Priesthood, Saturday evening, and Sunday Morning session, and Elder James packed in the evening.  

(Click on the link above to listen to all talks given during General Conference.)

Something amazing was that Debbie came up to me after a session and said that all of her questions about the Church and Jesus Christ had been answered like I promised her, and they she will prepare for her baptism. :)

Overall a great week, like I said before I am excited to stay here with Elder Huang for another transfer.  I pray that we may continue to see the Lord's hand in our work and the miracles will continue to come forth.  I hope you all received answers to your questions and felt the Spirit as well.  Stay safe and know how much I love and miss every one of you!

Elder Copeland 

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