Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 63 - October 16, 2017

Hey fam, busy as always here in Edinburgh.

We were struggling to find some new solid people because of mid term exams for the students, but this week ahead should be great! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting, went well, then went out and GQ'd the entire day!  In the evening, we had dinner with Sherry, Zoe, and Debbie.  We made sure everything was good for Debbie's baptism! 

Wednesday:  All day GQ'ing and preparing for Debbie's baptism.  It went so well!  She loved it, and she told us afterwards that she has never felt that much peace at once in her life, and that it was the best decision she has ever made.  LEGEND!  

I am thankful for the blessings Heavenly Father is giving us from all of our hard work.

Thursday:  I had my UK Driving test in the morning.  My instructor was a legend!  He goes to Florida every year and loves golf, so we just ended up driving and talking all about it haha and... I PASSED!  I have my UK license now.  Let's goo!  We went over to Brother Thompson's for lunch and did some yard work for him as well.  I love that man!  Rest of the day GQ'ing.

Friday:  We GQ'd and taught a new girl named Ivy.  Her bf is a Mormon.  He got baptized last year but is back in China now.  She could be really solid!  She was busy with exams, so she couldn't come to church, but we will see her again this week!  We also taught Seven again.  She is doing well, but exams.. so no church this week.  So sad!

Saturday:  We had an entire day of GQ'ing.  Sherry bought us some cool hats from Urban Outfitters as well, that was nice of her :)  

This atheist guy got into a huge debate with me at the Uni, and I concluded with him that he has a faith that we come from monkeys (because they do not have 100% evidence) and I have a faith we come from a loving God. He still couldn't accept it.  I was kind of annoyed, but ultimately I just felt bad for the guy.  All good though!

Sunday:  Debbie received the Holy Ghost, and we had loads of students at church.  It was great!  It was Zoe's birthday in the evening, and we got to go over for dinner with them.

Not too much this week, just a lot of finding.  I hope that we can teach some more this week--all of the friends we have met! 

Have fun on the cruise, fam.  I think you guys have gone on more holidays since I left than my entire life hahahah.  Enjoy ittt ;) I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything you do for me!  Love, Elder Copeland

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