Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Special E-Mail Received by Elder Copeland - October 10, 2017

Elder Copeland stated:  "I Received this email and it touched me, what an amazing Gospel!" 
Hello, Elder Copeland,

How are you? 

I'm Brother QIfeng Wang from Shanghai Branch. I just found your blog by chance and noticed that you are serving in Edinburgh. That's wonderful! 

May I share my experience with you. I met missionaries on Princes Str. in 2008 and joined the Church 7 years ago in Edinburgh Ward. I know my wife in Shanghai branch and we got temple marriage in Hong Kong China Temple. Now we have one cute girl. I'm now got the callings as Asia Area Assistant Auditor and Executive Secretary of Shanghai District. The calling of Asia Area Assistant Auditor require me travel a lot to do training for all 9 districts through out China. But I'm so enjoy serving for the church.

Just let you know I'm so blessed because of the Gospel missionaries share with me. I testify the church is true, we could be blessed when follow the Lord. I'm so grateful to have missionaries like you Elder Copeland, preaching gospel to Chinese speaking people around the world. I'll pray for you that you may guide more who were lost their way back to the church.

BTW, could you please say hi to Brother Beveridge(senior one) from me please? He was my family teaching companion. I would like to express my appreciation to him for his helping when I was a new member. Thank you!

All the best,
Brother Wang

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