Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 65 - October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween, fam! 

This week was truly inspiring.  We received some great guidance and counsel from Elder Renlund of the Twelve, and I loved it!  I'll go through the week.

Tuesday:  No District Meeting because of All Scotland.  We got to meet up with Susie, she is doing well.  She is so busy with work and school, so it's tough for her to find any time for us right now, which bites.  We, also, taught Viola, then Mai in the evening.  She is doing pretty well.  There is a language barrier which makes it difficult to explain the gospel clearly, but we will keep working with her!

Wednesday:  We were on exchanges with the ZL's today. I was with Elder Carter.  We had some GQ'ing and taught a few of his friends.  We also taught Debbie about the temple, she is doing amazing!  In the evening, we headed over to the church for the baptism of Kearen, which was class!

Thursday:  We had a few lessons planned, but they all cancelled on us last minute back to back... dang!  We GQ'd a lot.  I helped Elder Carter pick up some luggage for missionaries.  In Edinburgh, it's kind of fun because we help move missionaries around and all their stuff a lot.  Keeps us busy!

Friday:  We woke up at 5 am and got ready to head for Dundee.  It was our All Scotland Conference for the transfer, and it was amazing.  

Elder Renlund is truly an Apostle of God.  He touched me with everything he said, and my favorite was how as an Apostle of the Lord, he wanted us to know how much God loves us individually, and how inspired the Scotland/Ireland Mission is.  I took loads of notes from everything he said, as well as Sister Renlund who was amazing!  I got to say "hi" to lots of friends, and on the drive home, we got to take a quick pic of ST. ANDREWS!  AHHH!  I NEED TO GO BACK!  Overall one of the most amazing days of my mission!

 (Pics taken on the drive back from Dundee.) 

Saturday:  We had one of the busiest days of the year! We taught 7 lessons:  May, Seven, Vivian, Bom, Ivy, Alex, and Viola.  I would go through each of them, but I want to see what happens this coming week and I will talk about them then!  There is nothing better then teaching all of God's children the restored Gospel!  I received an email from Mannie, as well, who was able to go to the temple.  Wow!  I was crying with what he said.  So many miracles this past year!  I am so grateful. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Ivy and May come to church.  They loved it!  Afterwards, we had some GQ'ing, planning, and Hot Pot with the Chinese RC's :)  We have some friends lined up for baptism the next week, so I hope we can progress them this week.  Pray for them all! 

Honestly, such a great week.  I love being able to serve with Elder Huang here in Edinburgh and for all of our inspired leaders. The miracles never cease, and I expect more to come this week as we work hard.  I hope you all have a great week and stay safe.  I love you!  Elder Copeland 

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