Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Week 56 - August 28, 2017

I'm keepin it short this week fam!  We have loads to do for the week ahead, but I am excited!

Wednesday:  We taught a man named Miles from Taiwan!  We invited him to be baptized on Sep. 6 ( My B-day!)   We GQ'd the rest of the day.  The Fringe is still going on here and it's wild.  The population of Edinburgh is doubled, and I have met more Americans this week than my whole mission!  We had dinner with our WML and his family.

Thursday:  We taught a girl named Joy from China.  She is pretty solid but going home for a few weeks.  We will see when she returns!  We also taught Miles again.  He loved the Plan of Salvation.  Then we GQ'd for the rest of the day

Friday:  We taught Miles again!  He can't come to church this week because he has a job interview, but next week!  We GQ'd for awhile, then had a lesson with a girl named Jane. She is absolutely GOLDEN!  One problem... she is heading back to China this Thursday.. UGHH.  We taught her all we could, but there is just too much and too little time for her to get it all.  We taught another Chinese girl named Viola in the evening.  She is pretty solid. She is going home for a week as well, but will be back for the start of uni soon.

Saturday:  Margaret from Glasgow is heading home to China, but she came down to see Allison and us and say goodbye!  They took us out for lunch and we had a good time.  We then taught another new Chinese guy named Leo.  He is pretty solid, seeing him again this week.  Viola and her friend fed us dinner at the Uni. of Edinburgh Student kitchens, Flippen sweet!  I can't wait for uni! 

Sunday:  We had Jane come to church with us, and ugh we tried to teach her as much as we could.  It just isn't enough time, and we wouldn't want to rush something so sacred. Luckily, she lives close to Hong Kong, and there are missionaries in Free China, so we will figure it out!  Pray for her!  The ward called me up to give an on the spot talk as well.  I just testified of missionary work and read some of D & C 75 with them.  It's a great section!  We had some planning in the evening and finding.  I am happy the Fringe is ending!  Time to find the elect this week!  😇  Elder Copeland
(This past Sunday, Elder Copeland's parents, his brother, and his sister, were able to attend Elder Elsmore's Homecoming.  They, also, were able to meet Elder Calton and one of the sister missionaries who, also, were in the same Scotland/Ireland Mission with Elder Copeland.  It was such a thrill for Elder Copeland's family to meet missionaries they had seen pictures of and heard so much about.)

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