Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 55 - August 21, 2017

WOW, one of the craziest weeks of my mission.  

I don't have any time at all but I will run through the week quickly!

Tuesday: We had our last District Meeting for the transfer.  I invited the Sister Training Leaders to come along as well.  We had a great meeting and were able to hear from Elder Elsmore about some of his mission experiences and advice.  Afterwards, we had a big potluck and sang the mission song to end it off.  We did some finding and taught Cait, who is doing well!  We got her a Preach My Gospel, and she is going to start studying it.  We went over to Brother Fretter's for dinner, then had volleyball in the evening.
 (Elder Copeland said:  "I'm going to miss Cork.  This is my first district.")

Wednesday:  We had a great day of finding.  Fiona fed us for lunch, and we taught a new investigator named Susi from Spain. She was loving it, but she is going back home sadly. We gave her the details for the church at her home, and she has a church building the street down from her as well, love it!  We also ran into a less active girl named Adrian, who is a legend.  She loves missionaries and God.  She took us out to this posh Italian place for dinner!  That was class of her.  Bunch more finding in the evening.

Thursday:  We went and visited Charles in the hospital in the morning.  He is getting released so that is exciting, what a funny guy.  We also taught John, had a great lesson with him on Moroni 6, and then Hailey and Cait again.  More finding later on.
 (Cait in the center.)

Friday:  We taught Koni in the morning.  She is doing really well.  She was in Dublin Sunday morning, but is still excited for her baptism.  She loved the Word of Wisdom.  What a legend!  We also taught John again.  He loved learning about the temples and wants to go them, but he flappen wouldn't come to church again this week because of some Footy Matches playin!  Ugh.  We went and attempted to visit a Less Active my uncle referred me to.  She told us she would love to see us, she just was busy, but to come back next week! Hopefully that goes well.  We dropped Elder Elsmore off at the bus station, gonna miss him. Proud of the work he has done and will see him again.  We had dinner with the Kagaris again and then played some volleyball!

Saturday:  We were able to teach Phumie in the morning, more troubles with the buses so she wasn't able to come to church again, but she wants to get baptized, soon enough!  We did some service, finding, and in the evening went over to a members for dinner.  We got our moves call as well, and wow I am still shocked.  Elder Bradley will be staying in Cork to train a new missionary (So now I gotta Grandson), Elder Carlise will be the Cork District Leader, and I am now in Edinburgh as District Leader with Elder Huang from Taiwan, from my group!  He is an absolute beast.  Highest baptizing missionary in this mission.  I am pumped but Gutted at the same time.  Bittersweet.  I loved every minute of Cork and it honestly just felt like a dream.  I hope to get back there one day, but I am excited for this opportunity here.

Sunday:  Went to church, said goodbye to everyone, and packed up and left to Dublin in the evening. :(

Monday:  Woke up early, got a hair cut from a friend in Dublin, took a bus up to Belfast, had Boojums with Elder Nelson <3 still kicking it in the north haha, took a ferry, then another bus into Glasgow, got to give Elder Wang a big hug, he just went Zl.  And he just casually dropped that PETER AND HIS FAMILY WENT TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK AHHHH!  I was about to cry I was so excited.  

 (Peter and his family at the temple.)
He is still in Glasgow, and everyone is well there.  Then we took a bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh and got in late late last night.  Exhausting.

Anddd today, busy as ever, learning the area/responsibilities/investigators/members/schedule/etc.  I was able to see Sister Jenna Irvine today though at the mission home and gave her a handshake :) excited to see some more people I know out here!  This transfer is gonna be busy.  There is a big festival in Edinburgh going for 2 more weeks, where the population is doubled, and there are events all over and fireworks.  It's wild. 
I will let you know more about the burg next week.  I have no time at all, feeling overwhelmed but excited.  I love you guys and will talk to you soon! 😇
Elder Copeland

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