Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 54 - August 14, 2017

 Lovin 'Cark'!

Another week past already, and it was a good one!  We are planning on having a really fun P-day today for Elder Elsmore's last one, so I don't have loads of time, but I'll try and go through my week a wee bit for ya. 

Monday:  Last Monday we went bowling and played some pool with some of the members. I AM RUSTY.  You'll see me at the alley for awhile getting good again hahah.  It was a good time though.

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting for the week, which was great!  Then we bounced with the Waterford Elders.  We drove over to Waterford where I was able to interview their friend named Dion for his baptism.   He is a legend!!  He is 16 years old and is talking about how excited he is to go on a mission one day.  His interview went well.  I explained to him how he doesn't have to understand everything before his baptism, but that he needs to have faith, which he does, and he flippen is a genius, knows way more than me at 16!  After his interview, we missed our bus back to Cork, so we GQ'd the town for awhile.  Then we caught the bus back home, it took a few hours.. By the time we got back, the day was over. 

Wednesday:  We were able to teach Cait in the morning as well as Jessica and her friend! We bought Cait some barley cup because she still wants coffee, and then we went out to lunch with all of them.  They're legends.  We also were able to teach Koni again!  She was telling us how she is preparing for her baptism and just wants to make sure she learns everything before then.  We GQ'd for the rest of the day then went over to a member's home in the evening for dinner.  After dinner, we were waiting to get a lift and this kid comes up and asks me, "How do you get teeth so white?"  I just laughed and told her to keep brushing her teeth and she can have white teeth!  It was pretty funny. 

Thursday:  Loads of finding all day, it was class.  All the missionaries got to go out to lunch  with... ELDER CALTON!  He was visiting his mission since he just got back with his parents and they took us to Nandos, ah I love that guy.  He was an amazing missionary and a great example to me in Aberdeen!  
We also taught a new Brazilian named Lucas and his wife. They asked if the church was world-wide and I showed them the church locator, and they have a church five minutes from their home in Brazil.  They were loving it!  Should be seeing them again this week.

Friday:  We met Pumi in the morning.  She is doing well.  The only problem is it is really hard for her to get to church.  She was planning on coming this week, but the buses didn't work out and she wasn't able to make it.  We are gonna figure it out for her this week.  We got lunch with Jessica, taught RC Hailey, and went out to dinner with Tupac.  Pub food is the best food in Ireland, all I gotta say haha!  We had  volleyball in the evening which is wild as always, I Love it!  They even let us play some dunk ball with the hoop out in the parking lot.

Saturday:  Loads more finding.  We did some white boarding with the sisters, and then went and saw Charles!  We also were able to teach another guy from Brazil named Fernando.  He is Born Again, so he wouldn't commit to coming to our church.  He has his own.  They have no concept of authority though and it seems they can never understand the scriptures we teach them through.  Ah well, we continue to do our job to share the message and invite! 

Sunday:  We were planning on having a few of our friends come to church, but unfortunately there were some bus problems and miscommunication.. but Koni was able to make it!  She loved Church and they had a YSA activity as well, so she met a bunch of younger people.  We stayed after for Choir practice, yep... I'm in the choir.. I didn't want to do it, but Elder Bradley loves it, so I took one for the team haha.  I am actually learning to like it a bit more though, and it's good for me to do something I don't want to do! CHRISTLIKE LOVE, Working on it ;) 

So that was the week, pretty busy as always, just finding new people to teach.  This Saturday will be moves call again.  Time goes too fast!  Elder Elsmore will be heading off Friday to Edinburgh.. that'll be sad.  But I am excited to see who comes in.  I would guess that Elder Bradley and I will be staying together, but like always, you never know!  I love and appreciate you all and am thankful for your continued support to me, it means a lot.  Have an amazing week!  Keep Craicin on! 🍀
Elder Copeland

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