Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 53 - August 7, 2017

Hiya, fam! 

Ahh another week, I am getting kind of lazy on my weekly emails, I'M SORRY!  It's just kind of getting to the point where time is nothing anymore, and I know how fast it will all be over, and I just like reading everyone's emails instead of writing.  I'll try and be better!  This week was pretty good, just another week in the dream!  I'll go through the days now though.

Monday: After e-mailing, we went over to this castle that had no roads to get up to, so we ran through a cow farm, a corn crop, and went inside!  It was fun.



Tuesday:  District Meeting!  Went well.  After our DMs, we have a big potluck.  This week was breakfast for lunch, unreal!  We taught a few people.  Nothing too solid, and did some finding.  In the evening, we got to go Volleyball again, LIT!  There are a lot of people that go to it, and it's a good way to show investigators that we are human as well haha.

Wednesday:  Pretty quiet day, loads of GQing.  We were able to teach a German man named Sebastian, very Lutheran.  We had agreements on the Bible... and some disagreements but he was cool!  He roasted these chavs who were making fun of us for talking about God, telling them they better watch out.  It was funny.  We also taught a new guy named Sean in the evening.  He is moving to Italy, but will continue to learn from missionaries there!  The Waterford Elders came over in the evening.

Thursday:  Exchanges!  I was able to spend the day with Elder Carlisle.  That was fun!  It's kind of a cool feeling being with a former comp and seeing how much we have grown and changed, but we had a great day.  We went and visited Charles again at the hospital with the sisters, and set up loads of appointments for Elder Bradley and me.  Some crazy Born- Again lady from America has been here this week yelling at everyone, telling them their gonna burn, doesn't represent Americans too well.  She also was yelling at us.  We just walked by and laughed. 

Friday:  We had a lesson with a girl named Amy, hopefully we'll be seeing her again this week.  We also taught a new lady named Pumi who is from Africa and wants to come to church this week!  We had more finding, and got some boojums with everyone.  We eat there 3 or 4 times a week, its ridiculous!  We had volleyball in the evening again, always good craic! 

Saturday:  We were planning on meeting John in the morning who was suppose to get baptized this week, but his friend came along with him, who was anti... and yea it didn't end well.  We are pretty bummed out.  We will try in the future.  We were able to teach some more new people, though!

Sunday:  We were able to have one of our friends named Simon come to church with us. However, he use to be Catholic, like all Irish people, and he just couldn't get over that the church didn't have a cross or Mary in it?!  He doesn't want to come anymore but was friendly.  We taught a Chinese girl later on in the evening who could be really solid though! We also got to go over to the Branch President's for dinner, he knows wayyy deep doctrine, he blew my mind!

So that was the week!  Just working hard here.  We are going to focus on getting some of our friends to church this week to help them progress towards baptismal dates.  I am thankful to be in Cork.  I am loving Elder Bradley.  He works hard and has that greenie fire!!  I also got the wee 1-year package from Mum.  Thank you for the candy, I missed it!!!  I love you guys.  Have a great week!
Elder Copeland
 University College Cork
(Elder Copeland was so happy that they got a new Hoover--vacuum!)

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