Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 43 - May 29, 2017

Hiya, Fam! 

Another great week here in Glasgow.  I'm staying another transfer with Elder Wang as well! Exciting stuff!  I'll go through my week though.

(An old church Elder Copeland and his companion passed by the P-Day before.)

 (The Nike Store on Buchanan Street.)

Tuesday:  We had our last District Meeting with Elder Williams.  He talked about his experiences and how grateful he is for these last two years of serving.  Pretty cool seeing missionaries leaving and how much they loved their missions.  After DM, there was a baptism for a girl named Yanis, and afterwards we had some lessons. Charles Mum said he couldn't meet with us anymore, which was pretty sad.  He was so prepared.  In addition, we sometimes meet people who want knowledge but nothing else, and sadly have to drop them.  We had Ward Council and Coordination in the evening.

Wednesday:  We had loads of lessons planned for the day, and most of them fell through..  We were able to teach RC Sandy though!  And in the evening, we went to dinner with Bir at this really good Thai place he is working at and taught him afterwards!  Because of the events in Manchester (a bomb was detonated at a concert which killed over 22 people and injured many others), we were told to no longer go into the city until President Donaldson feels it is safe again. Everyone is pretty stressed here, and a lot of police are now in the city with some big guns.

Thursday:  We had some good finding around the Uni!  We had lunch with some of the missionaries and in the evening we traveled outside of our area a wee bit to meet with Ecco and her family!  We had a great lesson and she really liked the Book Of Mormon.  We went and had dinner with some RC's and the missionaries.  Lots of hot pot haha. 

Friday:  We did some finding, and went to Chinatown with a Chinese member.  

She referred us to a Less Active family who has some kids who are over 8!  We went and met the Mum Wenzhen and she wants her kids to learn the gospel and behave better haha!  I also got to see Mannie for a minute!  He went up to Aberdeen for a job interview and was passing through the bus station here to get back to the ferry!  Glad to see he is well and happy :)  

We went to another baptism in the evening the other Elders were having.

Saturday:  We had a lesson with Ali in the morning and showed him how to get to Church for Sunday!  We did some finding and in the afternoon, I was able to baptize a girl named Helen the sisters have been teaching in the evening!  She is really cool.  We've all become great friends with her because she loves the missionaries!  I was really grateful that she asked me to baptize her and to have that opportunity.  Always a special experience.  

We got our moves call and most of Glasgow Zone is staying the same haha, Which is great! 

Sunday:  Church!  We were able to have Bir, Ali, Ecco, and Whenzen and her kids!  Elder Wang gave a great talk.  It's always great to hear his conversion story, such a legend!  After Church, Elder Woodfield grabbed me and we took some missionaries going home over to Edinburgh haha! I got to say goodbye to everyone leaving, which is a bunch of legends.  It's sad that once you get out to about a year, all the missionaries you served around in the beginning start going home!  But I am proud of all of them and thankful for their examples to me.  Unexpected drives all over the mish are good criac. 

That was my week!  Pretty busy, but we're excited for Bir!  He will be getting baptized this week, I still cannot believe how I found him, and how prepared he is.  I had no intention of stopping him, and we weren't even suppose to be over there at that time, it was unplanned.  God truly does place those who are prepared to receive the gospel in our way as long as we are working hard and doing our part!  Pray for him and all those we are teaching! 

The UK is kind of stressful right now, and a lot of people are hurting.  I am thankful for the Plan of Salvation, and the knowledge and comfort I am able to receive through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love you guys and hope you have a great week!  I can't believe it's already summer! Talk to you soon! 

Elder Copeland

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