Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 39 - May 1, 2017

Hiya, Fam! 

Another great week here in Glasgow, the sun's been out every day and I'm getting some color back into my skin which is nice haha.  This city is flippen busy!  Always something or someone exciting happening around us.  I'll go through my week now!

Monday:  After we emailed, we went with the Zone Leaders up to Loch Lomond.  We found an old biker helmet and shot it with some paintballs and slingshots, good times haha.  There was another cool castle there as well!  
Every Monday evening, an older couple in the ward has a FHE for all Recent Converts and Investigators and Missionaries.  It's a lot of fun.  A spiritual message, some food, and some games to just get to know each other better! 

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting and then exchanges with the YSA Elders.  I went with Elder Charleworth, absolute lad.  We are really similar to each other, so we had loads of fun GQ'ing and making people laugh.  It always helps to enjoy the work, and I always see more success and I am happy and laughing and making others, as well.  We got invited to go with the Kelvinside Elders and a guy named Tu to get some Taiwanese dinner.  We took some cool pics around the city after as well.

Wednesday:  We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders!  I went with Elder Ward who trained Elder Nelson, so I already knew all about him and I love him haha.   We just went finding all day in the city and had two lessons in the evening.  We taught Grand from Africa, who has been coming to church for years, just her boyfriend won't get married so she can't get baptized yet.  We also taught Valentino from Italy.  He was loving that I had been there and knew all the different places! 

Thursday:  We had another full day of finding.  I had ran into a less-active named Kendra from Utah the week before, and she invited us for dinner.  She is really cool, went to BYU, and does graphic designs.  

But anyways, she took us to this American-style burger place, and we were just talking to her, and a rap came on that I knew so I started to sing along, and we got talking about different rap artists and what not, and I asked her if she had ever heard of James The Mormon?  Turns out, SHE DATED HIM, AND THEY ARE STILL GOOD FRIENDS. WHAT.  So I asked her if she had his number?!?  She did, and I asked her to text him and tell him the Elders wanted to talk to him.  HE CALLED US AND WE FACETIMED. AHHH FLIPPP.  He talked to us for awhile, just asking about our missions and stuff, and he speaks Chinese!  So Elder Wang was able to talk to him as well, it was incredible.  Ah man, Highlight of the mish right there.  Talking to James The Mormon on my months!  I got some pics :D
Friday: We had another day of finding.  We were able to teach a German girl named Katrin I had found at the uni.  She was nice and enjoyed learning, but no interest in progressing.  In the evening, the Glasgow Ward held an International night where everyone made food from all of their different countries.  Chinese Hot Pot might be one of my favorite meals now. It was good to get to know the ward a wee bit better and make more friends!

Saturday:  We had another lesson with Selina.  The week before a baptism is the most stressful time as a missionary, because Satan goes buck wild.  Selina told us how she doesn't want to be baptized anymore, that she doesn't want to keep feeling that peace she had felt at church, and that she is fine accepting the Telestial Kingdom after she dies.  I was completely shocked.  I have never heard anyone say that.  We were both pretty disappointed, but that just means there are more prepared people out there to find! 

Sunday:  We were able to have two investigators come with us to church--Kendra's sort of Scottish Bf and a Chinese girl!  I FELL ASLEEP IN GOSPEL PRINCIPLES AH MAN.  Since I don't understand a single word of what's going on, I just kind of dosed off, and I was out hard.  The Chinese people were dying when I woke up.  It was funny.  After Church, we just did some more finding in the city and weekly planned.

All in all a pretty good week!  Lots of finding to build our teaching pool.  It kind of feels like I white washed in again, because we had no one when I got here, but that's okay!  I am loving Glasgow, being around a bunch of missionaries in a massive city is great.  

(University of Glasgow; the Elders GQ right outside the University.)

I can't wait to talk to you guys soon.  I love you have a great week! 😇
Elder Copeland 

Monday:  After we e-mailed yesterday, we went over to the church for our Zone BBQ.  It was good fun. 

Then later in the evening Elder Wang took me to this little Chinese place for dinner where a RC works. It's the real deal, not a single person in there was white but me, and the food is way better then our American Chinese! 


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