Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 42 - May 22, 2017

Hiya, fam!  

Good to hear from you all.  I hit my 10 months this week, Double Digits!!  Soon enough I'll be at my year mark which is crazy.  Time is picking up!  My week was really great!

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting, focusing on how we can set more people with baptismal dates.  I had bought some 12£ boots from Burton the day before, and I knew they were gonna kill me.  But I broke them in anyways haha.  My feet were all blistered up and infected by the end of the day, worth it though!  The shoes are good now.  

We had a lesson with a man named Ali, who was originally Muslim, but not practicing.  We also went to lunch with Kendra again.  Afterwards we had a lesson with a Buddhist guy named Steven, not really interested.  Later in the evening, ward council and coordination!

Wednesday:  In the morning, we helped the sisters teach one of their eternagators named Yanis.  She agreed to be baptized this week.  We taught another friend named Qiming.  It went alright!  The rest of the day we GQ'd.  A member took us out to a Korean BBQ place in the evening, it was well good!

Thursday:  We had another lesson with Pong in the morning.  He is progressing really slowly, and has a lot of questions, but we will keep trying with him.  Most of the day we GQ'd.  A man named Nial who the sisters have been teaching for awhile asked me to baptize him.  I have gotten to know him and he is hilarious!  We talk about American football.  It was a great service.  He about went into the font with his phone in his pocket though!  All was well though, and I am grateful to help.

Friday:  Crazy busy day!!  We taught RC Sandy in the morning, went well.  Then we had three lessons fall through, so we ran all over the city for nothing.  But we GQ'd instead, and had an on the spot lesson with a man named Xinwu.  The lesson was going well, and he was feeling the Spirit, and as soon as we asked him to get baptized, something happened. He just freaked out and said no.  Satan is real.  In the evening, though, we had an amazing lesson with Bir!  He has been praying, reading, and said he would come to church! 

Saturday:  Another really busy day!  We went and got breakfast with a RC named Ciming who is going back to China.  We then had another lesson with Ali, and got him an Arab Book of Mormon.  He was happy!  We taught another Chinese man named John.  It went well, should be seeing him this week.  Then we taught a man named Charles from Italy, such a cool guy.  He loved "The Restoration," and wants to be baptized!  Only problem is, he works every Sunday.. We will try and figure that out.  In the evening, we went and got pizza with all the missionaries and Nial to celebrate his baptism. 

Sunday:  I was able to give a talk in Church.  I reviewed Elder Oaks' recent talk given at Conference.  It went well!  We were able to have Bir at church, and a member brought her friend who wants to learn about the church!  She is an older lady from Hong Kong, has three kids, and is meeting with us this week!  We are excited!!  A whole family!!  Pray for all of these people, please.  After church, we went into the city and did some finding, then weekly planned!

Well, that was my week pretty summarized!  Always busy in the city.  This week is Moves Call.  I expect to stay here, but we will see!  We have a lot of new investigators and this week we are hoping we can get them all to church!  I love you guys.  Have a great last week of school!  I can't believe it's summer already.  Talk to you soon.
Elder Copeland 

(Elder Copeland said, "The subway that we take everywhere.")
("Home!" Elder Copeland says.)

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