Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 40 - May 8, 2017

Hiya, Fam, 

Good to hear from you all :)  Glad to see you are all having fun!  Congrats Gma and Gpa on your call to Russia!!  I thought my mission was cold, but that definitely beats this!  This week was crazy!  I have never been this busy on my mission.  AND IT WAS HOT. ALL WEEK. I GOT SUNBURNT, BAD.  It's been weird only wearing white shirts out on the streets.  I notice a lot more people look at us funny haha.  But I'll go through my week now! 

 (Glasgow Zone on Preparation Day at the church.)

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting in the morning.  I gave a devotional about being truly converted ourselves to Christ, and then helping others be converted.  It's the theme for our Mission Plan for 2017.  We had lots of finding as well.  We taught a lesson to a girl named Yahoung from China who studies theology here.  She was a bit skeptical but accepted a Book of Mormon and said she would meet again. 

Wednesday:  Pretty busy day!  We taught two Scottish girls named Kim and Evie.  We sat down with them on Glasgow campus, and this security dude came over and started questioning what we were doing here, and that we had been shoving our religion down others' throats, long story short.  We got kicked off haha.  I wasn't the happiest either, I was kind of giving him some cheek, cause cmon... How can we shove religion down someone's throat who agrees to meet and talk with us?  Ah well, we got to teach them at Starbucks.  It went well.  We later on taught a man named Pong from Thailand!  He had a lot of questions as well.  He wanted every single detail to the gospel answered pretty much, but it was still good!  We went over to a baptism the sisters were having in the evening, and we brought Kim, Pong, and Kendra to it.  Kendra bought us some Subway afterwards.

Thursday:  We had four new investigator lessons!  We taught Xiuling and her friend, Ling Tong, and Jianing.  All from China.  The lessons went really well!  In the evening we were able to go to the Elders baptism for their Chinese friend Orion!  The Protestants also had a big march in the city, pretty cool to watch.  Kind of silly though.  They march around to show everyone they're in charge or something.  Makes all the Catholics mad.   
I got destroyed by the sun today.  It felt good though!  I missed the sun!

Friday:  We taught another new investigator named Xiao.  Also, taught Yahong again, and did loads more finding in the city.  In the evening, a member in the ward named Sister Barnshall took us and the sisters to a Carvery, I ate wayyy too much food haha.  
I got fried some more as well.  My hair looks like I bleached it because it's so blonde and my skin looks like a tomato

Saturday:  We had a really cool lesson with a man named Bir I found from Thailand.  He pretty much GQ'd me, and we met up and he was asking when he could be baptized!  We set him with a date for the 27th after his exams.  We, also, taught Pong again, and in the evening, we went with the sisters and helped them teach their Chinese investigator getting baptized this week!  Good Criac.
Sunday:  We were able to have Yahoung and Jianing come to church!  We were hoping for four at church, but it's okay!  This week we should have a lot coming!  It was great.  Later in the evening, all the city Elders met together to have a bbq and finish our fasts!  Did some more finding and planning for our week ahead.  

Well, that was my week!  I don't have enough time to write lots of details about it all.  I'm sorry!  But I'm excited to talk to you all on Sunday :)  Have a great week and I will SEE you soon. 😇
Elder Copeland

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