Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 26 - January 29, 2017

Hey, guys! 

I probably won't be able to write you all tomorrow as I am traveling!  I will be leaving Aberdeen at 4 in the morning, hopping on some buses, then getting on the ferry to Belfast!

 (Belfast is the home of the shipbuilding company that built the Titanic and now has a huge museum about it.)
 (It is, also, the home of the Queens University.  Elder Copeland is excited to meet new people who he can share the gospel with, but is sad to leave the many friends he made in Aberdeen, Scotland.)

I will be working into the Lisburn Ward and will be serving with an Elder who just finished being trained named Elder Nelson from Canada!  I hope I get a chance to e-mail tomorrow, but if not, I love you all and will talk to you soon! :)
 (A member put this picture of Elder Copeland and his new companion, Elder Nelson, on Facebook as soon as Elder Copeland arrived in Belfast.)

Elder Copeland

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  1. Laura! I love keeping up to date on Elder Copeland -- our son went to High School with him and is serving in the same mission (they flew out together on the same day) I told Elder Selander I think I know more about the mission from Elder Copeland's blog than I do from him! Hopefully their paths with cross now that Elder Copeland is in Ireland! Michael was in the Belfast area at the beginning of his mission and loved it! The members are wonderful! (Many are on Scotland/Ireland Facebook pages)
    with love,
    Deb Selander