Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 25 - January 23, 2017

Hiya, guys! 

It was great to hear from you all this week.  I am glad everyone is just pushing through the winter and school!  This week for us was pretty normal.  We had a lot of great lessons with Uni Students and some fun with the other missionaries.  Other then that, nothing crazy. BUT, this coming Sunday will be.... MOVES CALL!   I'm flippen out!  I also hit my 6 MONTHS this week!! AGH!  A pretty big week for me I would say haha!  But anyways, I'll get into my week a little bit now! 

 (Elder Copeland wrote:  "I LOVE the granite city!")

Tuesday: We had another District Cluster meeting.  It was going really well.  We learned a lot about planning and scheduling.  I shared with everyone some of my Gatorade packets so they could have some.  Elder Sheppard from England had never had Gatorade and thought it would be a brilliant idea to just take the jug with the RED Gatorade in it, and drink from it. Well, if you have ever seen any Championship or Superbowl, you know what happened next.  Elder S accidentally spilled this red Gatorade all over his suit and shirt, aghhhhh!  He was a champ about it though, and said if he was going to have it for the first time, there was no better way then to have it like the pros do.  We were all dying haha!  After District meeting, just a few lessons and some GQ'ing for the day. 

Wednesday:  A lot of GQ'ing and a few lessons.  Nothing too big!

Thursday:  We were able to do some service today with the Aberdeen Elders!  We went over to this lady's home and helped her move furniture out of her flat to a moving truck.  She has this massive couch that wasn't fitting through the doors, so we decided to take it through the window haha!  We had two missionaries outside waiting to pretty much catch it and two other ones slowly letting it down.  I am sure that people thought we were probably the craziest people in Scotland.  I don't blame them!  But it worked well!  If you leave the Elders to figure stuff out, their gonna make sure it gets done.. one way or the other haha! Lots of lessons afterwards with Uni students! 
Friday:  We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders!  I went with Elder Parsons for the day, and we had the car!  We had like 10 lessons planned for the day, and back and forth they cancelled on us, or didn't answer our calls.  It was pretty frustrating!  But, we were still able to teach a good amount of lessons and an on the spot one!  We had a really good time GQ'ing as well, just having fun with it, making them or us laugh and smile, even if they didn't want to talk, we still had a great time. That is the kind of "Finding" I love to do.  If you are positive and have a mindset and the faith that you WILL find prepared people, God will bless you for it and let you receive miracles!  A really good day.  I love that kid to death :)

Saturday: Back to Elder C and I.  We just had a bunch of lessons and a Flat Inspection from a senior couple!  They rated our flat 5/5 on Cleanliness :D  We were quite proud of it haha.  Last time they came over, it was nottt so clean to say it nicely.  Our lessons went well though and had a few people commit to coming to church!  We also went over to the ZL's in the evening who had a baptism!  Two of our friends, Alice and Hannah, came along with us!

Sunday: Such a wonderful Sabbath Day! We had three of our friends (Summer, Tswai, and Alice) come to church with us, and it was great!  We had some really power house speakers and lessons, and ah man, I was really just feeling the Spirit and love for the Bridge of Don Ward!  I am so thankful for the Saviour and what he did for me Personally, by suffering for my mistakes and sins, then dying so that one day I may live again with my own family!  A really great day, one of my favorite Sundays of my mission! 

So that was my week the best that I can remember, all in all a good one!  Nothing too crazy like I said, but I was still able to see the Lord's hand in our work and how blessed we are as we keep working hard!   
We have a busy schedule already lined up for this week ahead, and I am PUMPED for Moves Call!  I feel like I am leaving, but who knows, the ZLs like to tease me and say I'm staying here, we will see!  I know that wherever I go, with whomever I serve, is exactly where God wants me, and that there is someone out there ready to receive the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Keep crackin on everyone, and I will talk to you soon!

Love- Elder Cope 😇

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