Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18 - December 5, 2016

Hiya, guys!  How are you all doing!? 

How the heck is it already December?  I realized that Christmas is only 20 days away, that means I get to talk to you so soon!  That's exciting!!  We haven't really planned out our Christmas day too much yet, but I will let you know soon what time I can Skype and all that! Moves call is next Sunday night, so we will see if I stay in Aberdeen or go!  I would assume that I stay here for one more transfer (6 weeks) and leave at the end of January, but you never know!  We will find out soon. 

This week was another tough one, but it flew by pretty quickly.  Seems like time just picks up more and more.  Elder Cluster told me that once you get by the first 6 months, the next 12 are so fast, then it slows back down at your last 5 before you go home, since you can only serve 23 months in the SIM haha, so I have almost made it through the first tough part! Nothing to big happened this week, just the usual.

Monday:  Last Monday, later in the night, the Zl's went on exchanges with us.  So I went with Elder Cluster.  We had been invited to go bowling with some of their investigators and got permission to go!  So we had fun!  I am a bit rusty to be honest haha, not the best score, but I managed to still get a few strikes and have a good time with it.   Everyone looked at us like we were crazy, bowling in shirts and ties, but we were loving it!  Other than that, we just GQ'd a lot!


(Celebrating Elder Carlisle's 1-year mark)
Tuesday:  We had our District meeting.  The sisters in our district (Sister Weber from Germany, and Sister Zimmerman from my group in the MTC haha) got called to go with President Donaldson over to Ireland for the entire week to give instructions at Z.I.T's!  They were pretty excited to go, so we Skyped them with the ZL's at the Chapel.  It was good!  Just were working on goals for our area for December!  After that, we went on exchanges with the ZL's all day in their area.  I went with Elder Cluster again.  They have been struggling to find investigators recently which is surprising, they are Zl's, their always killing it.  But we managed to have a few lessons and GQ'd mostly for the day.  Elder Corcoran only has one more transfer before he goes home, so he is pretty much dying.  It was a good day though.   Lots of fun with the ZL's as always.  

Wednesday: Today was a longggg day, ZERO lessons with Investigators.  They are all too busy at Uni or have dropped us.  So we just GQ'd the entire day, had pretty much no success.  We got to go out to the Bishop's home for dinner in Elgin though.  We left 2 hours early, and were still 30 minutes late.  That is how big my area is, and we don't ever leave the city, just so much time on traveling.  If we had a car, it would be a lot easier.

Thursday:  A few lessons today, just with some RC's and LA's.  Later in the night we got invited to go help with the Santa Float.  Every year for 25 years, the Bridge Of Don Ward does this thing, so I was pretty pumped for it.  I have been hearing about it for months! Basically, the ward gets a tiny little truck and puts a sled on the back with lights and big speakers.  We drive down the neighborhoods blasting Christmas music and have a Santa Claus saying hi to everyone on the sled, who is DAVID DAWSON this year HAHAH.  We go around door to door dressed as elves asking people to donate money for a charity!  This year the are doing Motor Neuron Disease!  It actually is a ton of fun.  The kids flippen love it. We all laugh cause we think it is pretty chavvy, but we make a lot of people happy and raise a ton of money for a good cause, too.  It is well good!  So we just did that all night!

Friday:  A pretty busy day compared to the rest of the week!  We taught a few of our investigators and had ward coordination, then we went and did the Santa float again all night!  Good Fun!

Saturday: Same as Friday, we taught investigators and did the Santa float!

Sunday:  Today was Fast Sunday!  It was very Christmas themed so that was good.  I love hearing all the things these people in the ward are thankful for.  They are true followers of Christ and have a lot harder situations and circumstances than most of us.  I admire their determination to follow God.  Evian and Ke were suppose to come to church, but both got busy and promised next week to come instead.. so that was a bit frustrating.  Ke has been to church 6 times and Evian 2 times!  They both have a goal to be baptized for the 16th of December, that is VERY soon.  I'll be honest.  It is going to be a lot of work this week to make sure they are ready and want to make this happen, but I know that through faith in our Heavenly Father, and hard work on our part, we can do this!  I have fasted a few times for them and prayed constantly for them to make their goal.  Please pray for them this week, they can really use it.  I will let you know how they are doing next week!

All in all, a pretty long week.  It was good, just a bit slower then usual here. This week is the Uni students finals week, so I can only assume that it will be even slower, but I hope for the best! 
I hope you all have had a great week and I am happy you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional.  I will have to try and download it so I can listen to it!  If there is anything I can do for you guys please let me know.  I appreciate all you do for me, I wouldn't be able to do this without your continued love and support!  I hope you all keep doing the LightTheWorld initiative the church has made, because it is a great thing and can really help others out! 
(Click on the link above to watch the video explaining the "Light the World" Initiative Elder Copeland is talking about.)

Aberdeen is good, the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air.  People are generally a lot happier!  I can't wait to hear how your week goes and will talk to you soon! I love you guys! :) 
Elder Copeland 

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