Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 20 - December 19, 2016

A Miraculous Week!

Hello, Family!  It was good to hear from you all, I am glad you all have had a great week and spent lots of time with family and friends.  I miss being able to just hang out with you all, especially at this time.  But, the work goes on and I am here for that reason.  I can celebrate more when I get home.  This week was great!  A lot of highs and lows, and more importantly, a miracle from God!  Thank you so much for all the prayers and support, I really can feel the love you all have for me through the Spirit!

Tuesday:  Today was a great day!  We got invited to go to lunch with Zsolt.  We went to this underground buffet called the Shak, it was unreal!  We ate a bunch and had fun.  

Elder Carlisle and my food from the buffet place; almost as good as Chuck-a-rama ;)

We then taught a few lessons to some less actives and then Kate!  We were talking to her, and she was telling us how she is leaving back home to Kenya on the 27th, and Elder C and I had thought that this was going to be her last lesson with us.  I have been teaching her since the day I got here, and to be honest, I thought we weren't accomplishing anything.  I have taught her everything over and over except for Temples.  We taught her about how we can be sealed to our families forever, and I felt the Spirit so strongly as I testified how I will be able to take my wife there one day and be able to have a family forever.  After that, I asked her one last time, 'So, Kate, we have taught you everything and you are leaving soon, but I want to know if you are willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptized by someone holding the Holy Priesthood of God?'  The Spirit was so powerful, right there and then she said, "I want to be there one day.  I want to be baptized on FRIDAY!  WHATTT AHH!  It was one of the most incredible lessons I have ever had!  After that lesson, we realized that we had a lot to do to make this happen so quickly!!  What a miracle!

Wednesday:  A bunch of lessons with Rc's and La's, just trying to spread the Christmas Spirit and love God has for them at this time!  We taught Kate again, to help her go over the Baptism interview questions.  We then got invited to a Christmas dinner from a friend we made at Uni.  We get there, and it's like 15 students.  The good thing is they're all part of Christian Union, so they are all great people.  Only problem is, when two dudes in white shirts and ties and a badge with Jesus Christ show up and crash it, there are a lot of questions.  Pretty much I had no time to even eat food, I was being bombarded with questions.  That's Aberdeen, the students who believe in God have very different opinions than us haha, and they all study philosophy and theology so you get used to having to use analogies and big words for them to understand!  I have learned quite a lot from my Bible since I have been here.

Thursday:  Another day of Lessons and GQ'ing.  We went over to the church at night and had Kate's interview.  She passed and was so excited to get baptized!! 

Friday:  A few lessons in the morning, and then the baptism!!!  Everything went so well!  We had a decent turn out for such a last minute baptism, and she asked me to baptize her, WOW!  It was such an incredible experience!  The Spirit was so strong and she was really feeling it.  Such a good day.  Afterwards, we had sweets and called it a day!

 (Kate's Baptism)

Saturday:  More lessons, then the Ward had a Christmas Party!  It was good too see everyone with their families, and they had the little kids do the Nativity.  It was cute.  Not much more today!

Sunday:  We had a great church service.  Kate was able to be confirmed and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she loved it!  After church, we had our weekly planning and then went over to the Aberdeen Ward for their Christmas Carol Concert, it was good fun!  I love the Spirit of Christmas and the love you can feel from God as we all serve others and focus on the true importance of the holidays! 

Today we are only having half a P day, considering we get Christmas Eve, Christmas, boxing day, and New Year's off!  Tomorrow we also are going down to Edinburgh for our All Scotland for the transfer!  Can you believe that another transfer is down?!  3 down, 14 to go!!!  I am so excited for this week.  It is going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!!!!!  

I love the work, it is incredibly hard, but I feel my Father's presence as I serve his children, and I will keep doing my best to invite others to come unto Christ!  I love the Saviour and what he has done for me.  Have a good week everyone!  Spend time with those you love, that is what really matters!   I will talk to you soon! 

Love, Elder Copeland 

(A member in the ward gave me their ticket to "Star Wars" because they know how badly I wanted to see it.  It's the thought that counts right?  haha)

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