Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 19 - December 12, 2016

6 more weeks in AberDREAM!

Hiya, guys!  Moves call was last night, and I am staying in Aberdeen for another transfer with Elder Carlisle!  That means that I will be 100% leaving here after this.  I am happy I didn't get moved right before Christmas.  That would have been hard.  This week was alright, not too much exciting things happened, just another week of hard work!

Tuesday:  Had our District Meeting, learned some good stuff and set good goals for our District.  Then had a few lessons with some investigators and had Ward Coordination.  Not too much. 

Wednesday:  A busy day!  Running around the city teaching and preaching on the streets haha, nothing too crazy though.  We have had a hole in our bathroom floor forever, and they finally came to fix it.  Turns out it was a massive hole underneath the floor haha, so they ripped the entire bathroom apart and re did it all.  We still don't have tile or flooring back on the ground--just a bunch of wood, but it's good they fixed it!
 (They Ripped our bathroom apart!!)
(Some random pics of Aberdeen , I love this city so much, always more places to explore, too!)
(Uni Library at night.  I've probably spent more time in here then the actual students haha!)

Thursday:  Another day, teaching and Gq'ing a lot.  Later in the night, we went and did the Santa Float again!  Some Good Craic! 

Friday:  Lots of teaching, we went and Gq'd down by the beach, so I took some cool pics. 

(It looks nice, but it's freezing haha!)

We got invited over to the Elders Quorum Christmas party.  We had a bunch of pizza and watched everyone play Mario Cart.  Had the Santa Float again in the night!
Saturday:  Lots of lessons, then the Santa Float! 

Sunday: Today was pretty disappointing, but it's alright.  The two people who were supposed to be getting baptized this week didn't answer a single call or text all week from us, and didn't come to church.  Looks like they gave us the slip.. I am pretty upset about it. We have worked so hard and then they just vanished like that?  UGH.  Kate came to Church though, and we have been working with her and hope she decides to get baptized before she heads back home to Kenya.  We will see!  Moves call was today, a lot of people are moving from our Zone.  I am happy not to!  I don't know my exact Christmas plans yet, but I will get that sorted and let you guys know next week! 

Monday:  Today we went with Zsolt in the morning to some more castles!  We hit Drum and Crathes Castle up!  Pretty fun!  

(Drum Castle)

 (Crathes Castle)

 (They had some Ropes course outside the castle which was closed sadly, but I still got a sweet pic with this haha!) 

We are going to go hang out with the other Elders in the area today since some of them are leaving :(  It is crazy that I am the missionary who knows Aberdeen more then everyone else cause I have been here for a while haha.  They all ask me for directions, and I feel like I have made this place my home away from home!
A pretty solid week overall.  I am a bit disappointed in people, but they have their agency, and we can only do our best to try and help them.  I hope to have a great week and work hard.  I miss you all and am thankful for the continued support and love you have shown me.  Talk to you soon!

-Elder Copeland 

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