Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 12 - October 24, 2016

Another week down already, how?? AND, this week will be 3 months since I left home, WHAT?  

Time is pretty weird on a mission.  One week, it will feel like it drags on and on, but then the next week, it's over and I can barely remember it!?  Anyways, this was one of the best weeks of my mission so far!  We were able to see so many miracles, and I'll just get right into it now!

Tuesday:  We had our weekly district meeting.  President Donaldson actually came up to our district meeting and gave an instruction to us.  It was so good!  He taught us more about how district meetings should now be Schools of Excellence, and how we can learn more from the scriptures from digging deeper into them.  I really enjoyed his teachings, and I love that guy with all my heart.  I feel like I barely know him, but at the same time I feel like I know so much about him.  He is an incredible man and I look up to him and his example! After District meeting, we went on exchanges.  I went with Elder Bradshaw for the day.  We taught a lesson to a guy named Abraham who is getting his Phd in Divinity over at the University of Aberdeen.  I don't remember if I talked about him already, but, we had like a 2 hour lesson with him discussing works Vs. faith, and other deep things that started to hurt my head haha.  These Divinity students try to use big words to make us trip up on ourselves, but somehow, two 19-year-old guys can hold their ground and defend their faith with no knowledge than what we have learned on our missions so far haha.  The church is true!  We decided to drop Abraham.  There was no progress being made.  We then taught one of our investigators named Alice.  She is from Great Britain, studying here at the university.   We had a really solid lesson with her and she agreed to come to YSA with us the next day.  Other than that, we just Gq'd for the rest of the night.  It was fun, and Elder Bradshaw and I get along really well.  We just talk about sports all day.
Wednesday:  A super busy day (basically every day)!  We started out the day with a lesson with a guy named Michael, it was alright.  Then another lesson with David, then another lesson with Summer and her Divinity friend, which took forever, of course.  Then we had another lesson with Alice and walked with her to the Stake Centre for YSA.  She enjoyed it a lot!  Then we went back to our flat and had dinner and called it a day.  That is a really brief summary of my day, but to be honest, you guys can hear every single little detail when I get home, and I don't have a ton of time to email here haha.

Thursday:  Another really busy day!  Lesson after lesson, we just stand in front of the Uni Library and get on-the-spot lessons with people who have a little bit of time in between their lectures.  One of those lessons went really well with a girl named Delaine from the States. She agreed to come to church with us on Sunday, too, and learn more! 

Friday:  More lessons with lots of new investigators, all the way until dinner.  For dinner, we went over to the Dressels house again to see if Pearl had made her decision to get baptized yet or not.  Apparently she wanted to wait until the Dressels (her daughter and her son-in-law) got home from Dubai, which would be in a few months, to make her decision to get baptized though.  Long story short, after dinner, we taught her, and the Spirit was so strong, she decided right then and there to be baptized on the 6 of November.  That is TWO weeks away.  We will be meeting with her a lot this week to get her prepared.  I am so happy for her, and am so excited.  Highlight of my mission right there, and her story is pretty cool.  You will all get to hear it eventually :)  After that, we just went and taught some more, then called it a night!

Saturday:  Another day full of lessons.  This week we had 19 lessons, that is unreal!!  I don't really have time to get into details, but it was really good.  The days go by really fast when you're teaching all the time.

Sunday:  Ah man today was crazy.  We went over to ward coordination, then had church.  At church we had FOUR investigators there!  It was flippen crazy!!  Pearl, Alice, Delaine, and Kate all came and it was so good!  It was the primary program and they had the missionaries come and sing, "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission."  Man, that was embarrassing.  But church went really well.  We are meeting with all four of them this week and seeing how it went for them.

My week was pretty crazy, but so good!  We were able to see miracles every single day and I can't thank our Father in Heaven enough for everything he gives us.  As we continue to work hard, we will be blessed for it, and it WILL pay off!  Please pray for our friends who are working their way towards baptism.  I love you all so much and hope you had a great week. Remember to turn to our father for help, and he will be there, he always is. I wish I would have realized that at times before my mission, but that is why I am here!  I have come so much closer to him,and to the scriptures.  I love them!!  I also have been able to study my Bible pretty deeply, since we get into 'debates' from the students a lot haha.  It's good banter, and it only shows me how much more true our church is.  I love you guys!  Thanks for all you do!  Talk to you next week on Halloween!
Elder Copeland

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