Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 81 - February 19, 2018


Hiya, Fam!  Not a lot of time today, so I will go through the week now.

Tuesday:  All of the Sisters in the SIM went to Edinburgh for a Sisters' Conference where they played games and did yoga haha, so all the Elders in our Zone had a big District Meeting. We talked more about the power of the Book of Mormon in our finding and teaching and did some role-plays.  Afterwards, Elder Pelham and I GQ'd for the day, and we went and visited Grand!

Wednesday:  We had some lessons planned that fell through, but we were able to see Peong.  He was doing good.  He had read the Book Of Mormon, but then he said he doesn't care to know if it's true and he is fine being wrong if he dies..... Well... we were walking out of his home and he had some shoes holding the door open.  I asked them what they were.  He said he had no idea.  His flatmate left them with him when he went home to Thailand and he had only worn them twice.  I asked him I could try them on and told him I think they are the new Yeezy 350s.  He said go ahead.  I put them on and they fit perfectly.  He said to keep them... WHAT!!!  I was flipping out.  These are $800 shoes and they are pretty much brand new.  I told him there is no way.  They are worth so much, and he said, "No, I don't care, I wouldn't have known their value anyways, and I don't wear them." AHHH!!  So we sadly had one investigator dropped, but happily one pair of Yeezys gained today haha! 😁

Thursday:  Today we were on exchanges with Elder Swenson and Elder Huang.  I was with Huang, and it was Chinese New Years!!  We were able to GQ quite a lot, and met up with all the Chinese RC's for lunch and a Hot Pot in the evening.  It was a good day.  I love Huang and miss him!

Friday:  We GQ'd most of the day and had two new investigator lessons.  We met up with most of the Elders in the city and had a nice dinner as well, and some of the Elders decided to box, which was buck wild!  I was laughing my head off during it haha.

Saturday:  We had loads of lessons set up, and most flaked.. Frustrating!  In a big city, you can set up so many qualified appointments, but then people don't show!  We were able to teach a guy named Solomon from Nigeria who is pretty solid though!  I snapped a pic of Celtic Stadium on the drive back.
Sunday:  We had three of our friends at church today, Fernando, Rex, and Eric!  I was asked to give a talk for Sunday, so I had prepared all of my notes and scriptures and we show up to church and all the Stake Presidency is there, and they say I will not be giving my talk because there is a special announcement.  I was chillin' with that!  The big announcement is that the Springboig and Glasgow Ward will now be combined as one, which means we now have 16 missionaries in our ward.  That is the biggest on the mission! We got a call from President who asked us if we can go into his office today and discuss the changes for the missionaries and the Zone, so we are heading to Edinburgh soon!  We will see what happens.  That was pretty wild.  After church, we taught Fernando more, and GQ'd!

This week should be really busy.  We will have quite a few exchanges, but I am excited!  We just need to find some new solid people for March to be baptized and progress the ones we already have!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Elder Copeland

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