Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 80 - February 12, 2018

Good to be back in Glasgow!

Hiya, fam, it's been a busy week!  I am pretty chuffed to be back in Glasgow and for the Zone we have.  We have some high expectations for our area and for our missionaries!  We are going to celebrate Chinese New Year today with our friends, so it should be well good.

Tuesday:  We helped move missionaries around.  Glasgow is kind of the central point for all missionaries in Scotland moving, as well as missionaries coming from the ferry in Ireland, so we have to move a lot of people!  In the evening, we planned for our Zone what we want to achieve in this transfer with the STL's, and the new one is Sister Irving here! So we are back in the same area, which is fun haha.  She is a legend and we have a good time!

Wednesday:  We GQ'd a bit back at the uni!  Then we taught some of the friends Elder Pelham has been working with.  We taught Sofia, Shona, Neil, Rafael, and Joe.  Yep, back to teaching and being a lot busier!  It's actually cold in Glasgow right now though, and it snowed a few days this week!

Thursday:  Today we traveled to Edinburgh for MLC.  It was amazing.  President emphasized about giving Joseph voice in our Restoration lesson, and showed us a new way to teach it that brings the Spirit in powerfully.  We tried to use it more in our lessons this week and it worked well.  That took up the majority of the day.  On the drive home, we stopped at Anne's and had dinner though.  She is the best :) 

Friday:  We had our Zone Leadership Conference in the morning and presented our plans to the District leaders.  It went really well.  There are some really experienced missionaries here who have the potential to lead this mission with their examples.  It's fun seeing a lot of my comps every day as well and some missionaries I get along with.  So pumped for this transfer!  After ZLC, we taught Mandy, and then traveled to Dumbarton to do an interview. 

Saturday:  We had to help E-move some missionaries, and then we GQ'd.  Later on, we taught a new guy named Daniel. Some crazy Italian girl started yelling at us in Italenglish.  That was interesting.  In the evening, we took our friend Rafael to Stake Conference and he loved it!  We hope to be able to progress him more this week.

Sunday:  Today was Stake Conference, and we were able to have our friend Shona come with us!  It was great seeing all of my old friends, and Peter and his family were there.  Ahh, I gave him the biggest hug!  He is a legend!  He gave a talk last Stake Conference in Chinese and a missionary translated it.  

 Stake Conference in Glasgow

After Stake conference, we GQ'd and we met up with Peong, who I taught before!!  He forgot most of what he learned, and I am not sure what happened after I left, but we are going to re-teach him.  I also called Bir.  I will hopefully see him next week.  He is in Edinburgh right now for some research!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.  We are going to focus on progressing our friends and allowing the Spirit to direct their decisions, so please pray for them to be open and intent on receiving the truth 🍀  Elder Copeland

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