Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week 59 - September 18, 2017

Hiya fam, busy week as always here.  

Uni is officially going and it's buck wild.  LOADS of new students we have been meeting up with and teaching.  The work is going well!  Freshers are crazy.  They need to lay off the alcohol, but other than that, it pumps me up for uni. back home.

Tuesday:  Had our District Meeting.  Sister Donaldson hooked us up with some sweets afterwards, Cheers!!  We then went on exchanges to help the ZL's out.  Elder Grant and I wrecked this Basher from none other than... Northern Ireland haha.  We also taught some more of their friends who are doing well.  In the evening, we taught Yvonne and met up with a new girl named Sherry I found and got some hot pot with her.  She is pretty solid!! 

Wednesday:  We met with Susi who is doing really well!  Then this guy named Normon, and then RC Andy.  Did some GQ'ing, and in the evening went over to the Uni. Kitchens to help Yvonne and her friends make scones for an assignment.  We got some solid referrals from it! 

Thursday:  Lessons all day!!  Sherry, Viola, Yvonne, Sobia, and Susi!  Wee bit of GQ'ing as well.  In the evening, I got a phone call from Elder Grant saying that he had run into Sister Hughes....ELDER HUGHES, MY BOY'S MUM!  I ran all the way over to them on the royal mile and gave her the biggest hug ever and took some pictures.  It was amazing to see a familiar face, and the memories came flooding in from home, miss it.

Friday:  We had some more GQ'ing, taught a new guy named Song Wei.  Then Sherry, Susi, and RC Ray.  We went and had dinner with some of our friends as well and set up for the baptism tomorrow.

Saturday:  We had some lessons, but then had Yvonne's baptism!  It was well good!  She said as she went under the water, she felt all fuzzy inside and knew it was the right thing to do.  I am grateful for her example to us and for her baptism.  We had Papa Johns to celebrate.

Sunday:  We had seven of our friends attend church with us.  FLIP.  I have never had that many on my entire mission, it was stressful!  The confirmation for Yvonne went well.  She was beaming, and we had some planning and a hot pot in the evening.

Overall amazing week!  This Wednesday, we have planned for the baptism of Susi and it looks like all is well and that it will go through!  Please pray for her!  I am thankful to be a missionary, and for this time I have here in Edinburgh. Talk to you soon! 😇  Elder Copeland

(P-Day Hike)

 (Elder Copeland said, "We played some footy, as well.  I'm actually getting pretty good at it.")

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