Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 48 - July 3, 2017

Hiya, fam.  Another week down already?!  Whatta blur! 

This week was really good though and I had a load of fun.  This coming Saturday is moves call.  I have no idea if I will stay here in Glasgow or go, and I am fine either way, but I love this city a lot.  We will see!  Anyways, I'll go through the days now 

Tuesday:  Eleven months, wooo!!  Feels like it's only been a few weeks though haha.  We had a great District Meeting.  I got to give a devotional on the mission plan again, and I really just talked about how we only have this one time in our entire lives to devote to the Lord, and we gotta give it our all!  After DM, we had lots of finding, and in the evening we taught an Recent Convert Orion before he left back to China.  All the students are in and out of here all the time.  It's hard to keep up with them all.

Wednesday:  We had a lot of finding in the day.  RC Daisy took us to this posh Cantonese place for lunch, it was unreal.  In the evening we had Angel and David's baptism!  I love them so much.  They were excited to get baptized and it all went well!  I had the opportunity to baptize them as well, made me remember when I was baptized and how thankful I am to have been raised in the gospel.

Thursday:  In the morning, for exercise, all the Elders in the city went into some old abandoned subway tunnels and explored, it was spooky!  Glasgow actually has loads of abandoned subways that use to be used, now are closed down.  We'll have to find some more this week!  

We had a lesson with a new student named Rohama, went pretty well.  We also went over to Qiang's home and taught him.  He wants to be baptized this week, WOO!! So many miracles these past few weeks.  Later in the evening, we went over to Bir's restaurant and he fed us again, what a legend.  I love him!  He went to London again for more medical classes over the weekend.   We will see him this week though! 

Friday:  We were planning on meeting with some new students, but they all cancelled... That's okay! It meant loads more finding to meet more new students.  We walked by a Protestant march and I took some pics, they weren't too happy.  Pretty funny how they will march all over the place and show off and make the Catholics angry.  Gotta love it!

Saturday:  We taught RC Sandy in the morning, he LOVED the temple!  Then we met up with Peong again, he is still not reading.   Later on, we did some more finding, and that was the day!

Sunday:  We were able to confirm Angel and David, it was well good!  


We were also able to have three friends at church, Frank a new Chinese student, Qiang and his fam, and a man named Allan.  After church, we taught Qiang and his fam, and I actually gave him an English name--Peter!  He really likes it, we are going to see him a lot this week to prepare him for his baptism!  Afterwards we had a BBQ for the 4th of July with all the missionaries at an American family's home! :) 

That was the week best I can remember.  Sorry I don't have a load of time.  I want you all to know how thankful I am for the Atonement, for the ability to be cleansed from our mistakes and healed through the sacrifice of the Savior.  I know I was pretty dumb at times back home in high school, but my mission truly has changed me into a better human, and if it wasn't for these experiences here, I would never appreciate the life I have and the people in it.  I love the gospel, I love the people of Scotland/Ireland, and I love you all so much!  Talk to you next week!  Launch some fireworks for me, plz ;) 
Elder Copeland

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