Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 51 - July 24, 2017

Wow.. I cannae belive it

I have been out in the SIM for a year now, what a dream!  I have learned so much about myself, my Savior, the Atonement, and how God LOVES broken things, as President Donaldson has taught us.  This year of my life has truly changed me and made me into the person I always wanted to be, and I am thankful for all of you who have loved and supported me along the way.  I am excited for the year ahead, and a little scared because of how fast time is flying by, but I know that it will be one of the best years of my life.

Tuesday:  My very first District Meeting conducted, it went really well!  We talked about our Districts goals for the transfer ahead, and the vision President Donaldson has for each individual team.  The Spirit was really powerful, and I am excited for the weeks ahead with these missionaries.  They are legends.  Afterwards, I was able to interview Elder Elsmore's friend named Jessica for her baptism.  She's hilarious, and passed!  We got to do some really good finding, and we had a lesson with Fiona talking to her about her baptism planned for the week, making sure she was good to go.  We also found a new guy named Michelangelo from Italy who listened to our message. 

Wednesday:  We had loads of finding in the day, and some lessons as well.  We taught a girl who had learned from missionaries for ages named Elair, sadly no true intent.  And we taught Fiona again and Cait to prepare them both!  We took Elder Bradly and Sister Anderson to get Kebaptised (Greenie tradition) in the evening. 

Thursday:  We were finding in the morning and had an on the spot lesson with a guy named Johan, from the Netherlands.  It went well.  He has had  a tough life but still knows God is there for him.  We will see how it goes this week!  We also taught a new guy named Falepi from Brazil, ah man he is solid.  He loved the Restoration and took an English and Portuguese Book of Mormon.  In the evening, we were also able to go to Jessica's Baptism.

  Elder Elsmore's family came to Ireland to see him.  He finishes his mission in 5 weeks, but his brother will be leaving for his mission before, so he got permission to have them come over.  It was just his parents and brother, but it was amazing to meet them and I love them!!  We also taught Cait after the baptism, but she was stressing hard!  She is thinking she's not prepared yet, but she is.  She is the most prepared investigator I have ever taught.  She studies the scriptures and takes notes and has amazing questions, so we'll work with her! 

Friday:  Today we went white-boarding.  I have never done it before so I thought it would be fun to try with the missionaries, it actually was good!  We asked people what brought them hope and they filled it out on the Whiteboard, got a few potentials from it. 

The rest of the day was finding.  There was a big hurling match here so it was good.  Later on we set up the baptism for Fiona and then had her baptism.  I was able to give a talk on baptism, and how every time I see someone baptized it helps me remember the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father.  Good Craic!  We played some volleyball with all the members afterwards.  They go hard here with it haha.  I love just spiking it down on them.  It's good to be tall! 

Saturday:  We taught Cait in the morning and tried to help answer her questions.  She is really nervous about getting baptized and thinks she isn't ready, so please pray for her!   We also were able to teach RC Hailey from China.  She loved all the vocab I had picked up from Elder Wang, and we taught Michelangelo again.  We GQ'd the rest of the day.

Sunday:  We had District Conference in Limerick again, so we drove up in the morning.  We were able to hear from President Donaldson and Thompson, man they are legends.  So much power when they preach, I love it.  After we got back to Cork, we met up with a French girl named Claira, who brought along two other friends.  There are a lot of French students here.  It's fun to learn some words from them.  The lesson went okay.  It was a loud cafe, so the Spirit wasn't really there.  We will try and see them again this week!  We also went over to Hailey's in the evening for HOT POT, LETS GOO.  She brought two of her friends along as well named June and Carrie.  We taught them!  Hopefully, we'll see them again this week. 

My week was pretty busy, but a lot of fun.  I don't have a ton of time, so I'll keep this story short, but Monica, the girl Elder Hinckley and I found in Glasgow is coming to Cork today, to be baptized!  She is returning to Australia because she has finished her studies, but has come to church and wants to be a member.  How exciting!  We are going to Blarney Castle then sports, too.  I'll send some pics later of all of that.  This week should be really busy as well.  Anyways, I gotta get going, but I love you all.  Have a great week and happy 24th!  😇🍀
Blarney Castle

(Elder Copeland kissing the Blarney stone.)

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