Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 47 - June 26, 2017

Woww, 11 Months already?! 

It's going by too quickly!  This week was such a blur, but it was incredible!  We were able to see loads of miracles and Bir got baptized!  What an incredible man, but more to him later!

Tuesday:   We had Scotland South!  It was our Zone, Paisley Zone and Edinburgh Zone. We received some really great instructions from President and Sister Donaldson, and they talked a lot about the Apostasy and need for a Restoration.  After Jesus Christ and his Apostles died, people changed so many basic truths, how could there not be a need for a restoring?  It seems that all the bashers I ever talk too can never actually answer what God's true church on the earth today is, and that's where I feel blessed to know that it is here!  Right now!  It was good to see some Elders before they go home as well.  Once you get about this far out, all the people you become friends with in the beginning start to leave :(  In the evening, we had a lesson with Bir, and he said he was ready to be baptized and follow all of God's commandments!
 (Views of Glasgow.)

Wednesday:  Lots of finding, and we had our interviews with President.  I love that man.  We had a nice chat about the Conference and what I have been studying recently.  He shared some stories with me that I was touched by, and told me to keep killin' it in the city. We taught a new guy named Mark later on.  He was nice, but didn't want to get too involved. We went over to Angel and David's in the evening and taught them the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity.   They're just kids though and they were saying girls and boys are gross, they don't ever want a relationship, and they can't drink alcohol anyways 😂Love em. 

Thursday:  Such a great day!  We found in the morning, then set up Bir's baptism! Everything was perfect.  A lot of people attended, and we had a lot of Recent Converts give talks and prayers.  I was the Elder to give a wee talk on the Holy Ghost and how it has guided me in my life.  It's so cool because not only will Bir be able to physically help people because he's a doctor and all, but once he receives the Priesthood, he can spiritually help others.  I got teared up talking to him about that.  He is such a good man.  Elder Wang was the Elder to baptize him.  He was glowing afterwards.  Peong was able to come and watch as well.  He's been on holiday for awhile! 

Friday:  A busy day!  We had lots of new Chinese potentials to meet with.  We started with Sandra and Lynn.  Lynn believes in God and was loving the Restoration.  Sandra is an  atheist Chinese girl, but she likes hanging with us. Then we met with a guy named Zhiqu.  He took a Book of Mormon; we're meeting with him again next week.  Then we taught our friend Lydia who came to church and she brought her boyfriend and another friend!  They both were kind, but not that interested.  Lydia loves it though.  We should be seeing her more this week!  Then we taught RC Jacen in the evening, trying to get him to come to church. 

Saturday:  I passed my theory test for my UK drivers license, that was sweet!  The tests are a lot harder here, and they make you do way more to get a license.  I guess that makes sense though.  The roads are tiny and always overcrowded here.  We had some finding in the city, always chaos on a Saturday.  In the evening, we taught Lydia and her boyfriend again, then went to dinner with Margaret and Jasmine who just got back from China!  Love the Chinese converts, they are hilarious. 

Sunday:  We planned on having nine of our friends at church, but only three showed.. AGH!!   Angel and David were there with the fam, and they actually brought along another less active family, which the dad hasn't been baptized yet.  His name is Qiang, and we're going to visit their family this week, woo!!  Best part of the day though was Bir's Confirmation.  I was able to do it, and it was powerful.  I had a few things I was going to say in the blessing, but no joke, everything that came out of my mouth wasn't from me.  It was one of the most overwhelming experiences I have had on my mission.  I promised him things that I never could have imagined.  After I finished, he got up and gave me a hug, and we were both teary, it was really special.  A lot of our friends are planning on seeing us this week even though they couldn't make it to church, so I pray they can make it next week!

So that was my week, it was a good one.  This week we are planning on having Angel and David's baptisms.  They passed their interviews and are excited!  They asked me to baptize them, so I am excited for that as well!  I am thankful for the blessing the Lord has been pouring out recently to us.  Seriously, I am so blessed and thankful for the life I have, and for this opportunity to be a servant of God.  No greater joy comes than from serving others, especially with things that will eternally bless them.   I love you all so much and hope you have a great week, keep enjoying summer!  Bye! :)
Elder Copeland 

 (On the mission home plaque:  "What 'ere thou art, act well thy part.")

This is called the David O. McKay stone:  Watch the short video below to understand why:

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